Darkness gives way to a small pinpoint of light, centered, and growing larger. A picture is formed, and a female voice grows stronger.

Newscaster: In other news, former entertainment mogul and Lords of Pain owner Wevv Mang has recently returned to the United States after a successful overseas tour. However, his homecoming was anything but sweet. As soon as his private plane touched down, he was met by federal investigators, who issued a summons concerning his involvement in an investment group attempting to do business in Cuba. Cuba is still under a United States embargo and all US companies are prohibited from business transactions with the island nation…

The audio crossfades into a male’s voice as the screen fills with a broadcast of MSNBC’s Chris Mathews.

Newscaster: More bad news for Wevv Mang, professional wrestler and venture capitalist. The SEC has begun a formal inquest into the mysterious investment group Eris Investments, who according to sources were attempting to begin an extensive building project in Cuba. Due to the embargo against Cuba, American businesses are prohibited from doing business in that country. The portfolio is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 23 billion dollars…

The screen fades to black, along with the audio.

It fades up on a trio of feet walking side by side along a stretch of pavement in slow motion.

                                    I Get Money – The 50 Cent and Wevv Mang Remix

I get money, I get money, I get I get I get money (Wevvy)

The camera pans up, and we see Wevv, Madison, and Mr. Wang walking along the front of the Senate building. As they round the corner to the main entrance, a mob of photographers greet them with flashbulbs. They raise a hand to shield their eyes, and on Mr. Wang’s wrist is chained a suitcase. A line of police holds the mob back. Between Wevv and the mob are also group of shady looking men in suits. Lawyers, obviously. Wevv lowers his hand, and spreads his arms wide in greeting and smiles.





I get money, money I got (I I get it)

I get money, money I got (I I get it)

I get money, money I got (Yeah)

Money I got, money I got (I could buy New York!)





I take quarter water sold it in bottles for 2 bucks,

Coca-Cola came and bought it

For billions, what the fuck?

Have a baby by me; baby

Be a millionaire

I write the check before the baby comes,

Who the f**k cares


Wevv sits in at a long table, surrounded by lawyers in expensive suits, though Wevv’s is easily a cut above theirs. Mr. Wang steps forward and lays the briefcase on the table. Wevv produces a key and the case is opened. The lawyers look in the case, and their expressions turn from one of arrogance to one of awe. Wevv looks over the edge of the case at the Senator chairing the panel. He smiles. The Chairman blanches, but can be observed to mentally steel himself for the proceedings. A page appears and Wevv hands him sealed manila folders. The page heads to the panel to distribute the folders amongst the panel.


I’m stanky rich

I’ma die tryna spend this shit

Northside's up in this bitch

Yeah I smell like the vault

I used to smoke dope

I did play the block

Now I play on boats

In the south of France

Baby, St. Tropez

Get a tan? I’m don't need that

Rich? I'm already that





Gangstas, get a gat

Hit a head in a hat

Call that a riddle rap

Shit, fuck the chitter chat

I'm the baker, I bake the bread

The barber, I cut ya head

The marksman, I spray the lead

"I blood clot, chop ya leg"

Do not fuck with the kid

I get biz wit the cigg

I come where you live

Ya dig!


The investigation has broken down into chaos. The Chairman has read the verdict, in record time, and frantically tries to regain order, but it’s impossible. Wevv’s lawyers are out of control. Some have even jumped up on the table and have turned their backsides to the panel, and are smacking their asses. Wevv is still behind the table, but he’s standing and leading another group of lawyers. They sway back and forth, and hold their hands up in front of them. Their thumbs are hooked together, and their fingers are held in the shape of a “W”. They chant over and over “Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!”. The chairman bangs his gavel and yells for the cameras to be shut off. He finally just lays his head on the table and cradles it in his arms, while shaking it back and forth, in a vain effort to deny the reality.


I get money, money I got (I I get it)

I get money, money I got (I I get it)

I get money, money I got (Yeah)

Money I got, money I got (I could buy New York!)


Wevv leaves the building, and is swarmed by the media. His posse of lawyers hold them off, but Wevv throws out a few bon mots to whatever group of microphones managed to sneak through the human shield and gets shoved in his face.


You can call this my new shit

But it ain’t new tho

I got rid of my old bitches

Now I got new hoes

First it was the Benzo

Now I’m in the Enzo, Ferrari, I'm sorry!

I keep blowin' up! (Oh!!)


