The ring crews scurry around, clearing the ring, and laying down a red carpet. A guy with a T-Shirt gun moves around the sides, firing off T-Shirts into the crowd.  Finally, a table is set up in the ring, and table cloth draped over it, and the ring announcer enters the now barren ring.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Inferno is proud to present you the following contract signing for the MAIN EVENT at Altered Reality IV! Let’s give a warm Inferno welcome to the one half of the Voice Of Insanity, Blazing Phoenix!

Robert: HAH! That’s the best representative they could come up with to represent their brand? A washed up wrestler turned announcer?

The camera jumps to the booth, where we see Robert and Snapple both exchange a look, before smiling at the camera.

Robert: I mean –

Snapple: Can it Robert. Stan asked to have Phoenix come on the show, for the sake of fairness.

The theme song for Insanity plays over the loudspeakers, as Phoenix walks down the ramp to the loud cheers of the fans. Phoenix is dressed in a fine suit, and shakes his clasped hands over his head. He reaches the both and Snapple stands up to greet him. Robert remains seated.

Snapple: Phoenix! Long time buddy! How have you been? Did you bring any snowcones?

Phoenix: HAHA! No, couldn't get them past airport security! How have you been Snapple?

Snapple: Good! Good!

Robert: Where’s your partner in crimes against standards of broadcasting?

Phoenix: He refused to come. Something about not lowering himself to work with a two bit Jerry Springer wannabe.

Robert: Now see here! I know Snapple has his fault, and there are many of them, but –

Phoenix: I don't think he meant –

Snapple: Save your breath BP.

Phoenix: Well, let me just say it’s an Honor to be on Inferno -

Robert: You bet it is.

Phoenix: - working alongside such a talented and distringuished legend in the business –

Robert: Thank you. You know, I may have been wrong about you –

Phoenix: like SNAPPLE! And his broadcast partner…..what’s your name again? Bobino? Now, wait, he’s on our show. I think. Hold on, it will come to me…

Snapple is cracking up, Robert has turned bright red, and Phoenix has his hand on his chin and is looking up.

“Hail Mary” By Tupac plays over the loudspeakers as Spectre emerges from the back, Satisfaction on his arm, and flanked by members of Team Spectre. The procession makes their way to the ring, and enters. A tech runs to the side of the ring, and hands Satisfaction a microphone. She turns and struts back to Spectre and hands it to him. Spectre raises the mic, but pauses as the crowd cheers. He lets it die down a bit before continuing.


The crowd cheers for the cheap pop.

Spectre; Are you ready to witness history tonight?

The crowd roars it’s agreement.

Spectre: Then please help me in welcoming my esteemed college and General Manager of Insanity, STANMAN!

The crowd cheers, but there are some boos mixed in. “Hart Attack” plays over the loudspeakers, as Stanman emerges from the back. He steps out onto the stage alone, and swings his gold club. The crowd cheers him, but there are some boos as well. Stan makes his way down to the ring.

Phoenix: There’s the major diffence between our general managers right there. Stan doesn't need a posse to back up his decisions!

Robert: Or, it could be that Spectre has things so well inhand, that Stan doesn't feel the need to bring the entire Insanity roster with him, not that he could trust those hooligans anyway, they’d probably knock him over the head and steal his kidneys…

A tech runs over and hands a mic to Stan. Stan climbs the steps and into the ring. He raises the microphone to his mouth.


The roar is deafening.

Stanman: I gotta say, it’s a little weird being on the “other” show, but I knew you LPW fans would make me feel right at home. Like a part of the family, and like a family get together, let’s get this over with and get the F out!

Spectre: Touching, Stan, truly and I couldn't agree with you more. Let’s move this right along, as we still have more action packed show for all these fine folks. As our honored guest, if you would be so kind as to get things started?

Stanman reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out some note cards.

Stanman: A-HEM! Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to join these two in the holy bonds of matrimony –

Spectre: Excuse me?!? What the hell are you talking about?

Stanman: Huh? Oh, sorry, wrong speech. These cards must be from the last time I was on Pyro.

Stan reaches into his coat.

Stanman: Hold on, I got the speech here somewhere. Maybe you better take over…

Spectre shakes his head, and raises the mic.

Spectre: Tonight! In this very ring, we are here to bear witness to the signing for your Main Event for Altered Reality IV! Champion versus Champion! Inferno versus Insanity! For The Martinez Cup! It brings me great pleasure to introduce to you, the Inferno Interntational heavyweight Champion, DREW MICHAELS!!!

The crowd raors, as pyro goes off. The lights flash and the InfernoTron 6000 lights up with a video montage.


