Average promo score (most notably abbreviated aps in lower-case letters) is a graded e-wrestling scoring system used to judge the quality of promo written by a handler for his e-wrestler. The system of scoring is used for all e-federations who employ the Promo and Voting method of roleplay. It was designed and implemented by the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA), the predecessor of what today is Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW). Other related e-federations have also implemented the method, such as Full Metal Wrestling (FMW), Vendetta Championship Wrestling (VCW), and World Wildzone Wrestling (3W).

Average promo score aims to unbiasly judge the writer on overall writing, character development, storyline development, creativity, and other intangibles related to his/her e-wrestler. To determine the winner of a match, the aps is combined with the average voting score (avs). The best combination of the two scores will determine the winner of the roleplay's match.


See also: Promo and Voting

The process begins when the head writer of a brand will post the "Promo and Voting thread" (P&V) along with a "Trash Talking Thread". Here, e-wrestlers will see the posted card and will be matched against an opponent (or opponents if it is a multi-man match such as a Triple Threat match). Also, he or she may tag team with another e-wrestler or e-wrestlers to face an opposing team of e-wrestlers.

The individuals are asked to write a promo if they have a match in that card's P&V thread. Typically, e-wrestlers have six days to post his or her promo during the "Promo Only" period, which eventually expires on a dated deadline at midnight Pacific time. Once the P&V expires, the brand's staff will then judge a score for the promo written by the e-wrestler's handler.


All promo scores are scored by the brand's staff on a 5-point scale in 0.1 increments. The promos are judged on the following factors:

  • Overall writing
  • Character development
  • Storyline development
  • Creativity
  • Other intangibles

The promo grades will be given to the head writer, who will tally all the ratings, divide by the number of scores received, then determine the average promo score (or aps).

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