Daniel Purser
Lpw daniel purser roster
Billing information
Born September 5, 1978
Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight 231 lbs.
Billed From Flag of Australia "The City of The Damned", Australia
Music "Vice Like Vipers" by Oh, Sleeper
Affiliation None
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Style Hardcore/Brawler
Match history
5 wins
8 losses
Trophy case
Pure App

Daniel Purser (born September 5, 1978), previously known under the name Daniel Pleasant, is an Australian professional wrestler that competes for Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) on its Pyromania brand, where he is currently LPW Pure Wrestling Champion. He was a member of The Prophecy of Violence along with Sean Jensen, Matt Clark and Dick Dynamo


Daniel was born to an abusive Step father (Rick Stone) and angelic mother (Charlotte Purser), and was soon joined by his half brother, Michael. One fateful day, his mother was killed by Rick Stone, and Daniel acted with pure vengeance in mind, brutalising Rick with shards of glass, sending him to hospital. From there, Daniel ran away from home, and his existence seemingly died from there. Eventually, he re appeared, competing in various independent federations in Australia, before he moved to America for a year to compete in a tournament, which he won. From their, he went back to Australia to compete for AWS, where he experienced great success with Michael Stone and on his own.


Pleasant made his debut at Redemption, being the first man eliminated from the Prison Yard Brawl. He then went on to team with his brother once more, eventually forming the Prophecy Of Violence with Sean Jensen. However, at One Way Ticket, Daniel turned on Stone, kicking him out from the group, and adding the Hardcore Degenerates to the crew. As the team competed, they experienced minimal success, and eventually, Sean Jensen turned on them, injuring Dick Dynamo and seemingly ending the career of Matt Clark. Daniel holds a vendetta against the proud Jensen for this.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Famous Last Words (Kickout DDT)
    • Trials of the Damned (Guillotine Choke, primarily used on larger opponents)
    • Embarro Buster (Brain Buster, top rope variant only used in high profile matches as a kill move)
  • Signature Move
    • The True Face Of Evil (Shining Wizard, mainly used as a reversal)
    • A Surgeons Dream (Running Facewash)
    • Face Replacement (Rope Hung Cutter)
    • Spear
    • Ground and Pound
    • Dropkick
    • Suicide Dive
    • Russian Legsweep
    • Knee Strikes
    • Forearm Shots
    • Forward Russian Legsweep, sometimes from the ring apron
    • Gutbuster onto the guard rail or turnbuckle
    • Lariat, sometimes to the back of the head
    • Spinebuster
    • Flapjack
    • Discus Clothesline
    • Neckbreaker
    • Samoan Drop
    • Elbow Drop
    • Big Boot
    • Bicycle Kick
    • Superkick
    • Roundhouse kick
    • Ankle Lock
    • Single leg boston crab
    • Boston crab
    • Headlock driver
    • Snapmare driver
    • Tilt a whirl back breaker
    • Snapmare
    • Uppercut, especially as a reversal
    • Atomic Drop
    • Shoulder breaker
    • Jawbreaker
    • Hotshot
    • Double foot stomp to a bent over opponent
    • Enzugiri
    • T-Bone Suplex
    • Reverse DDT
    • Reverse Suplex
    • Chop Block
    • Sidewalk Slam
    • Armbar
    • Abdominal stretch
    • Double leg takedown
    • Flying Clothesline
  • Will
    • Try to give advice/calm down former tag team partners or those he respects
    • Cheat by using weaponry or powder
    • Attack officials
    • Focus on injuries
    • Try to bloody the opponent
    • Use the opponent's finisher where applicable
    • Let his own personal rivalries be displayed in a match (Focusing on that one person, attacking a partner/refusing to let them tag in)
  • Won't
    • Let Cheap shots go
    • Pass up the opportunity to use weapons
  • Nicknames
    • The Saviour of the Damned
    • Embarro
  • Theme Music
    • "Vice Like Vipers" by Oh, Sleeper
  • Entrance
    • Until 20 seconds, the arena is dark except for a single white spotlight on the center of the entrance stage. At the 21'st second, the light goes out only to be replaced by two simultaneous pyro explosions on the left and right as Pleasant bursts out from behind the curtain screaming to the crowd. As he makes his way to the ring he climbs the turnbuckle and poses in a crucifix position.

Championships and accomplishments

Match History

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
zWin 5-8-1 Daniel Purser The Mighty Dyno Might and Cyborg Lincoln All-Stars January 13, 2012 LPW Pure Wrestling Championship match 4.05
zDraw 4-8-1 Daniel Pleasant fought Cyborg Lincoln to a draw Vertigo 3.3 December 7, 2011 LPW Pure Wrestling Championship Contender's match 3.92
zWin 4-8 Team Pyromania (Cyborg Lincoln, Mighty Dyno Might and Daniel Pleasant) Team Insanity (cYnical, Ultramarcus & Big B. Brown) Pyromania 19.2 November 13, 2011 Tag Team match 4.04
zWin 3-8 The Prophecy of Violence (Daniel Pleasant, Dick Dynamo & Matthew Clark) Australis (Cripsy, Kaptain Krossbones Kafu& Zenith) Sacrificial Creed September 4, 2011 Tag Team match 3.75
zLoss 2-8 Australis (Zenith and Kaptain Krossbones) The Prophecy of Violence (MC Steel and Daniel Pleasant) Vertigo 2.3 June 30, 2011 Tag Team match 3.46
zLoss 2-7 Drew Michaels 15 LPW Superstars Insanity: GOLD June 16, 2011 Master of the Asylum Round 2; 16-man Battle Royal 3.30
zLoss 2-6 Monroe and X Prophecy of Violence (Dick Dynamo, Sean Jensen, MC Steel and Daniel Pleasant) Pyromania 18.2 June8, 2011 4-on-2 Handicap Tag Team Match 2.50
zWin 2-5 Jeff Whitt, Big B. Brown, Steve Storme and Daniel Pleasant Magic, Xander Kross, Cpt. Crooked and Drew Michaels Insanity LIVE from Atlantic City May 10, 2011 Master of the Asylum Round 1; 8-Man Tag match 3.72
zLoss 1-5 The Hardcore Degenerates (Dick Dynamo and MC Steel) The Prophecy of Violence (Daniel Pleasant and Michael Stone) One Way Ticket April 10, 2011 LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship Contender's Tornado Tag match
zLoss 1-4 The Wisemen (Ash Strife and X) Dick Dynamo and Daniel Pleasant Pyromania 17.4 March 6, 2011 Interpromotional Tag Team Match 3.80
zLoss 1-3 Watchmen (Black Reaper and Justus) (c) Prophecy of Violence (Daniel Pleasant and Mike Stone) Honor Roll (2011) January 14, 2011 LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship match 3.70
zLoss 1-2 Dick Dynamo and MC Steel The Prophecy of Violence (Daniel Pleasant and Michael Stone) Pyromania 17.1 December 9, 2010 Double Edged Sword Tag Team match; First round of Phoenix Cup 3.38
zWin 1-1 Daniel Pleasant and Michael Stone Zenith and Kaptain "Kafu" Krossbones Homecoming pre-show November 10, 2010 Tag team match 3.52
zLoss 0-1 Monroe 10 LPW superstars Redemption August 19, 2010 Prison Yard Brawl with the winner getting a shot at any title of their choice 2.62

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