Apex of the Decade 23 was the 23rd official ranking for the Apex of the Decade, an Apex listing of the top 25 e-wrestlers to have competed in the e-federation, Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), formerly the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA), acknowledging the in and out of character success from those who paved the way during the promotion's first decade of existence.

The 23rd ranking was announced on December 15, 2009. The reigning LPW International Heavyweight Champion, Styxx, was the e-wrestler who claimed the 23rd spot with 115 points.




Height and Weight: 6'7”, 290 Pounds
Billed From: 24px-Flag_of_Australia.png Wodonga, Australia
Debut: PWA Pyromania 1.1 (Defeated Robb)
Career Accomplishments: 2 Time PWA World Tag Team Champion (With Sheepster), PWA Hardcore Champion, LPW International Heavyweight Champion (Current)
Career Record: 36 Wins, 27 Losses, 0 Draws.
Highest Spot Achieved on APEX in Career: Number 5 (September 2007)
Last Match: LPW Inferno 15.3 - Night of Champions (Defeated Mass Chaos)
Score: 115 Points (No First Place Votes)

Patient History: Success and Fortune seemed to fall right into the lap of the young behemoth from Australia. Styxx hit the big time early in his PWA career, and has forged an undeniable reputation as both the most victorious superstar since records began, and one of the most dangerous superstars ever to grace our squared circle.

Early in his career, PWA veteran cYnical saw potential in the young Styxx and fellow rookie, Sheepster. He took them under his wing, and with Robb and Austin, formed the legendary Bad Mamma Jammas. Suggesting that Styxx and Sheepster pair up was a stroke of genius, and the devastating Tag Team was born. They quickly rose to the top of the Tag Team heap, capturing the World Tag Titles. In a show of good faith, cYnical, now Hardcore Champion, defended the title against Styxx, and in a shocking upset, Styxx became the first Double Champion in PWA history at Pyromania 3.1.

Styxx would continue to forge a deadly reign as Hardcore Champion, while building the Bad Mamma Jammas into one of the biggest Tag Teams in LPW history. His dominance would include a monumental victory at Altered Reality Two over the United States Tag Team Champions, the Wild Cards, Pyromania's only victory for the evening. Styxx truly was one of Pyro's great stars. However, at Pyromania 5.2, his world began to unravel.

Just 3 days out from a 12 month reign as Tag Champions, the Bad Mamma Jammas lost the World Tag Titles to Showstoppa and SFS. This trend continued for Styxx, as merely 3 shows later, at the “Rumble In the Bronx” Pay-Per-View, he would lose the Hardcore Championship to the rookie Morpheus. He invoked his rematch clause in a bitter House of Pain match at Prevalence, but ultimately failed to recapture the belt. In an effort to turn his form around, he entered the innaugrial Escape Artists Tournament. Unfortunately, Showstoppa, BD Barlow and Mass Chaos's feud with former partner Sheepster prevented him from advancing to the final. The pair reunited at the Capital Punishment Pay-Per-View to take on the trio in a handicap tag match. In a stunning move, Bat-Robb and Super Stallion vacated the Tag Titles earlier in the night, and made this match a World Tag Team Championship match. Sheepster and Styxx overcame the odds to win their second tag team titles.

As Champions, the pair took on all comers, successfully defending the titles 3 times in 4 shows, and twice in triple threat matches. However, come Altered Reality Three, their reign was put in jeopardy, as Sheepster suffered a torn A.C.L injury. Styxx was forced to find a new partner, one he found in former Wild Card, Red Dragon. With Red Dragon seemingly going out of his way to harm Styxx, he was unable to retain his Tag Titles in their next defence, as Public Enemy Number 1 over ran him.

Styxx didn't let this slow him down though, disposing of Red Dragon and chasing down the TV title on the Inferno tour of Australia, which included a monumental win over X in his home town. After failing to capture the belt, he turned to the man he blamed for costing him the match at the Sacrament PPV, Innilock. After a gruelling and intense feud, the pair settled their differences in an Inferno Match at Dead Reckoning, a match which scarred Styxx badly. Through this scar, he formed a love for the Misfits, rather, harming them. Systematically taking apart the stable through callas attacks, Styxx got what he wanted. An I Quit Steel Cage match with Mass Chaos for the TV Championship.

The pair put on a match which is still talked about today as the most brutal TV Championship match in history, but ultimately, it was Styxx who was forced to quit. He didn't let this set back deter him though. At the Homecoming supershow, he challenged cYnical for the World Heavyweight Championship, but this time, he was unable to defeat his friend for the title. Getting frustrated with his lack of championship gold, he challenged NPD at Take No Prisoner, and won, to become the Number One Contender to now Mass Chaos' International Heavyweight Championship, rekindling their feud. After Mass Chaos got the better of the pair at the Sacrament PPV in the mini-tournament for the title, Styxx was given a final rematch at Inferno 15.3 – Night of Champions. After 2 and a half long and championship-less years, Styxx finally broke through, defeating long time rival for the title, and finally climbing to the top of the pile.

Styxx is a living legend, and has given us a plethora of memorable matches and feuds. Currently, he still reigns as International Heavyweight Champion, and is preparing for his first title defence, which is [i]believed[/i] to be against Krimson Mask at Capital Punishment. His longevity and success is one which has built him into a potential Hall of Famer. He has been voted to number 23 on the Apex of the Decade for these very reasons. Congratulations Styxx.

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