Full Metal Championship
Champion Nick Bryson
Date won July 26th, 2011
eFederation Full Metal Wrestling
Brand Ammunition
Date created September 25, 2006
Also known as FMW World Heavyweight Championship
First champion Ethan Black
Most reigns Nick Bryson (2 reigns)
Defenses Ethan Black (4 defenses)
Longest reign Ethan Black (340 days)
Shortest reign Alex O'Rion (34 days)

The Full Metal Championship (also known as the FMW Championship or FMW World Heavyweight Championship) is a professional e-wrestling world championship in Full Metal Wrestling (FMW). Currently, it is the highest ranked championship in the promotion, encompassing FMW's two divisions, Ammunition and Corruption.


On September 25, 2006, after leading the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance's Pyromania brand to unprecedented popularity, Jaro was controversially fired just days prior to PWA's flagship pay-per-view of the season, Altered Reality III. Jaro, along with Robb and Showstoppa, were reportedly fired due to their involvement with the upstart Full Metal Wrestling (FMW) promotion.

With rumors and speculation running rampant, Jaro appeared that night at the premiere Full Metal 1.1 telecast with his PWA International Heavyweight Championship in hand. Jaro put any rumors to rest and confirmed himself as the FMW owner, then revealed the newly created Full Metal Championship and raised it above his PWA title. Jaro proclaimed that the FMW Championship would be decided in a 32-man Road to Glory tournament. The champion would be crowned at FMW's first pay-per-view, Death Row.

Ethan Black's heelish tactics propelled him to being the first man to hold the championship, defeating cYnical, Drew Michaels, and Andrew O'Rion at Death Row to win the title.

Over time, several members from Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) who have also competed in FMW have won the championship. At Ultimatum I, Drew Michaels dethroned Black to become the second man to hold the title. While fending off Black, Jaro and the Original Sin, it would be Eric Scorpio who catapulted himself from the mid-card into FMW's top spot by defeating Michaels.

The only other e-wrestlers who has ties from LPW to hold the FMW Championship are Hostyle and Nick Bryson.

The current champion is Nick Bryson, who won the belt by defeating Hannibal Frost at FMW's Flaghsip Event Ultimatum.


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Full Metal Championship
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Ethan Black Dec. 5, 2006 def. Andrew O'Rion at Death Row in final of the 32-man Road to Glory tournament to crown first Full Metal Champion def. Adrian O'Rion at FMW 2.1
def. Andrew O'Rion, Alex O'Rion, RAMPAGE!, X, SoL, and War Machine in an Elimination Chamber match at Lethal Injection
def. Alex O'Rion at Circus Maximus
def. cYnical at Ground Zero
Drew Michaels Nov. 10, 2007 def. Ethan Black at Ultimatum I def. Ethan Black in a Hell in a Cell match at Anarchy 5.1
def. X and Eric Scorpio in a tag team match with The Wickedness (FMW TV Champion) at Anarchy 5.2 (both titles on the line)
Eric Scorpio Jan. 24, 2008 def. Drew Michaels at Anarchy 5.3 def. Drew Michaels at Death Row II
John "Doc" Derrick July 21, 2008 def. Eric Scorpio at Supremacy • None
Christian G. Smitten Oct. 16, 2008 def. John "Doc" Derrick at Circus Maximus II
• Cashed in Gold Card
• None
Nick Bryson Feb. 9, 2009 def. John "Doc" Derrick and Christian G. Smitten in a Triple Threat match at Catalyst def. Matt P. Dunn in an Electric Chair match at Anarchy 8.2
Alex O'Rion July 24, 2009 def. Nick Bryson in a Hell in a Cell match at Ultimatum II • None
Hostyle Aug. 27, 2009 def. Alex O'Rion at Ignition 9.1 • None
TyranT Jan. 5, 2010 def. Hostyle and Romeo in a Three-way Dance Style Points Tournament final at Death Row III
• Tyrant substituted for Faith, who was unable to compete
def. Romeo at Lethal Injection III
def. John "Doc" Derrick and Skyler Striker in a Triple Threat match at Catalyst II


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Black StripLPW Left Wing
Full Metal Championship
• Individual statistics •
Champion 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 Days
Ethan Black
Eric Scorpio
Nick Bryson
Christian G. Smitten
John "Doc" Derrick
Drew Michaels
Alex O'Rion

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