Altered Reality V
Promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling
Starring Insanity
Date October 22, 2010
Venue BC Place Stadium
City Flag of Canada Vancouver, British Columbia
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Altered Reality V (also abbreviated AR5 or ARV) was the fifth annual professional e-wrestling Altered Reality pay-per-view produced by Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), presented by its Insanity and Pyromania brands. The event took place during the 16.5 cycle at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Altered Reality V Selection Show took place on September 20.


The Lords of Pain Wrestling pay-per-view will feature an unknown number of professional e-wrestling matches that involve different wrestlers from feuds, plots and storylines. Wrestlers are portrayed as either villains or fan favorites as they follow a series of events which built tension, culminating in a wrestling match or series of matches.

After winning the LPW World Heavyweight Championship in a DeathCube Match at Body Count, Hatchet Ryda was, for the second straight show, pinned by Andy Savana, pinning him an Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Six-Man Tag Team match. The next show, he Hatchet Ryda retained the World Heavyweight Championship in a Carnival Brawl against Blackwell. Then at LPW Insanity LIVE from Atlantic City, in a major twist of events, the Watchmen shocked the world by winning the newly vacated LPW Undisputed Tag Team Championship, defeating the Savana and Ryda before their World Heavyweight Championship bout at Epic.

In the end of one epic feud, Hatchet Ryda retained the LPW World Heavyweight Championship and won back his bitch Jessica in a ladder match against Andy Savana at Epic. At Insanity LIVE from San Juan, With the odds stacked against both men, cYnical finally regained the World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Hatchet Ryda in a spectacular match after hitting the cYntrifical Force.

At LPW Insanity LIVE from New Orleans, Playing the hometown hero, cYnical once again thwarted Little Red's plans, successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating NPD in a Memory Lane match that saw former cYn enemies "Sick" Nick and Bloodrose interfere. But in the shocking conclusion, Jaro returned to LPW using the Owner's Cup as his ticket for a title match. But in epic match ended on a bad note, as the cYnical vs Jaro finished with the interference from X and Andy Savana, which was turnedinto an all out brawl. This made Little Red furious, putting the four men in a Fatal 4-Way match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Insane Asylum.

At Sacrament, Mass Chaos became the first man to defend the LPW International Heavyweight Championship not once, but twice; defeating Styxx and White Falcon. After Chaos' accomplishment, Inferno GM D. Hammond Samuels announced that the new Number One Contender would be The Illuminati's monstrous Krimson Mask. The two were scheduled to face each other at Capital Punishment, however Styxx defeated Chaos to win the championship at Inferno 15.3 and a triple threat match was booked with Chaos' rematch clause and Krimson Mask's #1 contendership facing the champion Styxx for the title, where Styxx won. At Inferno 13.2 and 13.3, the previous two Infernos, Eddie B. had attacked Styxx. New General Manager Drew Michaels announced a match at Redemption.



  • Dante Odiah pinned Sam Carter in the first match of the pre-show after hitting a DDT
  • In one-on-one action, Zenith beat Gen after hitting The Limit Buster
  • In the main event, Steve Storme and Kaptain "Kafu" Krossbones defeated Jeff Watson and Cripsy. Storme pinned Cripsy after hitting the End of Discord, followed by Watson eliminating Krossbones after hitting the Cyclone Drop. Storme won the match after once again hitting the End of Discord on Watson.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Seth Omega beat Sean Jensen in a Champion vs. Champion Deathmatch.

Midcard matchesEdit

Ash Strife faced Ultramarcus in a Champion vs. Champion Lumberjack match.

