The LPW Feud of the Year is an award, previously known as an achievement award, given annually by e-wrestling promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW). This is given to the feud or storyline that is the most engaging to the crowd for its, among many aspects, intensity, realism, matches, build-up, and quality. The vast majority of the feud must have dominated the careers of both (or all) participants, raising the stock for all the superstars involved.


Lpwlogored Feud of the Year Lpwlogored
Year Award Winners (and Runners-Up) Nominee Vote Finalists Vote
2008 08hrfeudyear cYnical vs. Krimson Mask 91% 41%
D. Hammond Samuels vs. Drew Michaels 48% 29%
Dark Brotherhood (Crazy Ash Killa and Eric Scorpio) vs. MWA (RaTo and Tromboner Man) 39% 18%
N'itomniskittel vs. Tromboner Man 65% 12%
2009 Hrfeudyear3 Eddie B. vs. X 78% 46%
Andy Savana vs. Hatchet Ryda 65% 25%
Mass Chaos vs. Styxx 48% 21%
D. Hammond Samuels and Krimson Mask vs. Madcore Misfits (Drew Michaels and Tromboner Man) 43% 8%
2010 Hrfeudyear4
Ken Ryans vs. X 88% 29%
Drew Michaels vs. Tromboner Man 67% 25%
Eddie B. vs. LPW 38% 25%
The Misfits (Drew Michaels and Mass Chaos) vs. Watchmen (Justus and Black Reaper) 42% 18%
Ash Strife vs. Eric Scorpio 38% 4%
2011 Hrfeudyear5
Andy Savana vs. Nigel Vanderbilt 96% 43%
Drew Michaels vs. Tromboner Man 100% 39%
Sean Jensen vs. Ryan James 38% 13%
cYnical vs. Morpheus 38% 4%
Drew Michaels vs. Insanity 54% 0%

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