This article contains information on e-wrestling events that happened in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) in 2011.






  • April 10 - At All Costs
    • Toninght was the start of a revolution. Ash Strife successfully defended his LPW United States Championship against Jason Gravis, but that was only the beginning. The Insanity General manager was revealed as Eric Scorpio, who revealed his new stable, The Apocalypse, consisting of Strife, X, the returning Syanide, and another man, who would be revealed on a telecast of Insanity in the near future.
    • As LPW World Heavyweight Champion Morpheus was stuck in Japan, the main event was cancelled, but contender cYnical still has a match, taking on Sheepster, the man who recently lost the World title. cYnical ended up winning the bout, hitting the Negative Outlook for the win.
    • In a legendary cage match, X overcame the legend in Phantom Lord, hitting the X-Bomb off the top of the cage, and covering the downed Phantom for the win.
    • Seth Corleone vs. Manny Gallego, Seth Omega vs. Mass Chaos, whatever you want to call the match up, it is still a match of the ages. Omega defeated Chaos in a Strong Style match, hitting the Sliding D Elbow Smash for the win.
    • Nigel Vanderbilt defeated Andy Savana in a grudge match, with the match being one in a very different way. Vanderbilt pinned Savana after attacking him with a chair, and forced the referee to restart the match, giving Nigel the bragging rights.
    • Big B. Brown successfully defended his LPW Hardcore Championship against Zenith and Ozzy Crerar, pinning Ozzy after Zenith hit his signeture Limit Buster.
    • The game of one-up had ended, with Steve Storme defeating Azreal in a Rookie Superstar match, with Azreal suffering his first loss, and Storme continuing his single undefeated streak.







  • October 11 - LPW Pyromania 19.1
    • In the first ever MMA match in LPW's history, The Mighty Dyno Might defended his LPW Pure Wrestling Championship against inaugural champion Jeff Watson. In the first round, Watson went to the end to match with the Unbearable Pain, but the time got the best of him. In the second round, Dyno used his his wrestling skills to gain advantage, using a DDT and a spear to take down Watson. In the third and final round, Dyno used the Explosivecide to knock out Watson and retain his Pure title.


  • November 12 - LPW Insanity LIVE from Cancún
    • Andy Savana took on Nigel Vanderbilt in an "Everything on the Line" ladder match. Toward the end of the match, both Vanderbilt and Savana were on the ladder brawling. As Vanderbilt gained the upper hand, Whore interfered on Savana's behalf and low blowed Vanderbilt, before Savana flipped him off, landing on a ladder already set up outside. Savana grabbed the briefcase, retaining his LPW United States Championship, and ending his feud with his Vanderbilt.


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