Gavin Moss was an unsigned e-wrestler that failed to make the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA) roster. PWA management banned Moss and Juan Pedro de la Rossa for falsifying legal documents, testing positive for crack, and for being too damn annoying with the continual use of saying "Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock" in trash-talking and calling himself the PWA Savior. Out of character, Moss and de la Rossa were found to be the same handler, then banned for violating LOP policy for multiple user names.

As a parting gift, the two banned rookies were invited by Bloodrose to his Manor for an exclusive party. On August 8, 2006, Moss attended the party while de la Rossa wished not to accept the invite. Greeted by Bloodrose's vixens, Moss sat underneath the Sword of Damocles while he was joined by the PWA's newest signees, Krimson Mask and Little Red Riding Hood. Bloodrose instructed his servers to place a silver platter in front of each person, and open up the lid, revealing the same thing Bloodrose serves to his mortal guests: grilled salmon on bed of wild rice and steamed vegetables. After Moss wouldn't eat, the server carted out a large, human-sized platter on the cart, revealing de la Rossa gagged inside. As Moss tried to escape, Krimson Mask slinged his axe at the rookie's head to instantly slice it off. Meanwhile, Bloodrose and his vixens feasted on de la Rossa.

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