Ask Sean Jensen was an Ask segment featured in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) as part of the Let's Talk forum. It featured a number of e-wrestlers asking questions to Sean Jensen, to which Jensen answered them.

The segment debuted on December 16, 2009.


# Question Sean's Answer
1 "What the fuck is wrong with you?" - Son of Shockey "Ask legitimate questions, swine."
  • "What is your beef with the newer rookies?"
  • "What are you LPW goals for 2010?"
  • Who do you see as your stiffest competition in the LPW Idol tournament? And don't give me the stock "I am over everyone in that tournament" bullshit! I want in depth analysis on who you think is your biggest threat or why you are the best in that tourney!"
  • Will you be having a Merry Christmas, my friend?" - Mass Chaos
  • "I have yet to shine and if one of those peasants do something that I have been unable to do in the past, such as attain glory that is rightfully mine, it will make me look like a fool. I have put it upon myself to knock these rooks down a peg or two, using the teachings you've provided me yourself, of course."
  • "To not be labeled as a "jobber" anymore, and to prove I'm dominant."
  • "Normally I'd say Killswitch, but he's lacking nowadays in the competition department. My current opponent, even though he is a rookie, Nighthawk is impressive. However, I've got experience, and I've gotten close to TV Title gold. In fact, I believe I almost beat you for it, didn't I Chaos?"
  • "Don't be cute with me."
3 "Why are you so full of fail? Answer correctly or billy gunn will shoot in your face?" - Styxx "Nice. You've gained confidence because of a fluke."
4 "Will Billy Gunn use a gun or his "gun" to shoot poor Sean in the face?" - Mass Chaos "I'd rather not know."
  • "Will you go halfsies with me on an Asian Mail Order Bride?"
  • "Can I borrow money to pay my half?"
  • "I get her on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And half a day Friday."
  • JAnglies? To suck or not to suck?" - Andy Savana
  • "No."
  • "No."
  • "K."
  • "Only Australians with an odd obsession with the alphabet suck. Oh, and you're pretty awful yourself. Hardcore champion...meh. Doesn't take much to smack someone in the face with a chair. Or electrocute anyone. Impress me, damn it.
6 "Sean we haven't had any interation what so ever, so let me start this by introducing myself. I am Steve Monroe, former Rookie's Champion, Rookie of the Year Finalista and the man who is going to ruin Peter Saint.

"Now since your return the boys have been saying alot, personally I don't care about you anymore that you should care about me. I am sorry for doing this but I feel you deserve to answer your critics. What do you say to those in the back that say, "You dont deserve the TV Title" and "You will never make it on your own without the Misfits"?

"Remember these arent my questions. These things are what I am hearing in the back." - Steve Monroe

"There is nothing I deserve more than the television championship. Ever since I defeated Killswitch last year in the barbed wire steel cage...I knew I was destined for something a little more...

For the people who say I couldn't make it without the Misfits. Time's gonna prove that you're wrong."

7 "Sean, Why are you such an asshole?" - Atlas Adams "It's simple. I'm not like you and most of the roster; I don't suck."
8 "Sean, what happened while you were gone? I know you weren't always this much of a little bitch." - Damien Blaze "Shouldn't you be out sparkling, somewhere?"

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