Eddie Hooper
Lpw unknown roster
Billing information
Born November 27, 1979
Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 225 Lbs.
Billed From Flag of the United States Atlanta, Georgia
Music N/A
Affiliation None
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Style Power/Showman
Match history
N/A wins
N/A losses
Trophy case
Currently none

Eddie Hooper is a former e-wrestler and is currently the Inferno backstage interviewer.


d00d 3dd13 h00p3r iz t0t@11y fr0m teh intern3tz!!!! he will pwnz0r j00!

No, seriously. Eddie Hooper loves wrestling. He also loves getting a reaction, and he learned very early in life that the best way to get a reaction out of a crowd is through sheer unbelievable obnoxiousness. He is loud, overbearing, rude, belligerent, and possesses a particularly sharp tongue. Styling himself after an Internet troll, he loves nothing more than to work an audience into a seething frenzy calling for his blood. His theme music is the single most annoyingly horrible piece of music he could find, and his entire moveset are named incredibly stupid things just so the announcers have to say "OMGWTFDDT" on television.

Go ahead and boo. The more you boo, the better he likes it. His ultimate goal is to get people to buy his merchandise just so they can burn it.


Psychotic Wrestling Alliance

Hooper first appeared in the PWA on Vertigo 8.2, facing off against King NPD. Hooper's debut match was a narrow loss, despite a stellar effort.

Hooper set the entire PWA community abuzz when he offered to lay down for his opponent at Vertigo 8.3, Jeff Watson, in exchange for a hundred thousand dollars. Watson refused Hooper's offer and lost the match. While he may have kept his money, his pride was surely wounded.

On August 6, 2006, tragedy rocked Eddie Hooper's world when he narrowly missed a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship due to oversleeping. Since then, he has promised to NEVAR FORGET 8/6!!!!

Hooper's greatest triumph thus far came at the PWA Owner's Cup, where he successfully eliminated the three other remaining PWA wrestlers in a 30-man rumble, securing a match at Altered Reality III, the PWA's biggest pay-per-view event. Of course, this success was not without controversy, as rumors abound that Hooper performed "freelance work" for PWA management in exchange for a higher entry number in the rumble. Regardless, Hooper will face the Tromboner Man at ARIII.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • ROFL-copter (F5)
  • Signature moves
    • OMGWTFDDT (standing Shiranui)
    • LOL-lercoaster (Osaka Street Cutter)
    • BAN_SET (somersault guillotine legdrop)

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