Blistering Inferno
Promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling
Starring Pyromania
Date June 28, 2012
Venue American Airlines Arena
City Flag of the United States Dallas, Texas
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Altered Reality VI

Blistering Inferno was an e-wrestling pay-per-view produced by Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) under the Pyromania brand. The event took place on June 28, 2012 in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Arena to conclude the Pyromania's sixth season and 20th cycle.


Blistering Inferno will feature professional e-wrestling matches that involve different e-wrestlers from various ongoing feuds that will be played out on Lords of Pain Wrestling's (LPW) Pyromania programs durings its 19th cycle. E-wrestlers will portray heroes and villians as they follow a series of event that build tension, culminatinig into an e-wrestling match.

The event and location was annouced on November 20, 2010 when the Pyromania calendar of events for its sixth season was first revealed.


# Matches Stipulations Notes
V CraZe defeated Zenith Singles match CraZe pinned Zenith after hitting a Tombstone Piledriver
V Lacey Valentine defeated The Mighty Dyno Might Singles match Lacey pinned Dyno Might with a roll-up pin
1 Daniel Purser defeated Cripsy LPW Pure Wrestling Championship match Purser pinned Cripsy after hitting the Famous Last Words
2 Xander Kross defeated Styxx LPW Western States Heritage Championship match Xander pinned Styxx after hitting the Lights Please
3 Seth Omega defeated Eric Scorpio Grudge match Omega pinned Scorpio after hitting the Heart Shaped Box
4 Dick Dynamo defeated Christian Parkes Kiss My Ass match Dynamo pinned Parkes after hitting the Dragon Meteor Press
5 Azreal defeated Jeff Watson No Holds Barred match Azreal pinned Watson after hitting a top rope neckbreaker
6 Eddie B. defeated Ken Ryans and White Falcon Captain on the Line match Eddie pinned Falcon after hitting the Falcon Killer
7 Tromboner Man defeated cYnical LPW International Heavyweight Championship Ironman match TBM gained the last fall after rolling a pin attempt into a successful pinfall
LPW International Heavyweight Championship Ironman match falls
# Wrestler Loser Result Method of pinfall
1 Tromboner Man cYnical 1-0 Disqualified for striking TBM in the head with the title belt
2 cYnical Tromboner Man 1-1 Pinned after being striked with the title belt
3 Tromboner Man cYnical 2-1 Double countout
4 cYnical Tromboner Man 2-2
5 Tromboner Man cYnical 3-2 Pinned after rolling a pin attempt into a sucessfull pinfall

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