Fun Police
Billing information
Members Tromboner Man
Daniel Oakley
Former members
Weight 861 lb.
Music "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Finisher "That's Madcore"
"Madcore Bomb"
Match history
N/A wins
N/A losses
Trophy case

Fun Police was an internationally-renowned babyface e-wrestling stable that competed in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW). The group was founded by Tromboner Man and RaTo of the Madcore Wrestling Alliance (more commonly abbreviated to MWA), and was formed once they aligned with Daniel Oakley. Together, the three often had the crowd in stiches due to their hilarious antics in and out of the ring. Eventually, the group brought in Killswitch, who played the ultra-serious companion to the idiotic misadventures of the others.


Four men, three drawn together by the love of all things shiny, and one because of a Tag Team Championship oppertunity. The four live in a less than perfect harmony of idiocy, parties and the occassional anger fit in protest of stupidity. With the world at their feet, who knows where the four of them can get to, if they listen to Killswitch's advice and stop being silly!


In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • "P-A-R-T-WHY?" (Spontanious Balloon Party from Daniel Oakley, RaTo and Tromboner Man, unintentionally angering Killswitch into an unstoppable rage)
  • MWA finishing moves
    • That's Madcore (Flapjack by Tromboner Man onto a Springboard Rolling Neckbreaker from the ropes by RaTo. Tromboner Man rolls through in mid air with a splash)
    • Madcore Bomb (A Sexy Double Crucifix Powerbomb)
  • Theme music
    • "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

External linksEdit

LPW Right WingBlack Strip
LPW Wiki World Tag
Mini LPW Logo LPW World Tag Team Championship Mini LPW Logo
Preceded by:
Public Enemy #1
MWA (RaTo and Tromboner Man)
June 18, 2007 - September 6, 2008
Succeeded by:
LPW Right WingBlack Strip
LPW Wiki Tag Team
LPW Undisputed Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
MWA (RaTo and Tromboner Man)
September 6, 2008 - April 21, 2009

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