[i][color=yellow][b]Satisfaction:[/b] With the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth pick Pyromania selects [b]HEADBANGER, TREY SPRUANCE, EDIBLE,[/b] and [b]TJ RAGE…THE MISFITS[/b]


[I]Crowd pops as the Misfits profile shots are flashed on the screen.[/I]


[b]Willie:[/b] Ah man this sucks…


[b]Roscoe:[/b] What a blow to the Schizophrenia roster and what a pick up for Wevv and the Pyromaniacs, the Misfits are coming to Pyro![/color][/i]


[i]The screen fills with a shot of the Misfits and a heavy metal soundtrack, and then slows down, and a flame starts to eat it’s way through the middle of the picture. The music changes from heavy metal to a more dramatic tone.[/i]


[color=orange][i][b] Snapple: [/b] MOTHER OF GOD!  Shooting Star Press with a Steel Chair in hand!  He did it again!  This time the ref is in position though, 1, 2, 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Headbanger has done it.


[b] Ring Announcer: [/b] The winner of this match AND BRAND NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION……..HEADBANGER!


[b] Snapple: [/b] He’s done it!  Headbanger wins his first major title in the PWA!


[b] The D: [/b] Amazing.  And after that shooting star press, it was truly worth it.  Banger is truly better than Rabbi.


[i] Headbanger celebrates as the crowd cheers on the new champion.  Rabbi is down and out, as medics check on him.[/color][/i]

[i]The scenes speed up, as a shot of Headbanger defeating Robert Lilehammer at Inferno 9.1 show. A shot of Edible losing the TV championship blends in, and a shot of Edible in the ring at 92. Blend into the final moments of Headbanger’s brawl with Blackwell, and Headbanger holding up the US title at The Rising, blending into Headbanger defeating Latimer Morvin at 10.1 and retaining the US title. The scene jumps to the Misfits being defeated at 10.3 by the hands of Ken Ryans. Ken stands in the ring and looks down at T.J Rage and Trey Spruance, and then crossfades with the sound of burning paper into a slow motion shot of Ham punching Juliet in the stomach. The tempo of the music picks up as the scene jumps again:[/i]

[color=orange][i][B]Snapple:[/B] He’s got the heart of a champion! You don't! Headbanger now starting to climb! No matter the pain he must be feeling, Headbanger still wants to be the US Champion!


[I]Headbanger is halfway up the ladder, when he slips. The crowd lets out a loud “OOH!” But then, as Headbanger manages to hold on, and climb another step, they start to clap. The clapping grows louder, and louder, as Headbanger makes his way, slowly and painfully up the ladder. Finally, he’s at the top. Headbanger stops, gasping for breath. The belt is just a few feet above his head. He climbs another step and slowly reaches for the gold.[/I]


[B]Snapple:[/B] Headbanger is moments away from reclaiming his title! Somehow! Some way! He’s made it this far! Victory is just within his reach!


[I]Suddenly, the jubilant sounds of the crowd, turn to cries of horror. D. Hammond Samuels has jumped over the barrier separating the crowd from the ring, and has slid into the ring.[/I]


[B]Snapple:[/B] NO! NOT HIM! NOT NOW!


[I]Ham stands in the ring, and looks up at Headbanger, straining to reach the swaying title above his head. Ham doesn't smile, just watches. Then slowly, he reaches out to grab the ladder. He gives it a slight push, rocking it. Headbanger grabs onto the ladder. He then looks down. He sees Ham looking up at him. Expressionless. [/I]


[B]Snapple:[/B] Headbanger must think he’s having a nightmare! That man! This place! Here and now! Victory so close!


[I]Ham stares back as Headbanger starts to speak and rant and rave. Ham then, slowly, pushes the ladder over.[/I]


[B]Snapple:[/B] DEAR GOD NO!


[I]Headbanger, clutching the ladder, falls. He falls for seemingly an eternity. He then comes crashing to earth, through the table set up by X, earlier intended for him. Ham watches him fall. He then leaves the ring.[/I]


[B]Snapple:[/B] MY GOD! Headbanger feel from twenty, no thirty feet up! We need medics out here!


[B]Marion:[/B] That is one cold bastard.


[I]Ham, on his way back up the ramp, walks right by the wreckage of Headbanger. He doesn't look down. He doesn't look back, even as a crew of medics rush by him.[/I]


[B]Snapple:[/B] my god. What kind of monster-


[B]Marion:[/B] Ham, that’s what kind.[/i][/color]


The pace of the music picks up, and we see Headbanger beating down Ken Ryans, and having his hand raised in victory. But with a shot of a staredown between Headbanger and Ham.






[b]Announcer:[/b] Introducing first, the challenger weighing in at 235 lbs, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; THE VIOLENT ONE, [b]DREEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW MICHAELS![/b]


[b]Announcer:[/b] And his opponent, weighing in 235 lbs as well; from Tombstone, Arizona; he is the INTERNATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION; [b]D. HAMMOND. SAAAAAAAAAAAMUELS![/b]


[b]Snapple:[/b] This one could get ugly. Folks, there’s no shortage of bad blood here. Ham killed Drew’s unborn child, he took out his fellow Misfits one-by-one, and generally made Drew Michaels’ life a living hell.


