Apex of the Decade 18 was the 18th official ranking for the Apex of the Decade, an Apex listing of the top 25 e-wrestlers to have competed in the e-federation, Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), formerly the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA), acknowledging the in and out of character success from those who paved the way during the promotion's first decade of existence.

The 18th ranking was announced on December 20, 2009. Son of Repoman was the e-wrestler who claimed the 20th spot with 164 points.




Height and Weight: 6'5” 250 Pounds
Billed From: 24px-Flag_of_the_United_States.png New Orleans, Louisiana
Debut: Pyromania 1.2 (Defeated Baseballz)
Career Accomplishments: PWA Writers Cup
Career Record: 20 Wins, 16 Losses, 2 Draws (On Record)
Highest Spot Achieved on APEX in Career: 4th (July 2006)
Latest Match: LPW Inferno 15.2 (defeated Krimson Mask)
Score: 164 Points (No First Place Votes)

Patient History: In the long, hard road of a professional wrestling career, there are many twist and turns a path can take. Many lead to success, others lead to heartbreak, and for a lucky few, some will take you to championships. Nobody has travelled the roads of success and heartbreak more than Sonny Reponovich.

As one of the established superstars pushing for a main event birth on PWA Schizophrenia, Son of Repoman was often touted as the next big thing to hit the PWA's ring. However, he often found breaking through to the top of the card difficult. Even after winning the first PWA Writer's Cup tournament (now the “Owners Cup Tournament”), he still found the break through difficult to attain. Enter the Pyromania brand, and the main event birth Repoman was waiting for. After being drafted to the Pyromania brand, Repoman was placed into the main event of the inaugural Altered Reality, competing against Stone and Sashaband for the vacant title in a ladder match.

Repo would not walk out of the match victorious, however, he would earn himself a rematch with the inaugural champion at Pyromania's first PPV event, Apollyon. What ensued was one of the most heated confrontations in PWA history, which ended in the first Pay-Per-View main event draw in history. With neither man winning the match, Stone walked out still the PWA International Heavyweight Championship, and Son of Repoman walked out still looking for that first major championship in his career.

While Repoman attempted to get a second rematch, he would fail in his bid to do so. Instead, Repoman was forced to settle for a position as team captain for one of the traditional elimination tag team contests at Altered Reality 2. Compiling a super team, consisting of himself, Jaro, Dubzilla and Winter, Son of Repoman walked into A.R.2 full of confidence, but come the final bell, yet again, found himself walking out of a pay-per-view without the victory, as Schizophrenia's super team of D. Hammond Samuels, Bloodrose and the Prime Time Players defeated the Pyromania team.

Shortly after Altered Reality Two, the Pyromania brand was rocked by the unexpected departure of the International Champion, Stone. While this plunged Pyromania into turmoil, opportunity presented itself, as a tournament began to crown the new champion. Son of Repoman toiled through the tournament too make the finals in the main event of the Rumble in the Bronx Pay-Per-View. However, in what would become the story of his career, he would only come so far for no reward, as rookie sensation Jaro upstaged the veteran to take home the crown. He would earn a rematch with the champion in a first blood match at the prevalence PPV. While he would force Jaro to bleed first, he would lose the match, as the match referee didn't see Jaro's blood, allowing him to clean it up before laying the final, blood inducing blow on Repo.

Repoman, beaten and bruised, fell into a brutal and bitter feud with Villiano 187, while entering himself in the Escape Artists tournament, to become the general manager of Pyromania for a day. With the feud with Villiano providing motivation for the tournament, Repoman once again made the finals of another tournament. With Villiano also challenging Repoman to a match at Capital Punishment, Repo was forced into double duty at the PPV. In a shocking moment, Repoman suffered his second draw of his career in his first match against Villiano 187, putting him at a serious disadvantage in the main event, the Elimination Chamber finals of the Escape Artist's tournament. Son of Repoman valiantly fought through, but would not be able to overcome the odds, with Morpheus walking out victorious. At Pyromania 8.1, Repoman would gain a measure of revenge on Villiano, defeating him in one on one action.

After defeating BiggiE at One Way Ticket, Repoman would disappear from the company, with his contracted expiring at the start of 2007. He would return under a new guise though, going by S.O.R. Immediately forming a relationship with White Falcon, S.O.R. saught saving, but turned the tables on the religious man, challenging him to a Cleansed Championship match at End Game. White Falcon defeated S.O.R, but the pair kept their estranged relationship, leading to another match between the pair, and Stone, at Dead Man's Hand. Again, S.O.R would walk out without a title.

After being a part of an Insanity Team, clean swept by their Inferno counterparts, S.O.R disappeared again. It wouldn't be until D. Hammond Samuels took control of LPW when ominous videos appeared on LPW programming. At Inferno 14.3, it was revealed that S.O.R was behind the videos, assuming a position of power as a representative of the Board of Directors on LPW programming, much to the ire of Samuels. He returned to the ring, defeating Cash Flo at the Sacrament PPV in a “Legends Match”, despite Cash Flo's questionable “Legend” status.

Currently, S.O.R continues to maintain his position as a representative of the board on LPW programming. In this position, he has already created many memorable moments, such as “Repo-ing” the Insanity Brand for a night, and overcoming the odds again to defeat Krimson Mask. S.O.R is best summed up by a statement from his own mouth. “Wrestling needs a hopeless contender, and SoR needs to fight.” While he most definitely needs a fight, you the public have voted, and the masses believe S.O.R is more than a hopeless contender, voting him into 18th spot on the Apex of the Decade. Congratulations to you, Sonny Reponovich.

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