Ask Monroe was an Ask segment featured in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) as part of the Let's Talk forum. It featured a number of e-wrestlers asking questions to Steve Monroe, to which Monroe answered them.

The segment debuted on December 20, 2009.


# Question Monroe's Answer
1 "What part of your miserable pathetic experience qualifies you to answer questions about anything that may be remotely important? Seriously, why the fuck should anyone want to take advice or anything from you?

"Your pathetic Steve Monroe. Pathetic." - Kafu

"I am not here to give advice clown... Im hear to answer shit. Since you didn't ask a fucking question get off my forum. Go try blowing yourself or something."
2 "Yeah Steve, gotta a question right here for ya bitch.

I know you don't give a shit about the LPW Idol tournament, but who do you think has the best overall chance at winning the vacant TV Championship?" - Joe Michaels

"Who the fuck cares about the TV title. Inferno is the inferior brand full of inferior talent. We are the A game. Well if you were on Inferno you would be the favorite, but only if I wasnt there to beat you like I always do."
3 "Obviously your an idiot, because I did, in fact, ask 2 questions. Seriously, are you retarded or just a complete fucking idiot?" - Kafu "Retarded is such an overused and childish term. I dont answer ignorant questions Kafu. Ask a worthwhile question maybe, just maybe you'll get a worthwhile answer."
4 "Twice Daily, from the UK newspaper The Sun. What makes you feel relevant enough to be hosting your own ego trip of a Question Time?" - Jack Eastwood "Well Mr. Eastwood that is very easy. Being a finalist for Rookie of the Year for one. Other than that if every other Tom, Dick, and Harry of LPW can have one why not me? I mean atleast I am not pushing blame for my shortcommings around like another columnist, or atleast I take your questions seriously unlike another columnist. So I ask you Mr. Eastwood find another man in LPW that take his "ASK" column more serious than I do."

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