The soundtrack picks up, and clips from the battle are shown until a pause in the music leads to:


[b]Marion:[/b] The referee is counting 1…2…YES!  The buzzer sounds to end the match!  Ham wins, Ham wins!  No overtime for hero boy tonight!


[b]Snapple:[/b] A slip of his feet cost Michaels the chance at overtime for the International Heavyweight title, a simple wet turnbuckle!  I can’t believe it!


[b]Announcer: The winner of this Sixty minute Iron Man match and still LPW International Heavyweight Champion, D. HAMMOND SAMUELS!


A shot of the defeated Headbanger is shown, but the tone of the music changes, to one of purpose. A clip is shown of Headbanger defeating X, in the Pick Your Poison match at 11.3 Until finally the music pauses, and the sound comes through the speakers.


[i][color=orange]The Misfits logo appears on the big screen, as "Sad but true" by Metallica blares over the loudspeaker. Drew Michaels appears at the top of the ramp, wearing a Misfits t-shirt with the names of all five original Misfits on the back. The crowd goes nuts, but Drew pays them little notice as he climbs in the ring and stares towards the entrance ramp. In the ring, Edible waits for him. But it’s not brotherly love that shines in Edible’s eyes, but the cold glare of malice.




[b]Announcer:[/b] Here is your winner… DREW MICHAELS!!!


[b]Lillehammer:[/b] I… I can't believe the son of a bitch pulled it off.


The two men, battered and tired, stare at each other once more. Drew extends a hand to Edible Matthewson, looking for a handshake.Edible looks at the hand, and then to Drew himself. Edible looks all around to the crowd who burst into a deafening "Misfits Own!" chant.


[b]Snapple:[/b] The crowd knows what they want. Drew is offering the proverbial olive branch to Edible… but… will Edible accept?


Edible steps closer and stares at the outstretched hand of Drew Michaels. He raises his hand, then quickly scratches his head. Edible then quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring.


[b]Lillehammer:[/b] DENIED!


[b]Snapple:[/b] I thought… just for a second there…


[b]Voice:[/b] Not so fast Mr. Lillehammer; we had such a touching moment in the ring for Drew here and I sure want to give him another.


The camera whips around to show International Champion D. Hammond Samuels standing on the entrance ramp with a twisted smile on his face and the title over his shoulder. Drew seems less then ecstatic.


[b]Samuels:[/b] I have been thinking long and hard about this Michaels and I have come up with the perfect stipulation for our rematch at Dead Reckoning. Yes, it is time for the Tijuana Cage Match to make its triumphant return!


Drew eyes open wide in shock as Ham simply drops the mic, leaving a wave of silent shock in his wake.


[b]Snapple:[/b] The Tijuana Cage Match…




[B]Snapple:[/B] This is it, Robert!  The main event to end all main events.  Drew Michaels versus D. Hammond Samuels one last time for the LPW International Heavyweight Championship.  In the match, born from the twisted mind of D. Hammond Samuels, that we have only had one time before in LPW,


[B]Lillehammer:[/B] And it's in a match that is too brutal for words.  Look at this thing!  Explain this to the viewing audience who may not understand exactly what they are looking at.


[B]Snapple:[/B] First of all, any mats and padding are being removed from the floor of the ring.  It is just plywood that these men will be wrestling, er, I mean fighting on.  The cage itself has four concrete pylons as support, where there would normally be mesh, is, in fact, one inch rebar, which is completely unforgiving and looks as if it would tear your flesh if you came in contact with it.  The Tijuana Cage encompasses the entire ringside area and is a single structure that is lowered from the ceiling, meaning there is no door or breakable parts that would be cause for a means of escape.  The only difference between this match and the original is that Inferno GM Spectre has ruled that pinfalls will in fact be allowed in the cage this time around due to his love of the more technical side of the sport!




The crowd erupts as Drew Michaels steps through the entranceway, eyes locked on the intimidating structure hanging over the ring.[/I]


[B]Lillehammer:[/B] Drew Michaels looks concerned.  If I didn't know any better, I'd swear I see a hint of fear in his eyes.


[B]Announcer:[/B] Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the main even of Dead Reckoning and is for the LPW International Heavyweight Championship!  This match will be contested one fall to the finish and will take place in the [B]Tijuana Cage!!![/B]


[I]A jump cut and both men step to the center of the ring and come nose to nose..[/i][/color]


The camera jumps back and forth, showing highlights of the brutality. Until finally, the shot steadies and…


[color=orange][I]Slowly and with his last ounce of strength Drew Michaels climbs from the wreckage of shattered plywood, glass and barbwire.  He then slowly drags a complete decimated champion out of the wreckage.  A blood drenched Drew Michaels then collapses on top of an even bloodier D. Hammond Samuels.[/I]




[B]Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, at a time of one hour and seventeen minutes, your winner, by pinfall, of the Tijuana Cage...and NEW LPW INTERNATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...DREW MICHAELS!!!


