Eddie B.
Lpw eddie b roster
Billing information
Born May 15, 1985
Height 6 ft. 5 in.
Weight 265 lbs.
Billed From Flag of the United States Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota
Music "Sun Music" by Charles Hamilton
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Style Brawler, Power, Puroreso
Match history
26 wins
22 losses
Trophy case

Eddie B. is an e-wrestler who hails from Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota. He performs on the Pyromania brand of Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), where he is a former two-time LPW Western States Heritage Champion and currently holds the LPW International Heavyweight Championship.


A self-described "Army Brat", EB4 was born in Boston, Massachusetts but grew up in Minneapolis and adopted the latter as his hometown. Following a troubled childhood, Eddie joined LPW claiming that it was his destiny to one day be the greatest competitor in then-Inferno's history. He was anything but, suffering a horrendous start to his career, which was marred by his association with The Next Ones and saw him lose eight of his first nine matches. Despite his losing, management was impressed with his daily improvement in-ring as well as his dogged determination. This led to Tag Team championship opportunities, which were buried by Thomas Slidell not carrying his half of the team as well as an Inferno Seven match at LPW Redemption (2008).

While he was impressive in both matches, he ended up with losses in both. Following the Tag Title match Eddie annihilated Slidell and not only retired Slidell but effectively ended one of the more underachieving teams in LPW history. The second of those two losses led to a year-long rivalry with X, and with more of a specific focus and a growing paranoia-induced fury with the same management that gave him the chances to improve being out to ruin him, Eddie pulled off one of the greatest and quickest individual career turnarounds in LPW history, which includes the 2008 Rookie of the Year award, being a Sole Survivor of an Altered Reality 4 elimination match, two reigns as LPW Western States Heritage Champion and numerous high-profile victories over some of LPW's future Hall of Famers. This list includes cYnical (twice), White Falcon (twice), SoL and X.

Popular opinion suggested that Eddie is a future holder of the LPW World Heavyweight Championship or LPW International Heavyweight Championship and quite possibly has a place in the LPW Hall of Fame when he hung up the boots, but his increasing distrust and contempt with LPW's perceived mistreatment caused him to abruptly retire right after his most impressive win to date, an eight-second destruction of D. Hammond Samuels. In response, Pyromania GM Drew Michaels tried to appease Eddie's demands by granting him an LPW International Heavyweight Championship match, but it did not change his mind.

Furious with Eddie's behavior, LPW CEO Damion Kross took it upon himself to try and teach Eddie a lesson but it ended with Eddie delivering a punt to the head honcho's skull. It was all for naught as Eddie ultimately lost in a Triple Threat Ladder Match versus defending champion Styxx and Son of Repoman, thanks to SOR delivering a mammoth piledriver to Eddie near the end of the match. This match was especially costly for Eddie, who had nagging injuries due to his especially strenuous competing schedule aggravated as well as a stress-induced heart condition afflict him.

The latter condition was aggravated in what was believed to be Eddie's final match at Altered Reality 5, during which he was wasted by Krimson Mask despite a valiant, to the death effort which had defined Eddie for much of his career. The last time he was seen, he was carted off via stretcher, believed near his death bed...until Pyromania 17.4 where he, noticably slimmer, returned to effectively incapacitate newly-crowned Phoenix Cup winner, hot-shot rookie DeSean J. Connery and lay out current IHC holder Ken Ryans, taking the former's hard-earned rewards (a LPW International Heavyweight Championship match and a LPW Western States Heritage Championship match) as his own simply 'because he could.'

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Lowered Expectations (Multiple Big Boot/Head Kick variations)
    • Negative Zero - (Vertical Drop Brainbuster)
    • Shinigami-Plex Alpha (Choke-grip Uranage Suplex)
    • Eddie Boma Ye (Running High Knee)
  • Favorite moves
    • Bad News Rising - Jumping/Step-up Enziguri from various situations
    • Falcon Killer – Wrist-lock spun into a short-arm Lariat
    • FTS - Over-rotated STS/STF
    • Sliding Falcon Killer - Low-Angle Running Lariat to seated opponent
    • St. Paul Stampede - Inverted Oklahoma Stampede
    • Various heavy strikes
    • Machine Gun Chop flurry, ended with a spinning back chop to the head or face
    • Rolling Sole Butt Kick
    • Gamegiri
    • Jumping Sidekick
    • Tilt-A-Whirl Driver into pin
    • Floatover DDT
    • Rydeen Bomb
    • Release Regal-plex
    • Bridging or Release Northern Lights Suplex
    • Standing Thrust Spinebuster
    • Stretch Plum
    • Strangle Hold Gamma
    • Pointed Enzu Elbow/Forearm Drop from the second rope
    • Flying/Diving Haymaker punch
    • Avalanche Gutbuster
  • Nicknames
    • The M.V.P (Minnesota Violence Party)
    • EB4 (preferred)
    • The Shinigami of St. Paul
    • The Dominant Species
  • Theme music
    • "Sun Music" by Charles Hamilton

