The Inferno Seven was the collective moniker given to seven e-wrestlers who competed in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) on its Inferno brand during its forth season.

The name also refers to a 7-man matchup which was contested at the 2008 edition of Redemption, for a guaranteed title shot at the LPW International Heavyweight Championship. It featured 7 of Inferno’s best at the time. It was contested under elimination rules, where contestants could be eliminated by pinfall or submission. The entrants were Ken Ryans, X, EB4, Retribution, Innilock, The Rik and Bryan Risk.

The match is also notable because it ended the careers of e-wrestlers of Innilock, The Rik, Retribution and Bryan Risk. The match was won by Ken Ryans, who later successfully cashed in his Inferno Seven shot 2 years later at the 2011 edition of Honor Roll, defeating Styxx in a Best of Two Falls match.

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