[B]Snapple:[/B] OH MY GOD!!!  DREW MICHAELS HAS DONE IT!!!  This had to be the most brutal match in wrestling history.  Over  one hour and fifteen minutes of bloody violence and sadism.


[I]The crowd cheers loudly as Juliet races around to the timekeeper and grabs the IHC title belt.  At ringside, Snapple rises to his feet and applauds.[/I]


[B]Lillehammer:[/B] I'll admit, that was impressive.  He's still a commie, though.


[B]Snapple:[/B] And that commie is our International Heavyweight Champion!


[I]The cage finally raises as paramedics rush to get the former champion out of the ring and onto a stretcher.  The new champion refuses medical attention as Juliet races into his and kisses him.[/I]


[I]The new champion collapses to his knees and Juliet kneels in front of him and hands him his title blood.  Drew stares at as tears begin streaming down his bloody.  A smiles at the title as the blood, sweat and tears of his victory drop on it.[/I]


[B]Lillehammer:[/B] A great champion has fallen and a new king has been crowned!  I still can't believe it!


[I]Drew musters the strength to stand up and then to raise Juliet onto his shoulder.  Tears run down her blood stained face as she raises the belt to display to the cheering crowd.  Suddenly, T.J. Rage rushes through the entrance and applauds his Misfits brethren.  Rage enters the ring and holds up Drew's arm before hugging his blood brother as closely as possible.[/I]


[B]Snapple:[/B] What a night this is for the Misfits!  And here comes Television champion Mass Chaos!


[I]Despite their difference, the Television champion also enters the ring and shakes Drew Michaels' hand.  They are soon joined by the MWA, RaTo and Tromboner Man along with their new colleague Daniel Oakley, enter the ring and pat the new champion on his back.  Sheepster then walks down the aisle to congratulate Drew Michaels.[/I]


[B]Snapple:[/B] The locker room is emptying!  It's Random!  He's entering the ring.  Here comes rookies UltraMarcus, Glenn Masters, Jaetyn Knightwash and Bryan Risk!  They have to be looking up at this man right now!  In fact, this is Snapple signing off, finish the show, Robert!


[i]Snapple exits the broadcast table and enters the ring, applauding the new champion.[/I]


[B]Lillehammer:[/B] Well, I guess I'll finish it up.  For Snapple, this is Robert Lillehammer saying good night from Dead Reckoning![/color]


The video fades out along with the music. The pyro goes off again, and Drew Michaels steps out from the back, the IHC title on his shoulder and the crowd goes nuts as “Killing In the Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine plays. Headbanger moves briskly down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans.

Snapple: After an incredible battle against perhaps the most viscious man in LPW, D. Hammond Samuels, Drew overcame the odds and finally achieved a level of success that everyone dreams of, but so very few actually attain, the IHC title!

Headbanger slides into the ring and Spectre greets him and shakes his hand. Stanman then steps forward and Drew and Stan shakes hands. The crowd keeps on cheering and Headbanger nods his head to them, and claps along with them. He then points out at the audience and mouths the words “You!” and holds up with his title and nods his head. The crowd goes even more crazy. Stanaman then raises the mic to his mouth, cutting off the audience.

Stanman: Congratulations son! You have every right to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. But, allow me to introduce the champion of Insanity, the currently reigning and no signs of stopping, World Heavyweight Champion, KRIMSON MASK!

Pyro goes off, as happy music plays from the loudspeakers. A wide angle shot of Homecoming plays across the screen.

[b]Roscoe:[/b] Well Lou is about to make his next move here let’s listen in on the next picks!


[b]Satisfaction:[/b] With the 29th, 30th, 31st, and 32nd  picks Schizophrenia has selected [b]MAGIC, KRIMSON MASK, STALLION,[/b] and [b]SFS![/b]  Pyromania is on the clock.


[b]Willie:[/b] Mixed reaction from the crowd on this one, what do you guys think of this group?


[b]Roscoe:[/b] Well Krimson Mask is a hell of a talent, we’re really going to miss having his character on Pyro.


[b]Stanman:[/b] WRONG…let’s take a look at Schizo’s draft, Bloodrose, cYnical, Magic, Krimson Mask and a Storm Trooper?  Excellent cast for a Steven King script but we aren’t making horror flicks here!  It’s nice to have good characters but the bottom line is can they wrestle?  Krimson Mask is real entertaining, cuts some nice promos but I haven’t seen much from him in the ring. GET REAL LOU!

The last words are slowed down to a crawl and the lights dim, and the Insanity logo plays over the InfernoTron 6000. The logo starts to shift and shimmer, as if due to a bad video tape. The logo flicks out, and the arena dips into darkness. Suddenly, over the PA system, a little girls’s voice starts to speak in a lipsing tone.

