Abilities were special attributes awarded for e-wrestlers that compete in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), which generally serve to symbolize the behaviors an e-wrestler will exhibit during a match. Taking a page from video games and experience points, e-wrestlers were rewarded with additional abilities over the course of their LPW career.

Out of character, abilities serve as a visual tool to assist match writers when it comes to envisioning the e-wrestlers they were writing.

Credit to logos are from WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010.

List of abilitiesEdit

Ability Description Examples
Dirty Pin Bk Dirty Cheater Reserved for the sneaky heel, the e-wrestler will try to take advantage of his opponent when the referee is not looking.
  • Dirty pin with legs on the ropes.
  • Grabbing the rope or tag team partner during an abdominal stretch.
  • Not breaking a rope break until the referee gets to the count of four.
Durability Bk Durability Notable for its health advantage, this ability is for the e-wrestler who can take a pounding and keep on ticking.
  • After receiving a finisher, the e-wrestler will miraculously kick-out.
  • Increased endurance for long-lasting matches.
  • Quick regeneration.
Escape Artist Bk Escape Artist When grounded near the ropes, Escape Artists can quickly exit the ring to avoid further attacks.
  • Useful for a heel, wrestler will roll out of ring to regroup after attacks.
  • If placed in a dangerous powerhouse move (like powerbomb), gives ability to slither out of move.
  • During a steel cage match or restricted environment, better chance to escape the ring.
Evasive Dodge Bk Evasive Dodge Helpful for defensive smaller wrestlers, Evasive Dodge performs quick-action evasive maneuvers to roll-out of harm's way.
  • When opponent is attacking (like spear or punch), will dodge the attack and position oneself in better offensive position.
  • If high flyer attempts a move from top rope, better chance to roll out of harm's way.
Exploder Bk Exploding Attacker Exploding attacks are offensive moves in which an attacking wrestler charges towards a standing opponent and explodes into him.
  • Spear, running clothesline, shoulderblock, tackle, etc.
  • Generally can be used to set-up a finisher or can be a finisher itself.
Fan Favorite Bk Fan Favorite Used only for face e-wrestlers, Fan Favorites get the crowd pumped and on their side.
  • Uses the crowd's energy to gain (or regain) momentum in their favor.
  • Generally wrestles matches cleanly and doesn't succumb to cheating.
Fired Up Bk Fired Up Much like Hulking-Up, after an e-wrestler tolls loads of damage, an inner fire will suddenly emerge from within the competitor to make a comeback.
  • Hulking-Up to regain momentum, then no-selling opponent's offense for short timeframe.
  • Allows performer to hit an instant finisher, or ability for multiple finishers.
  • In the case of cYnical, the ability to produce fire.
Hammer Throw Bk Hammer Throw Specializing in the art of the Irish whip, the e-wrestler will have an increased advantage when whipping his opponent, especially with follow-up attack.
  • Wrestler grabs his opponent's arms, swinging the opponent into an obstacle such as the ring ropes, a turnbuckle, or the stairs leading into the ring.
  • Usually a set-up for another technique as opponent bounces off ropes.
  • If whipped to turnbuckle, best to use follow-up attack.
Hardcore Resurrection Bk He's Hardcore! Specialzing in hardcore wrestling, the emphasis focuses on the brutality of attacks and extreme physical toll on the e-wrestler involved.
  • Emphasis on the use of foreign objects.
  • Disregard for personal safety.
  • Ideal for e-wrestlers who hold or aim for the LPW Hardcore Championship.
Outside Dives Bk High Flyer High Flyers will use the ring and its posts as a launching pad to showcase their aerial techniques
  • Will climb the top or middle rope, then launch himself towards opponent(s).
  • Dives to the outside can be performed from a run or catapult from ropes.
  • Ideal for smaller wrestlers who specialize in lucha libre.
Kip Up Bk Kip-Up Wrestler transitions from a supine position directly to a squatting position by propelling the legs, and consequently the entire body, away from the floor.
  • After receiving damage from an opponent, wrestler will kip-up in flashy fashion, prompting a reaction from the crowd to regain momentum.
  • Used by acrobatic/agile e-wrestlers.
Lock Pick Bk Lock Pick Using a high degree of chain wrestling, wrestler will have advanced set of holds to lock their opponent into a submission move.