Main event matchesEdit


# Matches Stipulations Notes
* Dante Odiah defeated Sam Carter Singles Match Odiah pinned Carter after hitting a DDT
* Zenith defeated Gen Singles match Zenith pinned Gen after hitting the The Limit Buster
* Steve Storme and Kaptain Krossbones Kafu defeated Jeff Watson and Cripsy Elimination Tag match Storme pinned Watson after hitting the End of Discord to win the match
1 Team Pyro (Killswitch and Haemoglobin (captains), Atlas Adams, Big B. Brown, and Ian Oberon) defeated Team Insanity (Blackwell and Son of Shockey (captains), MC Steel, Richard Michaels and Dick Dynamo) Insanity vs. Pyromania 10-Man Elimination Tag Team match Brown pinned SOS after hitting the Big B. Bomb to win the match
2 Seth Omega (LPW Hardcore Champion) defeated Sean Jensen (LPW Television Champion) Champion vs. Champion Deathmatch Omega pinned Jensen after Steve Storme interfered and hit the Game Over with Omega
3 Phantom Lord defeated Villiano 187 Grudge Match of the Century Phantom pinned Villiano after Villiano collapsed[a]
4 Ash Strife (LPW Canadian Heavyweight Champion) defeated Ultramarcus (LPW Western States Heritage Champion) Champion vs. Champion Lumberjack match[b] Strife pinned Marcus after hitting the Strife Spike
5 Watchmen (Black Reaper and Justus) defeated The Misfits (Drew Michaels and Mass Chaos) (c) LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship match Justus pinned Michaels after hitting the Repentance/Last Laugh combination[c]
6 X fought Ken Ryans to a draw Streak on the Line match Neither man could answer the 10-count after X through Ryans off the stage, with Ryans pulling him down with him
7 Team Insanity (Andy Savana and Krimson Mask (captains), Joe Michaels, Jason Gravis and Nigel Vanderbilt) defeated Team Pyro (Son of Repoman and Jude Maxwell (captains), Bobino, Eddie B. and Monroe) Insanity vs. Pyromania 10-Man Elimination Tag Team match Mask forced Eddie B. unconcious with the Bloodklot to win the match
8 cYnical (LPW World Heavyweight Champion) defeated Styxx (LPW International Heavyweight Champion) Martinez Cup Champion vs. Champion match with Sheepster as the Guest Referee cYnical pinned Styxx after hitting the Negative Outlook
Pre-show elimination tag match eliminations
# Wrestler Eliminated by Method of elimination
1 Cripsy Steve Storme Pinned after hitting the End of Discord
2 Kaptain Krossbones Jeff Watson Pinned after hitting the Cyclone Drop
3 Jeff Watson Steve Storme Pinned after hitting the End of Discord
Survivor: Steve Storme
Pyro vs. Insanity midcard elimination tag match eliminations
# Wrestler Brand Eliminated by Method of elimination
1 MC Steel Insanity Atlas Adams Pinned after hitting the Go to Sleep
2 Blackwell Insanity Big B. Brown Pinned after hitting the Big B. Bomb
3 Dick Dynamo Insanity Ian Oberon Pinned after hitting the EKO
4 Ian Oberon Pyromania Son of Shockey Pinned after hitting the ESPN
5 Richard Michaels Insanity Killswitch Pinned after hitting the Switchbreaker
6 Son of Shockey Insanity Big B. Brown Pinned after hitting the Big B. Bomb
Survivor: Killswitch, Haemoglobin, Atlas Adams and Big B. Brown
Pyro vs. Insanity main event elimination tag match eliminations
# Wrestler Brand Eliminated by Method of elimination
1 SOR Pyromania Krimson Mask Pinned after hitting The End
2 Monroe Pyromania Krimson Mask Pinned after hitting The End
3 Andy Savana Insanity Bobino Pinned after hitting the Darwinism
4 Jason Gravis Insanity Jude Maxwell Pinned after hitting the Helter Skelter
5 Nigel Vanderbilt Insanity Eddie B. Pinned after hitting the Lowered Expectations
6 Joe Michaels Insanity Eddie B. Pinned after hitting the Welcome to Abbey Road Motherfucker with Maxwell
7 Bobino Pyromania Krimson Mask Pinned after hitting the Bloodrush DDT
8 Jude Maxwell Pyromania Krimson Mask Pinned after hitting the Unhappily Ever After
9 Eddie B. Pyromania Krimson Mask Forced unconcious with the Bloodklot
Survivor: Krimson Mask

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