Little Girl: Once upon a time….once upon a time….a monster came…

[color=red][i]The arena goes dark and blood red lights come on as “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails plays on the pa system and Krimson Mask and Little Red make their way down to the ring[/i]


[b]D:[/b] God this guy gives me the creeps. But that Little Red…she can give me the creeps any day of the week.


[b]Phoenix:[/b] You better hope she doesn’t hear that. Hell you better hope HE doesn’t hear there. This suit is very expensive and I don’t need to have it ruined with your blood getting on me.[/i][/color]


The happy music starts up again, but with a sinster and menacing tone…


[b]Phoenix:[/b] Oh my God…Krimson looks pissed. Someone might want to get an ambulance on standby as he picks The Rabbi back up by the throat and he PLANTS him with a chokeslam. Krimson isn’t done as he picks him back up and he has him set up AND HE CONNECTS WITH A JACKNIFE POWERBOMB. The Rabbi might be dead but Krimson Mask isn’t stopping. He picks up The Rabbi’s lifeless body and he sets him up AND HE SPIKES HIM WITH THE BLOODRUSH DDT and he rolls him over and Krimson Mask is just hammering away on The Rabbi. The Rabbi is bleeding from all those fists to the head and the referee is stepping in and he’s called for the bell.


[b]Ring Announcer: The winner of the match due to referee stoppage and advancing to the second round is KRIMSON MASK[/b]


[i]Red hops into the ring and jumps into Krimson’s arms as she celebrates his win as PWA officials rush out to check on The Rabbi[/i]


[b]Phoenix:[/b] My god that was decimation. The Rabbi did what plenty of people would love to do but at what price. Krimson Mask just absolutely destroyed him. There is a pool of blood in the ring from The Rabbi. I have never seen anyone brutally maul someone like that…


Little Girl: Heroes from every corner of the kingdom tried to stop the monster…


Clips of Krimson Mask decimating X from Schizo III from Texas play. Clips of Mask defeating SoL from At All Costs are shown.


Little Girl: NO ONE could stop him…


The music slows down and becomes more menacing and somber. An opening framing shot of the arena in Los Angeles plays across the screen. In the ring Al waits nervously, as the shot jumps to the entryway, and Krimson Mask and Red come out. The shot then jumps to shots of Mask beating on Al, until finally,


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner and the NEW Insanity World Champion….KRIMSON MASK!


Phoenix: Red is back up and celebrating with Mask! I hate to say this and didn’t want to say it, but tonight the fairy tale has officially come true for the giant. He’s slayed 4 giants in our business. He beat a former TV, US, and Tag Champ in Rabbi, he beat the holy hell out of X, he shocked the world and shocked SoL, and now tonight he beats the most popular superstar in Insanity history to win the title.


Little Girl: NO ONE could stop the Monster..


A montage of Mask defending his title against Rabbi is shown, with a freeze frame of Mask standing over the beaten and bloody Rabbi.


Little Girl: Not even TWO could stop the monster…


Scenes from Annihilation, where Mask faced off against cynical and Bloodrose plays. Scenes of horrific violence plays across the screen, until finally…


[B]Phoenix: [/B]UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER!  OUT OF THE BLUE COMES THE UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER!  And now the finishing touch………THE END!  Right into the Turnbuckle!  Bloodrose is down!  This match is no DQ!  Mask covers, 1, 2, 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After hell, the champ remains the same!




Little Girl: But even the darkest magic could not defeat the monster…


Clips of Bloodrose and Mask from Green Bay are shown and in the end, It’s mask walking out with the title, while Bloodrose lies defeated.


Little Girl: Even the monsters of the land were afraid of this new monster, and tried to stop him.


Clips from Dallas, Texas play, where Mask and Crazy Ash Killer brawl and do untold physical harm to one another play.


Little Girl: They failed.


A clip is shown of Mask emerging victorious.


Little Girl: Finally, the warriors of the land, both good and evil, tried to imprison the monster in a cage made of steel…


[I]The rings, already together as of the last match, are spotlighted.  Then the spotlight goes up to the very narrow cage that makes its way down to huge cheers.  [/I]






[B]Ring Announcer: [/B]The following contest is the DEATHCUBE match!  In a moment, the superstar who was picked #1 by Bloodrose and drew #2 will make their way to this ring.  They will fight for 2 minutes and then another superstar will enter.  This will happen until all 6 men are in the ring and only then will decisions count.  You can only get a decision by submission, when a designated representative throws in the towel, when rendered on conscious when a wrestler volunteers to leave the cage.  The last 2 superstars will fight to a pinfall, submission, or TKO finish.  The winner will be WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!


Clips are shown of the warriors dealing out and taking inhuman punishment. It goes on, until finally:


[B]Phoenix:[/B] Oh no...not another cYntrifical force...cYnical up.....he's ready.....Mask catches cYn on the way down!  And it goes right into The End!  Mask's finishing maneuver!  Both men are out of this one once again!


