This article contains information on e-wrestling events that happened in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) in 2009.

2009 major happenings in LPWEdit




  • March 14 - LPW Wiki Grand Opening
    • The curtain has been revealed. Feel free to participate by chronicling your e-wrestler.
  • March 23 - LPW Insanity presents Resurrection from Tokyo
    • After winning the Winner Takes All, Wevv Mang challenged X for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship. But X's manipulation of several Insanity stars proved victorious when Eddie B. indirectly cost Mang the title after interfering on his behalf. Caught using a chair, Mang was disqualified, leading to a successful title defense for X.
  • March 26 - LPW Inferno presents Take No Prisoners from Beijing








  • October 11 - Wevv Mang announces his retirement.
  • October 15 - LPW Insanity LIVE from Manhattan
    • Pope Fred and cYnical knew they would be in a war after learning Insanity GM Little Red had booked them in a "Little Red Says" match. Little Red randomly changed the match stipulations on the two faces, forcing Steel Cage, Royal Rumble, and Table matches. After announcing the arrival of The Illuminati, Little Red made a 5-on-1-on-1 handicap match, with cYnical and Pope Fred fighting for their lives. Eventually, Pope Fred got the schoolboy victory after Roseanne revealed she slept with cYnical, much to Little Red's dismay.



Notable deathsEdit

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