Ask Drew: The Show was an Ask segment featured in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) as part of the Let's Talk forum. It featured a number of fans, employees, wrestlers, or message boarders asking questions to Drew Michaels, in which Michaels will answer them.

As part of his renegotiated contract, Michaels was informed by LPW management that he would have to host such a show, the first Ask segment of its kind.

The segment debuted on April 13, 2009.


# Question Drew's Answer
1 "What do you plan on doing about Hamm?" - Dr. Wagner "Good first question, though I do want to say it is very weird how much emphasis you put on the "M" at the end of Ham's name, it's like your saying it twice for some reason.

Relating to Ham, there doesn't seem to be much that can be done right now. I've contacted a friend of mine who is a judge and he is looking over the papers but from what we have seen so far it isn't looking good at all. The LPW roster just needs to stand united at this time, we will find a way out of this. It might be long, it might be bloody, but we will prevail. Good always triumphs over evil in the end."

2 "ME!!!!!

Hello Drew.

It's been a while since we've last spoke. BFF remember?

I'm sorry I took what was mine from you. But, look what happened, I don't have it either anymore. What am I going to do? Since, since, since, since! Since your my best friend and all, give me some advice...

I miss you." - NPD

"You give me the creeps, stop it. Also, you have to win some matches to get it back; losing to Styxx probably did not help you plan to face my boy Chaos who, by the way, will be the greatest IHC since me. In fact, I'd say he is going to be even better."

And no, I do not miss you. Stop following me."

3 "Are you aware that Joe Michaels is taking a stand against Ham?" - Reporter "You look familiar...

Anyway, men like Joseph have to stand up but the problem is a lot of them are out of their league. Joe is a good athlete but he is young, standing up directly to Ham is foolish and prideful. D. Hammond Samuels owns this company, we cannot change that. What we can do is stand up against those he would facilitate, we can battle the bastards like the Franchise Players, like Styxx, like Jude Maxwell, like Sudden Death. These types of plagues will pop up under Samuels and they will try to ally with him to further their own foul agendas. By stopping them, we stop Samuels from gathering an army to completely eradicate those who would stand up to him.

There is no need for more than one man to be a martyr by standing up directly to Hammond and that man is not Joseph Michaels. "

4 "Drew how can I fight the urges to do horrible things to people. You were able to talk me out of Destroying NPD at Honor Roll. Can you repress the beast for good?" - Ash Strife "Put your faith in the LORD Ash, He will guide you through these troubled waters that are your life. The beast inside must be purged and the only way to do that is to allow Him to cleanse you and to let go of the evil ways you once held dear. Only then shall you be able to become a better man."
5 "You should definitely have a donkey show.

Or get Jessie from 'Saved by the Bell' to strip for the locker room.

Ham wants you to have a show and he's paying for it, so do whatever the fuck you want." - Villiano 187

"And this is why you don't do drugs kids."
6 "Damien Knight has kidnapped my son, and on top of it all he has placed a restraining order on me, how can I get him back without getting near my "other boss"." - Joe Michaels "We'll talk Joseph, I have some connections that might can help us get our hands on Mr. Knight. Let me take some time and we'll see what we can do Joseph."
7 "With everything that is going on how do you feel at this very moment?" - Dr. Wagner "Kind of hungry, a little tired. And ready, I'm honestly ready. You will all see soon enough."
8 "When "The Boss" took off his facial make up to reveal it was indeed Ham, did you defecate on yourself?" - Villiano 187 "Fear is natural and I will not lie, I was afraid when I saw it was Ham but not for myself. No, I was afraid for the company I love and more importantly, I was afraid for all of you. No one knows Ham like I do, know one knows better than I what he is capable of. And thus, I am afraid. Fear is natural, what matters is how you deal with that fear."
9 "Why exactly wasn't EB4 asked to join the Misfits given his overall relatively spotless record when it comes to turning on another or sabotaging someone?

And don't blame his temper or loner mentality." - Eddie B.

"Well, I could mention how you talk green and in the third person apparently, since I know no one else who talks green like that and never want to meet anyone else who does, but I will go with you being kind of a dick. Ryans came to me for forgiveness for his past sins, he showed a shame that was truly sincere. Meanwhile, you have been kind of a dick since about day one and have not shown any type of want to make up for your time in the Soldiers of Misfortune.

Plus your obsession with X hurts your chances. He is already obsessed enough with us as it is, no reason to give him any more reason."