[B]The D:[/B] But look D......look who's on his stomach and look who's on his back.  Mask is in perfect position!


[I]Both men lay motionless for about a minute.  But Mask, who as you can tell is on his stomach, gets up first and crawls towards cYnical.[/I]


[B]Phoenix:[/B] The cover, 1, 2, 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's over.  By the hand of god, Krimson Mask does it again!




[B]Phoenix: [/B] I think we know who the true MONSTER of LPW is!


[B]The D:[/B] It took everything to fight the beast known as Krimson Mask, and even then it wasn’t enough.


Little Girl: The Monster could not be stopped…and now he’s coming! He’s coming! He’s coming for YOU!


Suddenly another round of pyro goes off, and the crowd jumps involuntarily. “The Crimson” by Atreyu plays over the loudspeakers as Mask makes his way from the back. The lights slowly fade up, as Mask makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Thomas Luther.


Phoenix: The Inhuman Champion of Insanity is making his way to the ring, with his new friend Thomas Luther by his side!

Snapple: And Team Spectre is getting the fudge out his way!

Lillehammer: SNAPPLE! Please! Show a little loyalty and stop gushing over Krimoson Mask!

Snapple: Hey, I’ve seen the guy up close, and trust me, the guy will turn your insides to ice just by looking at you.

Robert: According to my notes..

Phoenix: Figure of speech! I’ll say this though, and it’s not just brand loyalty talking, Headbanger has his work cut out for him at AR IV! The best Insanity has to offer has been thrown against Mask and the man is unstoppable! For nearly a full year, Mask has remained on top of Insanity!

Snapple: Impressive, but Drew has overcome vast odds before, and to think this is going to be a walk in the park for Mask is selling our champion short. Ham is also a monster, through not like Mask, but Drew managed to defeat him, one on one, in one of the most barbaric matches LPW has ever seen! I think it’s fair to say that Mask has HIS work cut out for him as well!

Phoenix: Don't use that word, “cut” Mask has an axe around somewhere, and if he hears you, you might give him ideas.

Lillehammer: Hence, the need for Team Spectre!

In the ring, Mask and Thomas enter, Headbanger refuses to give any ground to the two men. Mask turns his head back and forth, like an animal sniffing the air. Thomas smiles and takes a mic from a ring side techie. Mask finds a spot in the ring and stands motionless, arms crossed. Spectre turns to Satisfaction, who takes a briefcase from a member of Team Spectre. She opens it and pulls out a sheaf of papers, which she then hands to Spectre. Spectre holds them up.

Spectre: Laides and genetlemen, I hold in my hands the contract for AR IV!

The crowd goes wild.

Spectre: By signing this contract, Insanity and Inferno formally declare that their respective champions will face off against each other at Altered Reality 4! For the Martinez Cup! The highest prize in all of LPW! Stan, if you would look over the papers…

Spectre hands over the contract to Stan, who flips through it. He hands it back to Spectre,

Stan: Looks good to me! Let’s make this official!

Spectre hands the papers to Headbanger, who has been shifting his eyes back and forth between Luther and Mask. He takes the papers and instead of taking a seat, he puts the papers down on the table and signs. He puts down the pen and steps back.

Thomas Luther siddles up to the table and with one finger, on the very edge of the papers, turns it to face him. Spectre and Headbanger stand side by side, while Thomas slowly flips through the pages. Stanley watches with his arms crossed, a frown on his face. Thomas looks up and smiles at Headbanger. He motions for Mask to come forward and then puts the pen in Mask’s hand. He then guides Mask to sign the papers. Krimson Mask sisgns without looking down, he face turned towards Headbanger. He finally drops the pen on the table, and steps back. The crowd roars. Thomas picks up the papers, and blows on them, to dry the ink, before handing them to Stan, with a smile and a slight bow. Thomas then moves to stand beside Mask and whispers up at the giant.

Snapple: It’s official! The main event for Altered Reality IV has been signed, sealed and delivered! The International Heavyweight Champion vs the World Heavyweight Champion for the rarest prize of them all, the Martinez Cup!

Robert: Inferno is so going to kick their ass –

Headbanger starts to move towards Krimson Mask moves to meet him in the middle of the ring. Mask looks down on Drew, and Drew looks up into the face of Mask. Drew looks past Mask to a smirking Thomas Luther, and then back into the face of Krimson Mask and raises his microphone to speak. His mouth opens, when suddenly over the PA System, Yngwie Malmsteen’s “ Amberdawn” starts to play.

Snapple: What the?

Robert: I thought he had the night off!

Snapple: Apparently Wevv once again decided to take matters into his own hands and crash this monumental moment!