Wevv makes it to the base of the steps, where Madison holds open the door to his limo. As Wevv steps inside, he turns, smiles and waves to the press. Then, suddenly, he makes the “W” sign again. Half the crowd returns the gesture, and then suddenly, suppressing guilty smiles, they turn to look around to make sure no one saw them. The ones who hadn’t look suspicious of the rest. They all look back to Wevv.

But the door to the limo is closed, and the car is already driving off down the street.


They call me the cake man

The strawberry shake man

I spray the AR

Make your whole Klique breakdance

Backspin, headspin, flatline, ya dead then

9 shells, Mac-10,

"who wan get it crackin?!"


I was young, I couldn’t do good

So I just do bad

I ride, wreck the new Jag

I just buy the new Jag

Now wigga why you mad?

Oh you can’t do that?

I’m so forgetful, they callin’ me cocky

I come up out the jeweler, they callin’ me Rocky

It’s the ice on my neck man, the wrist and my left hand

Bling like BLAOW

You like my style?

Ha ha I’m gonna get some on my waist right now!


I get money, money I got (I I get it)

I get money, money I got (I I get it)

I get money, money I got (Yeah)

Money I got, money I got (I could buy New York!)


Yeah, I talk the talk, and I walk the walk

Like a Teflon Don, boy I could buy New York

When I come outta court, yea I pop the Cork

I keep it gangsta, have ya outlined in chalk


I I get it,


In the hood if ya ask about me

They’ll tell ya I’m one of them




I I get it,


Round the world if ya ask about me

They’ll tell ya they love the Mang


I I get it,



 Nancy Pelosi, and Wevv break end their handshake, and move to stand hip to hip. They put up their hands and make a “W”. They stand to sway , and sing. Wevv motions for president Bush to join them. He does, but is out of sync. He seems to really enjoy making the ‘W” symbol though.


Whoa Hey..

I I get it,



After the flash from the camera fades, The Clintons and their guest put up their hands along with Wevv, and make the ‘W” symbol.  They start to sing and sway.


Whoa Hey..

I I get it,


Richard Branson and Wevv and their partner lean over the railing and flash the ‘W” symbol. They start to sway and sing.


Whoa Hey..




Oprah and Wevv stop their strut on the red carpet and strike gangster poses. They put up their hands in the “W” symbol as the paparazzi goes nuts. They stand still, but they sing slowly. Oprah suddenly changes her hand sign to an “O”. Wevv laughs, and then they start to alternate ‘W”’s and “O”’s.


Whoa Hey..

WE could buy New York!

Whoa Hey..

I I get it,



Wevv and the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabaoer stand side by side. Wevv speaks slowly to him in Chinese, and demonstrates what to do. Wevv slowly puts up his hands, and then makes the “W” gesture. The Prime Minister follows suit, looking up at Wevv. Wevv smiles back and him, and then they slowly start to sway.


Whoa Hey..

I I get it,



                                                                        Wevv and Mayor McCheese come from behind the podium. They form a line and make the ‘W” Sign. They sway in sync, back and forth. They stop, and exchange a handshake, with lots of additional hand motions. Mayor McCheese then taps his chest with one fist and then points both fingers Wevv. Wevv returns the gesture.  They both throw up the “W” above their heads, and strut around the stage. Their lips can be read however, and they seem to be saying over and over again “Wevv Mang Motherfuckers! YEAH! Wevv Motherfucking Mang! RECOGNIZE!”


Whoa Hey..

I could buy New York!



I get money, money I got

I’m back in the scene man,

I’m bringin' the heat man,

I’m on my grind,

Like all the time,

Tryna stop my shine,

I’ll unleash the Steins

Don’t get outta line,

Money I got, money I got

I said don’t get outta line!

I I get it..

I I get it..

Yeah, yeah.


As the music winds down, Wevv and 50 are in front of a backdrop. 50 is rapping into the camera, and Wevv is beside him dancing like a middle aged white man trying to be cool. As the final strains fade out, 50 looks up and sees Wevv. He busts out laughing. He covers his mouth with one hand and points with the other. Wevv stops his dancing and looks up, embarrassed. The two grab hands, and bump shoulders. They then both throw up the “W”, and sway. As the scene fades to black, the last images are of Wevv and 50 shaking hands again, and both pointing at the other, and tapping their chests with fist, before they walk off camera in different directions.


The screen fades back up, onto the CNBC newsroom again, and a female anchor is speaking already as the volume rises.