Championships and accomplishments

Match history

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
zWin 26-22 (1 NC) Eddie B. (c) Xander Kross LPW The Rising 25 January, 2014 Retained International Heavyweight Championship 4.51
zWin 25-22 (1 NC) Eddie B. Al LPW Pyromania 22.4 November 11, 2013 Champion vs. Champion non-title singles match 4.18
zLoss 24-22 (1 NC) Tromboner Man Eddie B. LPW Pyromania 22.3 October, 2013 Singles match 4.23
zWin 24-21 (1 NC) Eddie B. Mourn Despana LPW Pyromania 22.1 July, 2013 Singles match 4.18
zWin 23-21 (1 NC) Eddie B. Tromboner Man (c) LPW One Way Ticket 2013 23 May, 2013 Won LPW International Heavyweight Championship in a match resulting from Eddie cashing in his Owner's Cup 4.8
zWin 22-21 (1 NC) Eddie B. cYnical LPW Honor Roll 2013 21 February, 2013 Last Man Standing match 4.33
zLoss 21-21 (1 NC) X and Steve Storme Eddie B., Al LPW Pyromania 21.1 4 November, 2012 Tag Team match. Seth Omega interfered on behalf of Storme, costing Eddie and Al the match. 4.3
zLoss 21-20 (1 NC) Team Insanity Eddie B., Team Pyromania Altered Reality 6 27 August, 2012 Team Insanity v. Team Pyromania v. Eddie B. Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Tag Match; Azreal was the sole survivor after last eliminating Eddie, who competed as a one-man team. 4.48
zWin 21-19 (1 NC) Eddie B. White Falcon and Ken Ryans LPW Blistering Inferno 28 June, 2012 Triple Threat Match for Captaincy of Pyromania's Main Event team at Altered Reality 6. Ryans was attacked pre-match and rendered unable to compete. Post-match, Eddie declared he would be his own team at AR6. 4.6
zWin 20-19 (1 NC) Tromboner Man (c), Morpheus, Jeff Watson, Ken Ryans, Eddie B. cYnical (c), White Falcon, Seth Omega, Styxx, Big B. Brown LPW Pyromania 20.3 22 May, 2012 10-Man Elimination Tag Match with Captain's Fall rules. Eddie eliminated White Falcon before leaving ringside 4.47
zNC 19-19 (1 NC) Eddie B. and Ken Ryans fought cYnical and White Falcon to a no-contest LPW Pyromania 20.2 22 April, 2012 Tag Team Match 4.58
zWin 19-19 Eddie B. cYnical LPW Pyromania 20.1 23 March, 2012 Grudge Match 4.48
zLoss 18-19 Ken Ryans (c), Tromboner Man Eddie B., Styxx, Ultramarcus, Drew Michaels One Way Ticket 10 April, 2011 Six-man Elimination-style Tables, Ladder and Chairs match for LPW International Heavyweight Championship; Tromboner Man, who eliminated Eddie following an attack on Eddie by DeSean J. Connery, and Ken Ryans were last two men remaining in the match, and eventually fought to a draw 4.53
zWin 18-18 Eddie B. Jeff Watson Grudge match
zLoss 17-18 Team Insanity (Krimson Mask, Andy Savana, Joe Michaels, Nigel Vanderbilt, and Jason Gravis) Team Pyromania (Son of Repoman, Jude Maxwell, Eddie B., Bobino, and Monroe) Altered Reality V October 22, 2010 Tag Team Elimination match. Eddie was last eliminated by Krimson Mask 4.36
zLoss 17-17 Styxx (c) Eddie B. and Son of Repoman LPW Redemption 19 August, 2010 Lost in Triple Threat Ladder Match for LPW International Heavyweight Championship 4.12
zWin 17-16 Eddie B. Damion Kross LPW Inferno 16.3 13 July, 2010 Eddie pinned Kross after hitting Lowered Expectations Uncut. 4.00
zWin 16-16 Eddie B. D. Hammond Samuels Capital Punishment (2010) 23 February, 2010 Illuminati Rules match. Eddie sets LPW all-time record for quickest win, defeating Samuels in eight seconds. 4.32