Wevv makes his way down to the ring, dressed in a black suit, with gold pin striping, bright red tie, as the fans cheer and boos. Mr. Wang trails behind his master, a silent and grim shadow, in his old-fashioned tuxedo and bowler hat. Wevv, on the other hand, smiles and waves to the fans, but doesn’t go near them. In the ring, Headbanger, Mask and Thomas watch Wevv approach the ring, but also keep their eyes on each other. Stan has walked over to Spectre and is asking him a question, Spectre merely shrugs, and looks annoyed. Wevv enters the ring, with Mr. Wang right behind him. He ignores those present, and instead heads to the middle of the ring facing the cameras. Mr. Wang watches the ring occupants for him. Headbanger has taken a ready stance, and Tommy has a hand on Krimson Mask’s arm, and whispers to the behemoth. The giant remains motionless. Mr. Wang faces off against the members of Team Spectre in a tense stalemate. Wevv, oblivious, raises his arms towards the crowd, who respond with cheers and boos.  Wevv, his back still to the ring, reaches inside his jacket, and removes a microphone. He lowers his head as he speaks into it.

Wevv: Greetings Pittsburg! Are you enjoying the show so far? My, it’s been quite a busy night. It seems like everyone has something to do. Team Sheep takes vs Team Samuels. We have Insanity Superstars running amok and dreaming of the Television Title. Our very own International Heavyweight Champion even had a match against Alfredo BooBooBaChoo. It seems like everyone has something to do. Except me. What about Good Ol’ Wevvy? He was given nothing to do. Nothing at all. I almost..almost threw my name in the hat for the television Championship, but well, that was before I leaned of this…event.  Indeed, I was fully expected to sit at home, watch the show and .. take this …INSULT…. STRAIGHT ON THE CHIN!

Wevv spins around to face the ring. He points directly at Headbanger.

Wevv: You pompous little prick! Edible was so right about you. How dare you?

He starts to take a step towards Headbanger, but Spectre speaks.

Spectre: That’s enough of that. Boys?

Team Spectre starts to move in on Wevv.

Spectre: Thanks for coming Wevv, you can go now. On your own, or with assistance, it makes no difference to me. I’ve got enough headaches for one night. I don't need what was supposed to be a nice peaceful contract signing turning into a slugfest.

Stan: HA!

Spectre: Take him out of here.

Mr. Wang lunges forward to stand in front of Wevv, to prevent Team Spectre from grabbing Wevv, but Wevv grabs him by the arm to hold him back. Mr. Wang stops.

Wevv: I warn you gentlemen, Mr. Wang is very upset at the moment, and unless you have extensive health care coverage, it might be in your best interests, and your families, to just…step…back.

Team Spectre look at each other, then look at Mr. Wang, and then step back. With looks at their employer, who is now looking quite pissed off, but in control. Stan chuckles, moves to an open area, and swings his golf club. As it reaches it’s peak, he lets it slide down, until the head of the club is close to his fist. He looks at it, and then goes back to watching the events unfold.

Wevv rolls his shoulders, and adjusts his tie, and then smiles and takes a step towards Headbanger. Headbanger draws himself up, and actually takes a step towards Wevv. The two go face to face. Headbanger raises the mic to his mouth to speak.

Headbanger: Why am I not surprised that you of all people would see fit to come out here, and make a scene? I –

Wevv makes a gesture before Headbanger can finish and Banger’s mic goes dead. Headbanger looks down at his now dead mic, taps it, and then drops it. He gets right up into Wevv’s face, and raises a fist. Wevv just smiles back at him and raises up his own mic.

Wevv: Your time is over. In more ways than one. Now, it’s MY time. Time for me to have MY say.

Wevv turns his back on Headbanger and turns to face the cameras.

Wevv: This charade has gone on long enough. As the Number One contender I feel it is my right, nay, my duty, to set the record straight.

Wevv spins and points at Headbanger.

Wevv: You sir, have overstepped your bounds! To have the sheer gall to sweep me aside and make a statement so bold as to say that you will be the one to face our giant friend here at Altered Reality IV! As if your victory were assured! I beg to differ! Your chances of being the one to emerge from that match as the International heavyweight Champion are the same as Ham’s! The exact same as Sheepster’s! Which is to say, less than mine!

Now, it’s Wevv who gets in Headbanger’s face.

Wevv: I’ve been a good little employee! I’ve followed every rule to the letter!  I’ve not laid a finger on you outside of this ring! I’ve made no move against you! You were right to have no fear of a knife out of the shadows! Your loved ones could sleep safe and sound in their beds. Wevv Mang was not out to get them. Indeed, I would not be so foolish as to jeopardize my shot at that title you so proudly wear, with such craven actions! No, I know as well as you, the time and place has been decided.

Wevv turns away, and starts to walk back to the ropes, his back to Headbanger.

 Wevv: But perhaps, my actions have lulled you into a false sense of security. I had thought you would have passed on a word of warning, Steven. But perhaps you’ve been too distracted dealing with the Insanity rabble.