  • Any variation of back/torso stretches, armbars, leg locks, ankle locks, sleeper chokes, transition holds, etc.
  • Increased chance of submitting opponent for victory.
  • May employ a mixed ground-mat base of mixed martial arts submission moves, such as Brazilian Ju-Jitsu
Object Specialist Bk Object Specialist Looking to gain an unfair advantage, the bearer will specialize in foreign objects. It may also reflect someone who uses the ringside environment to his advantage.
  • Repeated use of a signature foreign object (such as X's CYW chair).
  • Will opt to use foreign objects surrounding ringside when available.
  • May also refer to using the ringside environment for an advantage, such as removing turnbuckles or ramming opponent into steel ringpost.
Possum Pin Bk Possum Pin An expert in pinfalls, wrestler can perform wide range of pinning attempts to ensnare opponent for a three-count.
  • Playing possum, sneaky wrestler will successfully reverse opponent's pin attempt to snatch them in a possum pin.
  • Other pinning attempts can include back slide, inside cradle, crucifix, schoolboy, small package, or victory roll.
Power Base Bk Power Base Emphasizing a wrestler's strength, one with a power base will involve lifting the opponent up and throwing or slamming him down.
  • Usually will be used by a heavier e-wrestler who possesses advanced strength to lift and slam opponent.
  • Any variation of chokseslam, powerbomb, bodyslam, suplex, gorilla press, pumphandle, spinebuster, etc.
Pullback Attack Bk Pullback Attack Before releasing an opponent during an Irish whip, will pull opponent back for a surprise strike or grapple attack.
  • Used as a direction change during an Irish whip, pulling opponent to catch him off-guard.
  • During whip, have the ability to change direction of where opponent will go.
  • During pullback, common moves may include a drop toe-hold, clothesline, or hip-toss.
Referee Shield Bk Referee Shield Normally reserved for a heel, the e-wrestler will manipulate the referee (or other non-participant) to take advantage of his opponent.
  • For a cowardly heel, the e-wrestler will maneuver the referee in an effort to halt momentum of a fan favorite by lecture.
  • When opponent is trying to hit an e-wrestler with an exploding attack, e-wrestler will force referee into oncoming blow.
Resiliency Bk Resiliency The damaged e-wrestler will be able to recover from a shock, insult, or high-impact move.
  • After receiving a finisher or high-impact move, the e-wrestler will be able to kick-out.
  • Quick regeneration.
Springboard Dives Bk Springboard Dives Normally possessed by someone who also holds the High Flyer ability, the e-wrestler will use the ring ropes to gain heigh to perform an offensive move.
  • Use the ring ropes to gain height to perform an aerial move.
  • Ideal for smaller wrestlers who specialize in lucha libre.
Strong Strike Bk Strong Striker Packing a powerful punch, the attacking e-wrestler will cause significant amount of damage within close range to an opponent.
  • Standing up, the strong strike may be any punch, kick, or headbutt.
  • Ideal for larger wrestlers who specialize in hand-to-hand combat.
Taunt Thief Bk Taunter Reserved for a heel, a taunter will use insulting language or gestures to demoralize the recipient, thus stealing away confidence and crowd support.
  • Like a showboater, will do something flashy before actually achieving his or her goal.
  • First concerned with crowd reaction to generate heel heat.
  • Often times will mimmick opponent's gestures.


There were a total of 21 abilities. Every e-wrestler has the option the pick which abilities they want. The maximum abilities that could be achieved is five.

For sign-ups without any previous LPW experience, the starting point is one ability. After every five matches competed in, an e-wrestler will be rewarded with an additional ability. As a general rule, only official recorded LPW matches add to the tally (which does not count Backstage Brawls or Owner's Cup matches). Additionally, any no show does not contribute to a competed match.

Thus, the breakdown follows as such:

  • For signing up, starts off with one ability.
  • After five competed matches, gain a second ability.
  • After ten competed matches, gain a third ability.
  • After 15 competed matches, gain a fourth ability.
  • After 20 competed matches, gain a fifth and final ability.

As a general bonus, for any e-wrestler who wins an LPW championship over the course of his/her first 20 competed matches, an additional ability may be added (thus, the e-wrestler will only need to compete in 15 matches to reach the maximum of five abilities).

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