10 "How did the Misfits originally form?" - Eddie B. "That first question is documented well enough and you are right, I do not want to talk about it. Instead, we will have a history of the Misfits.

Trey and I have known each for years and years and years. We feuded in LPW's old developmental territory, LOP Hardcore; an area that produced such luminaries as myself, Trey, Retribution, the entire MWA, Edible, Adeaton, and may others. We entered LPW on the same night in a tag match together but we obviously despised one another. However, as time passed we developed a mutual respect for each other and decided to form a tag team under the tutelage of Trey's old girlfriend and my new one, Juliet Richards. We faced the Witnesses in one of their first matches as a team and lost, pretty badly actually, and got suspended by Wevv Mang. That same night, one Edible Matthewson got suspended too for turning down a spot in the Payroll, a spot taken instead by Bobino.

Once suspended, the three of us grew together. We returned the next week to attack Wevv's Payroll in their various matches and it was that night Wevv's called us "those damn Misfits". The name stuck. Around this time, a young rookie debuted in an impressive fashion as T.J. Rage demolished veteran MV4H, retiring him for good.

At the next PPV, the Misfits team faced off against the Payroll team of Mr. Nobody, Random, and Bobino. In a match at the last Schizophrenia broadcast pitting Edible and Trey against Wevv and Robert Lillehammer, Trey was injured by the men. Knowing we needed help, the Misfits recruited rookie TJ Rage into the fold and Rage helped indeed, joining the Misfits as their fourth brother after they destroyed the Payroll.

The Misfits roster stayed pretty permanent, even being drafted as a group to the Inferno roster after AR3, up to the point where the team brought in one Mass Chaos, a former partner of Edible's, into the fold at the insistence of Edible. However, Edible quickly bolted from the group soon after and turned on them, looking to destroy his brothers one by one. Trey Spruance too followed Edible in leaving the group, claiming he was better off without them and falling further into drugs. Rage, Chaos, and I soldiered on as Misfits and they all achieved great success; being the only men to hold singles titles while members of the Misfits.

After the Misfits warred with each other for some time, Edible returned to the fold before leaving LPW, regretting his turn on us. TJ Rage left the group to compete on Insanity apart from his brothers but still remained a Misfit through and through while Trey continued to stand apart until he was attacked by Styxx. The attack by the monster Styxx showed Trey the error of his ways and he returned to stand by his two remaining brothers, myself and Mass Chaos. We reformed as a group finally and looked to expand our ranks, first adding rookie Sean Jensen at the request of Mass Chaos, who is looking to mentor the young talent. At my request, the others also accepted Ken Ryans into the group to round out the Misfits back to five members and ready to take over all of Inferno.

So in closing, we own."

11 "Hey Drew, who do you think is the best secondary champ in LPW? No favorites or anything....." - The Rabbi "Al had a dominating win to take the title but that is all he has done so far. Until he gets a couple title defenses under his belt, you are the man. However, talent wise, I think you two are running pretty equal Rabbi. Also, it's good to talk to you with you being on the right side of the fence. It has been too long sir since we last spoke and then you I were kind of were not happy with each other. "
12 "Do I have your support as it pertains to the Body Count PPV?" - Eddie B. "You being in that match would piss X off and make Inferno look good, of course I want you in that match."
13 "Out of all the Misfits, who in your opinion would be each member's arch nemesis?" - Sean Jensen "As for the archnemesis question, I'd go with as of right now:"
  • "Drew Michaels: D. Hammond Samuels"
  • "Mass Chaos: Styxx"
  • "Sean Jensen: Killswitch"
  • "Trey Spruance: Retribution (Not around anymore but no one matched up with Trey like Sharp Shooter)"
  • "Ken Ryans: Mass Chaos (duh duh duh!)"
14 "2 questions:"
  • "How long before Cash Flo trims that excess fat known as Big B. Brown?"
  • "What was that video in SoL's latest "preceding announcement"?" - SoL
"As long as Cash keeps paying it seems Big B. is willing to put up with the little shit. Too bad, Big B. is a big enough monster to get by on his own.

