Apex of the Decade 14 was the 14th official ranking for the Apex of the Decade, an Apex listing of the top 25 e-wrestlers to have competed in the e-federation, Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), formerly the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA), acknowledging the in and out of character success from those who paved the way during the promotion's first decade of existence.

The 14th ranking was announced on Christmas Day, December 25, 2009. Wevv Mang was the e-wrestler who claimed the 14th spot with 226 points.




Height and Weight: 5'11” 215 Pounds
Billed From: 24px-Flag_of_the_United_States.png Lake Forrest, Illinois
Debut: 2003
Career Accomplishments: PWA Television Championship, PWA United States Tag Team Championship, Owners Cup 2006, Winner Takes All Tournament Winner 2009
Career Record: 25 Wins, 19 Losses (On Record)
Highest Spot Achieved on APEX in Career: 2nd (3 times, most recent; January 2009)
Latest Match: LPW Insanity LIVE from Woodstock (Defeated by Andy Savana, X and Tromboner Man)
Score: 226 Points (No First Place Votes)

Patient History: If it's a business man you want, with a perversion to things of an oriental flavor, then this is the right place to get them. Incredibly intelligent, handsome, and crafty to boot,, Wevv Mang has been a colossal force in driving the PWA/LPW over the years.

Wevv debuted, having made his fortune as a music promoter, wanting to try his hand full time as a professional wrester. He wouldn't have to wait long to find success, as victories came quickly and easily for the star. Eventually, he would form a relationship with Russian Heavyweight, Red Dragon, teaming with the behemoth to create the “Wild Cards”. Eventually, both men grew thirsty for championship glory.

When Phantom Lord destroyed the Hardcore Title, replacing it with the Television Championship, a Gauntlet Match was held to determine the first champion. While Wevv and his Tag Partner in Dargon would fail to win the match, Wevv Mang would get a rematch at the Annihilation PPV, where he would defeat Bloodrose to become only the second ever Television Champion. He would go on to successfully defend it, and for his astounding and amazing abilities, was named one of the Schizo 6, a group of 6 wresters who seemingly brought the best out of each other, in terms of match quality. The Schizo 6, comprising of Bloodrose, Mass Chaos, The Rabbi, “Sick” Nick, Red Dragon and Wevv Mang, would face each other in a 6 pack challenge, with both Wevv's TV Championship, and Bloodrose and Mass Chaos' United States Tag Titles on the line. The Rabbi was able to steal both titles right out from Wevv's nose, however, he had not yet had his last laugh.

Just two shows later, Wevv Mang and Red Dragon would take the Tag Titles from The Rabbi and “Sick” Nick, allowing them to go to Altered Reality 2 to face the World Tag Champions, The Bad Mamma Jammas of Sheepster and Styxx. While Wevv Mang was valiant in his efforts, Red Dragon's sub standard performance that night cost them the match. It was later discovered Dragon was being managed by his opponent, Sheepster. Dragon would also go on to desert Wevv in a Tag Title match against the Illuminati, joining the super faction. Understandably upset, Mang destroyed Dragon, beating him like no one had ever seen Red Dragon beaten before. Soon after, Dragon was fired, giving Mang a taste of satisfaction over the incident.

Mang would then join in the fight against the Illuminati, helping fight with the Resistance. Forming his own power play, the “Payroll”, and enlisting the help of tallented youngsters Random, Bobino and Mr. Nobody, he would be able to assume control of the Schizophrenia Brand. With dreams of sole control of LPW, the lead up to Altered Reality 2 saw both a threat and a launch pad rise on the horizon to his ambition.

Wevv Mang entered the Owners Cup tournament of 2006 hoping to gain more leverage in his quest to take over the PWA, and the further he progressed in the tournament, the further Villiano 187 saw Wevv's plans come into fruition. Banished to the Pyromania brand, and desperate to reassume control of PWA himself, he teamed up with Pyromania General Manager Cher to take on Wevv Mang and Schizophrenia General Manager Lou in a mixed tag match for sole control of the PWA at Altered Reality 3. With Villiano being forced to name Wevv Mang the Owners Cup Champion earlier in the night, after defeating Sheepster in the finals, tensions were high in their match up. However, in a shocking move, Wevv Mang and Villiano 187 announced that they'd come to an agreement, taking joint custody of the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance, a move which nobody could see coming.

