Apex of the Decade 10 was the 10th official ranking for the Apex of the Decade, an Apex listing of the top 25 e-wrestlers to have competed in the e-federation, Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), formerly the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA), acknowledging the in and out of character success from those who paved the way during the promotion's first decade of existence.

The 12th ranking was announced on December 28, 2009. Stone was the e-wrestler who claimed the 10th spot with 314 points.




Height and Weight: 6'2” 245 Pounds
Billed From: 24px-Flag_of_the_United_States.png San Diego, California
Debut: PWA Inferno 1.1 (On Record; defeated by Kris Marion and Jade)
Career Accomplishments: PWA World Tag Team Championship (With SoL & SFK), PWA International Heavyweight Championship (First), LPW Hall of Fame Inductee – 2007, 2008 Match of the Year (Death Cube Participant)
Career Record: 12 Wins, 12 Losses, 1 Draw (On Record)
Highest Spot Achieved on APEX in Career: 18th (May 2008)
Latest Match: LPW Dead Man's Hand (Defeated by White Falcon)
Score: 314 Points (No First Place Votes)

Patient History: Few superstars are able to make an irreplaceable impact and impression in ANY wrestling federation, big or small. There's even fewer who do it, fall into retirement, and then come back and do it all again. The impact Stone made upon the PWA Roster was a special one. It was him, along with SoL, who broke through the glass ceiling, breaking the stigma that rookies could never be successful in the PWA. With out Stone, the PWA may never have risen to success.

Stone was always a talented find for the PWA, and he always knew it. With fellow rookie, MarcusVick4Heinesman, they formed a Tag Team known as the West Side Connection. While they found initial success, they looked to branch out into stables success. Enter SoL. Stone recruited SoL because he saw similar qualities in this young rookie, that he saw in himself. Together, they formed one of the most popular and devastating tag teams of all time. The stable had an attitude about them that they were better than anyone else on the roster, and they were able to back it up in the ring. As a stable, Stone lead the West Side Connection to success, against all the odds, in the Stable Wars Tournament.

After receiving a Tag Team Championship opportunity, the pairing of Stone and SoL captured the World Taf Team Championships in a scintilating Steel Cage match. However, not long into their reign, tensions began to rise between SoL and Stone. They reached boiling point when the pair faced off to take sole control of the Tag Titles. Stone would win the confrontation, and would continue to defend the titles with SFK. The duo would be drafted to the upstart Pyromania Brand, as star power to help get it off the ground. In their first defence on Pyromania, the West Side Connection would be upset by the Silver Screen of Kris Marion and Stuart 657.

While SFK would fade into insignificance, Stone would move on to bigger things. MUCH bigger things. Just two shows later, at Altered Reality, Stone would be victorious in a triple threat ladder match against Son of Repoman and Sashaband, which headlined the stellar event, for the newly created International Heavyweight Championship; the flagship championship of the Pyromania brand. Not only had Stone reached the pinacle of the PWA, he'd proven he truly was not just one of the elite, he was THE elite wrestler of the PWA.

Stone would go on to defend his title in some of the most memorable matches in PWA history, with a list of defences against men like NPD, cYnical and Rick Stallion. However, none would be as electric as his first title defence against a man he defeated to win the title, Son of Repoman. In an epic battle, the pair fought to the only draw in the International Heavyweight Championship's history in the main event of Apollyon. Every successful defence and close call Stone had with the title battle hardened him for the toughest test of his career.

In the lead up to Altered Reality 2, the PWA board of directors announced the creation of a new award in the PWA, to be contested in the main event of every Altered Reality between the International and World Heavyweight Champions. The Martinez Cup is the top honor any wrestler can achieve in the PWA/LPW. Stone would walk in to the event high on confidence, having beaten his opponent on a big stage before. His opponent? None other than former West Side Connection team mate, SoL. The pair contested one of the most important matches in history, but by the end of it, Stone fell to his former team mate, and SoL walked out the inaugural Martinez Cup winner.

Shortly after Altered Reality Two, Stone shocked the entire company by requesting a release from his contract, a request the board regrettably allowed. Stone would be absent from our screens for three years, before making a shocking return as part of cYnical's Uprising. Targeting the management of LPW, the Uprising brought in Stone to help return the management of LPW back to the way it was back in the “Golden Age” - Unbiased.

While part of the Uprising, Stone felt the need to indulge in his own success. After enjoying a rivalry with the man, Stone would defeat Al to qualify for the first ever Death Cube match at End Game for the World Heavyweight Championship. Stone would be unsuccessful in capturing the championship on the night, as dominant champion Krimson Mask walked out victorious. While the Uprising were being defeated on Inferno, Stone took one last attempt to capture gold, chasing down the “Cleansed” Championship, held by White Falcon. With the added element of Son of Repoman, it was an eerily similar situation to how Stone won the International Title. However, history would not repeat itself, as White Falcon walked out victorious. Stone would not wrestle another match, choosing not to seek a contract extension.

Stone has been a ground breaking superstar, making it easier for rookies to make an impact in the business, and proving that anyone can rise to the top to capture gold. With out the vision and drive of Stone, the Pyromania brand may have folded before it could have a chance to ignite. Many people credit Stone as being “The fire behind the Pyromania brand”, such was his impact both on the screen and in the locker room. For his efforts, you, the public, have voted Stone to number 10 on the Apex of the Decade. Thank You, and Congratulations, Stone.

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