zWin 15-16 Revolution #4 (Eddie B. and Jude Maxwell) Mass Chaos and White Falcon All-Stars 12 January, 2010 Tag Team Match. Maxwell pinned Falcon following Lowered Expectations to Falcon from Eddie. 4.08
zWin 14-16 Revolution #4 (Eddie B. and Jude Maxwell) D. Hammond Samuels and Krimson Mask LPW Inferno 15.4 11 January, 2010 Tag Team Match. Eddie pinned Samuels 4.33
zLoss 13-16 Jude Maxwell Eddie B. (c) LPW Inferno 15.3: Night of Champions 5 December, 2009 Lost LPW Western States Heritage Championship match 4.10
zWin 13-15 Eddie B. (c) Al LPW Inferno 15.1 4 October, 2009 Retains LPW Western States Heritage Championship 4.42
zWin 12-15 Eddie B. Al (c), Ultramarcus LPW Sacrament 2009 24 August, 2009 Triple Threat Match. Wins LPW Western States Heritage Championship 4.18
zLoss 11-15 Hatchet Ryda Eddie B., Wevv Mang, Rabbi, Villano 187, X(c) LPW Body Count 17 August, 2009 DeathCube Match for LPW World Heavyweight Championship; Eddie entered last and caused the eliminations of X and Rabbi before finishing as runner up to winner Hatchet Ryda. 4.36
zLoss 11-14 Ultramarcus Eddie B. LPW Inferno 14.4 28 July, 2009 Number One Contender to the LPW Western States Heritage Championship match. Post-match, Eddie was added to the match as an 'insurance policy' for Marcus, making the match Triple Threat. 4.23
zWin 11-13 Eddie B. X LPW Insanity LIVE from Glasgow 19 July, 2009 Pope Fred unsuccessfully attempted to cost Eddie B. the match. As a result of win, Eddie wins final spot in the DeathCube match for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship at LPW Body Count. 4.31
zWin 10-13 Eddie B. Ultramarcus Inferno 14.3 28 June, 2009 Singles Match 4.4
zWin 9-13 Eddie B. cYnical, Kieran Williams, Killswitch, Black Ada, Son of Shockey LPW Insanity LIVE from USS Bainbridge 19 June, 2009 Six-Man Four Corners Elimination match for +5 Body Count points. Post-match X tosses Eddie off of the USS Bainbridge. 4.44
zLoss 8-13 Villiano 187, The Rabbi Eddie B, X LPW Insanity LIVE from Athens May, 2009 Hardcore Tornado Tag Team Match for +2 Body Count points. Villiano pinned X after Eddie hit X with 'Lowered Expectations' 4.45
zWin 8-12 Eddie B., Wevv Mang PenZero, Thomas Slidell LPW Insanity LIVE from Sydney 21 April, 2009 First Blood Elimination Tag Team Match for +2 Body Count points 4.37
zLoss 7-12 Al Eddie B (c) LPW Take No Prisoners 26 March, 2009 Lost LPW Western States Heritage Championship 4.375
zLoss 7-11 Al, Ultramarcus Eddie B, Styxx Inferno 13.4 February, 2009 Tag Team Match. Ultramarcus pinned Styxx N/A
zLoss 7-10 Wevv Mang Eddie B, Mass Chaos, Hatchet Ryda, Andy Savana, Styxx, Big B. Brown, and Lou Honor Roll 18 January, 2009 "Winner Takes All" 8-Man Four Corners Elimination match final. Eddie finished third and interfered to cost Mass Chaos the match. 4.08
zWin 7-9 Eddie B. (c) White Falcon Honor Roll 18 January, 2009 Retains LPW Western States Heritage Championship. After the match, Eddie was awarded with the 2008 LPW Rookie of the Year Award. 4.37
zWin 6-9 Eddie B. cYnical Insanity LIVE X-Mas Special 8 December, 2008 "Pick your Present" match. Eddie busted cYnical open during the match as he went for Lowered Expectations. Before he could connect, X came out and announced that the match was under First Blood rules, which awarded the match to Eddie. 4.50
