A flaker is a handler that no shows events where he is first scheduled right after signing up for an e-federation. A handler that "flakes out", put short, even though signed to a federation, never roleplays or works with storylines, depending on the fed type.

There are two ways e-feds work with flakers. One of them is disposing of the character effective imediately, after the first flake or the second (if the handler fails to attend to its first two shows in a row). The other is using the flaking character as talent improvement, helping new e-wrestlers getting over. Either way, being considered a flaker is terrible for the image of a handler, as other people will expect him to be a dead weight on an e-fed. An example of a flaker is Joshanaitor.

One way to stop this from happening is to impliment a training process whereby all talent who wishes to join must complete tasks to prove their writing skill. Since this process is before a writer is accepted on a fed most flakers will not complete the process and therefore not affect the federations shows.

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