Anchorwoman: In other news, Wevv Mang has been cleared of all charges being brought against him by the Senate on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission. It seems that there is a clerical error, and that Wevv’s partnership with Eris Investments is sound, due to Eris being an overseas entity. Upon further review Wevv had indeed followed the governments rulings concerning trade with Cuba, as Wevv’s lawyers pointed out, “above and beyond the rules of law”. The investigation has been dropped. In other news, Wevv Mang will be challenging for the Lords Of Pain International Heavyweight Title on this week’s episode of Inferno. We here at MSNBC wish Wevv the best of luck.


The Anchorwoman puts up her hands and makes a “W”. The screen jumps to a graphic.





Anchorwoman: Go get it Wevv.


Fade to black.







My, it’s been such a long time since I’ve addressed you directly. But I think the circumstances warrant it, don’t you? It seems to call for, a personal touch, eh?


I’m sure you’re desperately wracking your brain trying to figure up what I’m up to. Or not. I forget, you’re the man who doesn't care. But I do, so allow me to save you the trouble and make my intentions clear. You’re a clever boy, and the song and dance number from earlier, well, that was a little something for those with, shall we say, less refined intellects? The little people do matter, after all. Not to you maybe, but they do to me.


You say you don't care whether you live or die, hold onto the title or loose it. You’ll survive. The company can fall into anarchy, lives can be torn to ribbons, and scattered to the wind, but it means nothing to you. You’ll carry on. Survive. Like a cockroach.


My, the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same, eh?


But you have changed. I’ve noticed. Still the amoral and nihilistic adherent, but now, the tenets don't run as deep. Not anymore. You’ve tasted success time after time, and the rot is corrupting your core.


Your transformation has brought me great satisfaction. Watching you pick apart the former proletariat Headbanger’s psyche with a mix of a surgeons skill and a brute’s savagery. Like a child with a new found toy, trying to figure out what all the buttons do.


Quite a change from the old days, eh? You’ve come to terms with who you are. Or have you?


I knew the old Samuels well. Better, perhaps, than he knew himself.


 I once walked the dark and twisted corridors of your mind, at my leisure.


I called to the demons that dwelt there by name.


I embraced them as old friends.


I patted them on the head, like faithful pets, and sent them back to their hiding places.


I knew their value, and could make them do my bidding.


I never had any fear of them, since I always was their master.


But perhaps I should be afraid of this new and perhaps, improved Samuels, eh?


Should I cower in fear, from the man who fears no pain, having inflicted so much upon himself?


Should I be afraid of what this new man, who has no regard for human life, not even his own?


Should I be afraid that the machinations of this possibly…unhuman … creature…will destroy what I have spent so long building? Shatter my hopes and dreams? Bury my legacy? End my supposed reign of terror?


Should I constantly look over my shoulder, fearing that the shadow I see upon the wall is not my own, but that of the unstoppable, undefeatable, indestructible, D. Hammond Samuels, coming to get me, with his cold dead eyes, blood stained and battle scarred hands, and murder in his heart?


Should I?


I think not.


The new Samuels is like others I have faced so many times before, in so many places, each equally fearsome in their own right. Each unique, but cut from the same cloth. From unfeeling brutes to scheming CEO’s and world leaders, whose hands may be clean, but their souls would poison the world three times over.


You're ambitious Samuels. You always have been, and even with the success you’ve earned, you still crave more. Notches on your belt mean more to you than gold, don't they?


So many names. Yet there’s one that you have yet to add.




So, Samuels, my dear old friend, it’s not me who should be asking the questions. It’s you. Have you learned enough by observing me?


Do you have what it takes?


Are you strong enough, mentally, physically, spiritually, to stand against ME?


I know what I want. And I intend to get it. And I always do. Some how, some way, in the end, there’s Wevv. Laughing in your face. Time after time.


You know it’s true. Past experience has taught you well.


As you prepare yourself, I’ll give you something to think about. While I was in charge, how many of these “super groups” rose up and challenged me for control? I have my own belt, and it’s got quite a few notches itself. I’m going to have to buy a new one soon.


Oh, wait, I’ll have a new one shortly. A big shiny gold one, with my name engraved on it.


The LPW could crumble into dust, Samuels, and when you crawl out from beneath the rock you “survived” under. But you’ll come face to face with a rat. A stainless steel one. It’s name is Wevv Mang.


See you soon, Old Friend, in that very ring. Bring your pride, your ambition, but most of all; bring your belt with all its notches.

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