zWin 5-9 Eddie B. White Falcon (c) Inferno 13.1 12 November, 2008 Ladder match. Wins LPW Cleansed Championship and renames title LPW Western States Heritage Championship. 4.163
zLoss 4-9 The Rabbi, Mass Chaos, and TJ Rage Eddie B, Al, and Jeff Watson Homecoming 15 October, 2008 Six-Man Tag Team match. Chaos pinned Watson. Match saw Al repeatedly refuse to help teammates. Eddie drafted to Inferno 14th overall after match. 4.09
zWin 4-8 Team Heroic Future (EB4, Jaetyn Knightwash, Ultramarcus, and Sean Jensen) Team Savana (Andy Savana, Big B. Brown, Jeff Watson, and Savage) Altered Reality IV 6 September, 2008 Inferno vs. Insanity 8-Man Rookies Tag Team Elimination match. Eddie was the sole survivor. 4.18
zWin 3-8 Eddie B. SoL Altered Reality IV pre-show 6 September, 2008 Inferno Gauntlet Third Round match. EB4 pinned SoL after a Powerbomb. First pinfall win of Eddie's career. 3.99
zWin 2-8 Team Inferno (EB4, Tromboner Man, and Styxx) Team Insanity (Black Ada, Cash Flo, and Daniel Hutchinson) Dead Man's Hand 23 July, 2008 Inferno vs. Insanity 6-Man Tag Team Elimination match. Tromboner Man was the sole survivor. 3.50
zLoss 1-8 Ken Ryans [Eddie B, X, The Rik, Bryan Risk, Retribution, and Innilock Redemption 22 July, 2008 Inferno Seven Gauntlet match for future LPW International Heavyweight Championship match. EB4 eliminated The Rik, but was eliminated by X. EB4 later interfered and cost X the match. 4.23
zLoss 1-7 MWA (Tromboner Man and RaTo) (c) [The Next Ones and Heroic Future Redemption 22 July, 2008 Triple Threat Tag Team match for the LPW World Tag Team Championship. Post-match EB4 attacked Thomas Slidell and broke up the Next Ones. 4.35
zLoss 1-6 The Rik (c) Eddie B. and Jaetyn Knightwash Inferno 12.3 10 June, 2008 Triple Threat match for the LPW Transatlantic Championship. The Rik pinned Eddie following the Slice. 4.30
zWin 1-5 Eddie B. and Bryan Risk White Falcon, Hatchet Ryda, Big B. Brown, Jeff Watson, Black Ada, Samuel Morgan, Chris K., Steven Taylor, Sockoman, and Sean Jensen Inferno 12.3 10 June, 2008 Inferno Six Wildcard Battle Royal. EB4 and Risk were simultaneously eliminated by each other and were declared co-winners. Both entered renamed Inferno Seven match at Redemption. 4.075
zLoss 0-5 MWA and Heroic Future The Next Ones and Dark Brotherhood Inferno 12.2 28 April, 2008 8-Man Tag Team Elimination match. Tromboner Man and Jaetyn Knightwash survive. 4.00
zLoss 0-4 Heroic Future (Jaetyn Knightwash and Ultramarcus) The Next Ones (Eddie B. and Thomas Slidell) Inferno 12.1 19 March, 2008 Tag Team match. Slidell was pinned following a powerbomb/senton combination from Heroic Future. 4.00
zLoss 0-3 Ultramarcus Eddie B. Dead Reckoning pre-show 8 February, 2008 Steel Cage match. Ultramarcus won after exiting the cage following a Super Canadian Destroyer. 3.65
zLoss 0-2 Styxx Eddie B. Inferno 11.2 7 November, 2007 Singles match. Ultramarcus laid out EB4 post-match. 3.56
zLoss 0-1 Thomas Slidell Eddie B. and Ultramarcus Inferno 11.1 11 October, 2007 Debut Triple Threat match. Slidell pinned EB4 after a modified cutter. 3.20

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