Dirty Cheater

Dirty Cheater (also referred to as Dirty Pin) is an ability reserved for the sneaky heel who will try to take advantage of his opponent when the referee is not looking. Its icon is represented by the feet of a cheating wrestler using the ring ropes for leverage during a pinfall attempt.


An e-wrestler who is listed as a Dirty Cheater for an ability will do the following:

  • Dirty pin with legs on the ropes.
  • Grabbing the rope or tag team partner during an abdominal stretch.
  • Not breaking a rope break until the referee gets to the count of four.
  • During a tag team match, will illegally distract referee when opposing team makes a blind tag, then will double-team opponent while referee's back is turned.
  • During a tag team match, the e-wrestler will be more adapt to make a phantom tag.

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