Altered Reality II
Altered Reality II
Promotion Psychotic Wrestling Alliance
Starring Schizophrenia
Date June 2005
Venue Staples Center
City Flag of the United States Los Angeles, California
Altered Reality event chronology
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Altered Reality
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Altered Reality III
Insanity event chronology
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Schizos Wild (2005)
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At All Costs (2005)
Pyromania event chronology
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Cold Front
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Rumble in the Bronx

Altered Reality II was the second annual Altered Reality e-wrestling pay-per-view produced by the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA) (now known as Lords of Pain Wrestling). The event was the biggest event of the year for PWA, and took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California in June 2005. The official theme song was "Give It All" by Rise Against.

The pay-per-view showcased the federation's two brands, Schizophrenia and Pyromania, battling against each other in a series of matches to determine who was the superior brand. The main event was headlined by SoL (Schizophrenia's PWA World Heavyweight Champion) fighting Stone (Pyromania's International Heavyweight Championship) for the inaugural Martinez Cup, representing the highest accomplishment to achieve in the promotion.

Other matches that took place included the Bad Mamma Jammas, PWA World Tag Team Champions Sheepster and Styxx The Wild Cards, PWA United States Tag Team Champions Wevv Mang and Red Dragon, for Schizo gaining a win of Pyromania, 2TX leading his team of The Rabbi, "Sick" Nick, Mass Chaos, and Valleyboy to victory against cYnical's team of BiggiE, Showstoppa, SFS, and Snowman, and Hell On Wheels, consisting of Son of Repoman, Jaro, Stuart, Winter, and Dubzilla, falling short to Phantom Lord's team of D. Hammond Samuels, Bloodrose, Joey Hollywood, and Spectre.


# Matches Stipulations Notes
1 Takeover defeated Austin (c) PWA Southern States Heritage Championship match Takeover pinned Austin after a TKO[a]
2 Team Phantom (Phantom Lord, D. Hammond Samuels, Bloodrose, Joey Hollywood, and Spectre) defeated Hell On Wheels (Son of Repoman, Jaro, Stuart, Winter, and Dubzilla) Schizophrenia vs. Pyromania 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination match Samuels pinned Repoman after the Hasbeen's Reckoning to win the match[b]
3 Dumass defeated Stanman No Gimmicks Needed match Dumass pinned Stanman after a Dumass Drop
4 Team Xtreme (2TX, The Rabbi, "Sick" Nick, Mass Chaos, and Valleyboy) defeated Team cYnical (cYnical, BiggiE, Showstoppa, SFS, and Snowman) Schizophrenia vs. Pyromania 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination match 2TX pinned BiggiE after an X-Bomb to win the match
5 Bad Mamma Jammas (Sheepster and Styxx) (PWA World Tag Team Champions) defeated The Wild Cards (Wevv Mang and Red Dragon) (PWA United States Tag Team Champions) Tag Champions vs. Tag Champions match Sheepster pinned Mang after hitting the Sacrificial Lamb
6 SoL (PWA World Heavyweight Champion) defeated Stone (PWA International Heavyweight Champion) Martinez Cup match SoL pinned Stone after a Jungle Kick[c]
  • a After the match, SoL tossed the Southern States Heritage Championship into the crowd and presented Takeover with a new Western States Heritage Championship.
  • b After the match, Jaro and Takeover were introduced as the newest members of The Illuminati.
  • c After the match, PWA owner Villiano 187 presented the Martinez Cup to SoL, but was attacked when The Illuminati forced Vil to sign the PWA to them.
Schizophrenia vs. Pyromania midcard elimination tag match eliminations
# Wrestler Brand Eliminated by Method of elimination
1 Winter Pyromania Spectre Pinned after a double-team Phantom suplex with Spectre crossbody splash
2 Stuart Pyromania Phantom Lord Pinned after a Career Killer
3 Phantom Lord Schizophrenia Dubzilla Pinned after a Twist of Lime
4 Dubzilla Pyromania Spectre Pinned after a Primetime Players hit Hollywood Justice
5 Joey Hollywood Schizophrenia Jaro Forced to submit to a STF
6 Jaro Pyromania D.H. Samuels Pinned after a chin tap
7 Spectre Schizophrenia S.O.R. Pinned after an Olympic Slam
8 Bloodrose Schizophrenia S.O.R. Pinned after a Payment Due
9 S.O.R. Pyromania D.H. Samuels Pinned after a Sonic Reducer by an interfering Jaro, and a Hasbeen's Reckoning
Survivor: D.H. Samuels
Schizophrenia vs. Pyromania main event elimination tag match eliminations
# Wrestler Brand Eliminated by Method of elimination
1 cYnical Pyromania "Sick" Nick Pinned after a Sick Bomb
2 Valleyboy Pyromania Snowman Forced to submit to a single-leg Boston Crab
3 "Sick" Nick Pyromania - Counted out
4 Snowman Pyromania Mass Chaos Pinned with a victory roll
5 Mass Chaos Pyromania SFS Pinned after a Fisherman's Suplex
6 SFS Pyromania 2TX Pinned after an Xecution
7 Showstoppa Pyromania The Rabbi Pinned after a Tornado DDT
8 The Rabbi Schizophrenia BiggiE Pinned after a Superior Attack
9 BiggiE Pyromania 2TX Pinned after an X-Bomb
Survivor: 2TX

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