Wevv shakes his head.

Wevv: Letting cynical outsmart you like that. You disappoint me Steven. In more ways than one. And Stanley! My fellow Chi-Town boy! You, of all people should know better, but here you are, letting this abomination take place! Perhaps you’ve been too long away from the Windy City! You should have known better! But you Headbanger..

Wevv turns to face Headbanger again.

Wevv: You know. I can tell. I have earned your respect. But there is one thing you still haven't grasped.

Wevv slowly starts to walk up to Krimson Mask. Slowly, his head tilting back to look Mask in what were once his eyes.

Wevv: I haven't made you believe yet. I’ve planted the doubt, yes, but belief? Belief that I, Wevv Mang, will win EVERYTHING. That I can win the International Heavyweight Championship? That I can be the one to face Krimson Mask? The Unstoppable Juggernaut of Insanity? At Altered reality IV? That I can be the one who steps into that ring, and CRUSHES the Legend! The one who takes his RIGHTFUL place atop the pantheon of LPW legends?

The crowd starts to roar, and Wevv and Mask stare at each other, only a small distance between them. Wevv is trembling slightly. But, from the look on his face, it’s not fear. But eagerness. Mask takes a step forward, and looks down at Wevv. Wevv raises the microphone to his mouth.

Wevv: I have nothing to fear from the likes of you. But do I detect a hint of… worry… in you, my large friend?

Wevv turns his head and looks into Headbanger’s eyes.

Wevv: ….. Indeed.

Wevv finally turns his back on Mask and starts to head for the ropes. Mr. Wang follows him, sneering. Wevv pauses before he leaves. He leans against the ropes, and raises the mic to speak again.

Wevv: I believe my work here is done. A time. A place. It has even been given it’s very own name. Redemption awaits. But for who I wonder? Is it for you, Headbanger, or is it for me? Only one way to find out.

With that, Wevv flips backwards over the top rope to the floor, while Mr. Wang slides under the bottom rope, to land on his feet beside his employer.

Phoenix: It’s been a long time since Wevv has been on Insanity, but one thing sure hasn't changed, Wevv has a Plan, and that means trouble for anyone who stands in his way!

Lillehammer: Finally! Something I can agree with!

Snapple: And it looks like that thought is going through the minds of those in the ring!

In the ring, Headbanger at the ropes and watching Wevv leave. Mask has moved a bit behind Headbanger, and it’s hard to tell whether he’s more interested in Drew or Wevv. Thomas is also at the ropes and snarling after Wevv. Drew turns slightly and catches sight of Mask. He doesn't flinch, but calmly adjusts the belt on his shoulder and steps towards Mask. The crowd roars to life, as Drew closes the distance. Spectre and Stan watch in anticpation of trouble. Thomas has regained his control and is keeping his face expressionless, but his eyes dart between Mask and Drew. Drew comes with a pace of Mask, and looks up. Finally, he sticks out his hand. The crowd roars again.

Phoenix: Oh my! This never ends well, does it Snapple?

Snapple: Stranger things have happened. Drew is always one to at least give his opponents a chance to be a man.

Lillehammer: Does that really apply to Mask?

In the ring, mask keeps staring at Drew, and Drew stares back, but keeps his hand out. Finally, Mask looks down at the offered hand. Drew keeps his eyes on Mask. Masks’s hand twitches. Slowly it starts to come up, and the crowd noise grows with every upwards twitch. Slowly, it stretches towards Drews’s hand. Before it can make contact, Thomas rushes forward and grabs Mask’s arm. He pulls Mask back as the crowd raors it’s displeasure. Thomas is whisper furiously to Mask. He pulls Mask back, away from Drew. He then points and sneers at Drew. Drew smiles, and puts down his hand. He then titles his head at Spectre, and raises the title one last time, and then drops down and rolls from the ring.

Snapple: I think Drew has taken Mask’s measure and sees no reason to stick around, he does have a match to prepare for.

Phoenix: And Luther has once again shown his control over the Insianity Champion, Krimson Mask! One can only wonder what poison he’s filling Mask’s head with? Luther has plans for Mask, but what they are, is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure, it will trouble for the World Heavyweight Champion!

Lillehammer: And the REAL question is, with all these Insanity Goobers on our show, will our ratings EVER bounce back? Hold on, I’m getting work from the back, and NO! We’ve just lost Chrysler for a sponsor! It looks like Snapple’s dream of owning a car from this millennium, are up in smoke!

Phoenix: But Luckily for Robert,  Public Transportation is still advertising, and taking food stamps, so Robert can get to work on time.

Lillehammer: Now see here-!

Snapple: And that’s all for now! Phoenix, it’s been a pleasure!

Phoenix: Likewise! Robert, I how that herpes infection clears up soon! I’ll tell D you said hi!

Lillehammer: Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!

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