Wevv Mang would take some time and enjoy his new perks of his backstage role, before the itch to compete bit him. After announcing his return at PWA The Rising, his business partner, Villiano 187 was unceremoniously dumped from the PWA by the board of directors, and consequently, Wevv Mang oversaw the federation's change of name to Lords of Pain Wrestling. Enlisting the help of former Payroll member, Random, Wevv made a successful return to comeptition at Inferno 10.2. Random however, bitter from his treatment back in the days of the Payroll, attacked Wevv, leading to a brutal steel cage match at LPW Redemption. In one of the biggest spots in LPW history, Wevv threw Random through the steel cage, on to the announce table, allowing the crafty business man to escape. In order for him to compete in this match however, he was forced to give up his controlling share in LPW's stock, removing all his backstage power in the company.

After cashing in his Owners Cup for an unsuccessful bid to capture the International Heavyweight Championship, Sheepster returned from injury, blaming Wevv for causing the damage to his knee which assisted in causing the torn ACL he suffered which put him on the shelf for 12 months, back at the Owners Cup final at Altered Reality 3. With both men laying claim to an International Championship opportunity as well, it was decided that both men would face off in a “Last Man Standing Match” to settle their differences, and decide the new number one contender. On this night, Wevv would narrowly eek out the victory, but his feud with Sheepster was far from over. Leader of the Uprising, cYnical, assumed control of Inferno for a night, allowing Sheepster to compete in a (then) fatal four way match for the International Heavyweight Title along side Mang, former champion D. Hammond Samuels and current champion, Drew Michaels. While Samuels would later be removed from the match, it would be Wevv Mang's attention to Sheepster which would ultimately lead to Drew Michaels pinning him in the main event of Redeption, to retain the championship.

After Altered Reality 4, where Wevv Mang was involved in one of Inferno's two clean sweeps in the Elimination Tag matches, Wevv would be drafted to the Insanity Brand, and entered himself in the “Winner Takes All Tournament”. He would successfully make it to the finals of the tournament, where he made a deal with Inferno's Eddie B, ensuring one of the pair would win the match.Wevv would stab Eddie in the back however, and go on to win the match, largely thanks to Eddie's accidental attack on Hatchet Ryda, when he was meaning to attack Wevv. The reward was the booking power for both the Take No Prisoner's and Resurrection Pay Per Views. Wevv first decision, they were to be held in China and Japan respectively. Wevv would also stab Eddie B in the back again, booking himself in a match against World Heavyweight Champion X, a match he originally promised Eddie. He also challenged the new and mysterious “Boss” of LPW to a “Kiss My Ass” Match at the Take No Prisoner's Show.

The pay-per-views would not be a bright time in the history of Wevv Mang. Ultimately, it was his betrayal of Eddie B which saw him have victory pulled from beneith him in his World Heavyweight Championship match. As for the Kiss My Ass match, with the Boss' proxy, Ultramarcus, a seemingly “weaker” opponent than X, Wevv was shockingly upset by the talented youngster. When the boss revealed himself to in fact be D. Hammond Samuels later in the evening, he was forced to kiss the foot of Samuels' Assistant General Manager, Janine, at Inferno 14.1 as an alternative to kissing the ass of Samuels, and as a way to apologise to her for kissing her in a match at Revelations 2005.

With his humiliation over and done with, Wevv Mang took up the Body Count challenge. Three rounds in, he'd amased an impressive 5 points. After defeating rookie sensation, Shock, for his 5 points, and an extra 1 for the victory, Wevv Mang had gathered enough points to compete in the Death Cube match at the Body Count PPV. With the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, no one else in the match had more experience challenging for the top prize on Insanity. However, on this night, it would not be, with Eddie B eliminating Wevv Mang from the cube, forcing Wevv to contemplate his future.

Wevv Mang would only wrestle one more match, walking out on a tag match at Insanity Live from Woodstock in frustration. Days later, he's announce his retirement from professional wrestling, leaving behind a legacy of strong competition, business prowess, and a plethora of 5 star classics. Wevv Mang helped push LPW into what it has become today, a strong wrestling entity which stands above the competition. For his efforts both in and out of the ring, you have voted Wevv Mang to number 14 on the Apex of the Decade. Congratulations, Wevv Mang.

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