The LPW Draft is a draft process used by Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) to provide new brand competition and to refreshen its two brands, Insanity and Pyromania. Both drafts have occured at the biennial event, LPW Homecoming.


Event Date Notes
2004 PWA Draft 2004 Due to lack of records from the Golden Age, there are no accurate details regarding this event. The only confirmed draft pick was the 8th pick in the draft, where Schizophrenia selected NPD. Other clues involve the competitors that competed at Pyromania 1.1 and whoever held championships at the time.
2006 PWA Draft November 29, 2006 With the first overall pick, Schizophrenia selected fan favorite Television Champion, Al. Pyromania drafted cYnical with the second overall pick, but shockingly traded their most recognized superstar to Schizophrenia for draft picks. cYnical saw the move as betrayal and helped fuel his displeasure with PWA management (he eventually formed The Uprising as a result). With the third pick, Pyromania selected the appointed International Heavyweight Champion, D. Hammond Samuels.
2008 LPW Draft October 15, 2008 The Draft saw 2008 Martinez Cup winner and LPW International Heavyweight Champion, Drew Michaels, being drafted with the first overall pick to Insanity by new general manager Little Red. cYnical, the LPW World Heavyweight Champion, was drafted with the second pick by LPW's phantom Chief Executive Officer and Inferno general manager, known only as The Boss. At the conclusion of the telecast, Little Red and The Boss announced an agreement to trade Michaels and cYnical to their original brands.
2010 LPW Draft November 16, 2010 The Draft saw Jude Maxwell being drafted with the first overall pick to Insanity by an unknown new general manager, who was being represented by Son of Repoman and had connections with a bird. Ultramarcus, the LPW Western States Heritage Championship, was drafted with the second pick by Pyromania general manager, Drew Michaels. After trying to avoid it for the show, Michaels had no choice but to choose Tromboner Man as the 44th and final pick.

All-time draftsEdit

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All-time LPW Draft selections
No. 2006 2008 2010 2012
1 Champion icon Al Champion icon Trophy icon Drew Michaels Jude Maxwell Seth Omega
2 Champion icon cYnical Champion icon cYnical Champion icon Ultramarcus Champion icon Azreal
3 Champion icon D. Hammond Samuels Sheepster Champion icon Trophy icon cYnical cYnical GM icon
4 N'itomniskittel Krimson Mask Champion icon Styxx White Falcon
5 Champion icon The Rabbi X X Champion icon Trophy icon Tromboner Man
6 King NPD Styxx Ken Ryans Champion icon Morpheus
7 Drew Michaels Ken Ryans Mass Chaos Eddie B.
8 Trey Spruance Champion icon Tromboner Man Drew Michaels GM icon Nigel Vanderbilt
9 Edible Champion icon RaTo Champion icon Ash Strife Al
10 T.J. Rage Champion icon White Falcon Champion icon Sean Jensen Champion icon Ultramarcus
11 SoL Champion icon Mass Chaos Sheepster Champion icon Xander Kross
12 Jeff Watson Champion icon Hatchet Ryda Andy Savana Champion icon Daniel Purser
13 Champion icon Sick Fixx The Rabbi Champion icon Justus Bobino
14 Champion icon White Falcon Eddie B. Champion icon Black Reaper Champion icon James McDaygo
15 Champion icon Styxx NPD Son of Shockey Ryan James
16 Champion icon Sheepster Wevv Mang Jason Gravis Big B. Brown
17 Random Villiano 187 Killswitch Damien Blaze
18 Dalby Sound Eric Scorpio Bobino The Mighty Dyno Might
19 Eddie Hooper Al Phantom Lord X
20 Morpheus Ash Strife Nigel Vanderbilt Styxx
21 X Champion icon The Rik MC Steel Phantom Lord
22 Robert Lillehammer Jaetyn Knightwash Richard Michaels Dick Dynamo
23 Champion icon Retribution Ultramarcus Steve Storme Mr. Golden
24 Bloodrose Andy Savana Seth Omega Jeff Watson
25 Zuma Blackwell Jeff Watson Ozzy Crerar
26 "Sick" Nick T.J. Rage Cripsy Zenith
27 Blackwell Son of Shockey Big B. Brown Cripsy
28 Jules Stallion Wicked Blackwell
29 Magic Big B. Brown Atlas Adams Daientine
30 Krimson Mask Random Daniel Pleasant CraZe
31 Stallion Jeff Watson Zenith Sixx King
32 SFS Daniel Oakley Kaptain Krossbones Kafu Trey Spruance
33 Homicide Killswitch Dick Dynamo Lacey Valentine
34 Damion Kross Bryan Risk Michael Stone Paul Brooks
35 Rogue Cactus Sam Ian Oberon Mourn Despana
36 Samyi Song Cash Flo Azreal Jeff Whitt
37 Cyrus Bobino DeSean J. Connery Pope Fred
38 Crazy Ash Killa Trey Spruance Alexander Crysto April Montenegro
39 Eric Scorpio Jude Maxwell Dante Odiah Wyatt Malone
40 S.S.D.D. Black Ada Gen Kyle Williams
41 The Sublime Super Houdini Kaiser Kidd Andy Savana
42 The Rik Kafudamaha Dr. Wagner Krimson Mask
43 Tromboner Man Savage Sam Carter
44 Bobino Sean Jensen Tromboner Man
45 Norwegian Beast Glenn Masters
46 Krippler Chris K.
47 Harry Munchkins Pig-E
48 Sockoman Zuma
49 Joey Hollywood Bloodrose
50 BiggiE Pen
Note: The 2004 PWA Draft results are not reflected due to missing records along with most Golden Age information, and therefore not included.

Impact on championshipsEdit

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