As for the video, I do not really like that damn Pirate movie so I quit watching halfway when that song started. Ken told me it said "mutiny" backwards towards the end which means jackshit to me. I expect it is some hype project rookie like Magic or Dalby Sound were, I have seen a lot of them come through here so I would not be surprised. The real question is, why should I care about anything in a SoL announcement? I mean really, the last thing you did worth a damn was announce the Owner's Cup next to me. "

15 "What does SoL have against me?" - Big B. Brown "You're fat, SoL does not like fat people. He is an asshole like that."
16 "Save for X or Ultramarcus, who would be EB4's arch-nemesis?" - Eddie B. "I do not think you can peg an arch-nemesis for Eddie without including X or Ultramarcus, who would be the person I would pick. I guess that slacker partner he had, Thomas something, would fit the role and maybe my boy Ken if Eddie is foolish enough to follow up the smack in the mouth he got from Ken but other than that I pick Ultramarcus all the way even though I was told I could not because it is my show."
17 "Drew, what is wrong with the world?" - White Falcon "Delusion, delusion is what is wrong with this world. People get deluded into thinking the sinful ways are worth it in order to gain power and, equally as dangerous, some people get deluded into thinking that they are the only authority on morality and thus attack good men. So in other words, men like D. Hammond Samuels and men like you are what is wrong with the world on two different ends of the spectrum."
18 "If you weren't wrestling, what would you be doing?" - Sean Jensen "Good question Sean. It is a little known fact that I was offered a position working with President Obama when he took office but turned it down so that guy from House could have it so politics is an option. I would also be interested in writing or education, another little known fact is that since entering LPW some years ago I began taking online classes towards a Bachelor's degree in Theology so anything could be possible. I also run a small business on the side now doing some investigation work and have always had an eye for the movies; writing, directing, producing, acting, etc. I have a world of options in front of me if I did not have wrestling but, well, I love it.

The most realistic answer, however, would be to move into a non-wrestling role if my career were to end. Manager, announcer, referee, or road agent would all be likely; I might even would open my own company. I have always wanted to see what running a show would be like."

19 "Two questions. Who would win a battle of wits? God or Jesus? And, Who would win a battle of BOOM!!!!!HEADSHOT!!!!!! Eddie Hooper or Shoop27?" - Tromboner Man "Trick question, Jesus and God are the same person. And the other battle is definitely Eddie, Shoop would spend the whole time charging his lasers."
20 "Cristine had a question for you, but she can't ask it due to her idol Marilyn Chambers passing on.

I however have this question. If your "God" is such a loving "God", then why did he just sit by and allow Mr. Samuels to attack Juliet and force her to undergo a miscarriage?

And one more thing, why in the hell didn't you shine the Flashlight on "The Boss"?" - Blackwell

"God as a plan, He always has a plan. I trust in Him so I know I will be led through whatever hardships come my way.

As for the flashlight, do you shine a light on everyone you meet?"

21 "Yo Drew, I have to know,

Pepsi or Faygo?" - Hatchet Ryda

"Neither, I prefer Coke. More specifically, Diet Coke with some lime."
22 "How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?" - Black Ada "Two bushels."
23 "Why the hell would anyone want a loser like Drew to answer their questions?" - Son of Shockey "Because it is better than listening to a scumbag piece of shit like you? At least I do not choke every time I wander near a big match."
24 "Drew you claim to follow God yet you speak in poisoned words and associate yourself with those in rebellion with his ways. So my question is this, how does it feel to be a hypocrite and a liar?" - Justus "If by hypocrite, you mean a good and honest man, it feels pretty good. You should try it sometime instead of playing alter boy to White Falcon. The last guy who did that ended up thinking he was both Asian and Norwegian. True story."
25 "Drew, who is the favorite to win the Owner's Cup?" - Sean Jensen "My pick goes to a superstar you might have heard of, name is Drew Michaels. Good guy."
26 "I'd prefer a top 5 form of an answer to Sean's question. Besides yourself of course." "Besides me? Okay..."
  • "Mass Chaos. I dare you to stop my boy Chaos; he's on a roll, got a title, and will be hell to stop."
  • "White Falcon. Same song, different verse."
  • "Wevv Mang. He knows what it takes to win the Owner's Cup."
  • "Ultramarcus, I think this is the sleeper of the tournament."
  • "Hatchet, the kid is on a roll and I think he might can roll right through this tournament."
27 "Yes Drew Michaels, over here. Tits McGee from the Big Boobed-Daily, quick question for you: What do you think happened to Eddie Green, former manager of Kafu? Do you think there is any truth to the rumour that Big B Brown accidentally ate him?" - Tits McGee "I never doubt any rumor that says Big B. ate anything. Fat Bastard from Austin Powers has nothing on him. He is catering's worst nightmare."

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