LPW Insanity: Gold
Promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling
Starring Insanity
Date June 16, 2011
Venue Madison Square Garden
City Flag of the United States New York City, New York
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LPW Insanity: Gold was a professional e-wrestling supershow produced by Lords of Pain Wrestling and presented by its Insanity brand. The event took place on June 16, 2011 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York

The show was headlined by championship matches, the second round of the Master of the Asylum tournament, and Seth Omega, number on contender for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship, taking on the legendary Rabbi. Atlas Adams was defeated by Nigel Vanderbilt in a LPW Television Championship match, Big B. Brown defended his LPW Hardcore Championship against Xander Kross, Ash Strife's reign as LPW United States Championship was ended by Mass Chaos, and Morpheus retained his LPW World Heavyweight Championship against cYnical.

The Master of the Asylum second round took place, with Drew Michaels defeating 15 opponents Ultramarcus, Cripsy, Ozzy Crerar, Mass Chaos, Styxx, Ash Strife, Azreal, Jeff Whitt, Big B. Brown, Steve Storme, Daniel Pleasant, Dick Dynamo, cYnical, Andy Savana, and Jeff Watson, with Styxx, Chaos, Storme, cYnical, Brown, Strife and Savana joining Michaels in the third round.


On the 26 March, 2011, Insanity booker Ash Strife announced that during the 18th cycle, every member of Insanity, and select members of Pyromania, were to compete in a tournament called Master of the Asylum. The amount of participants was announced as 32. The results of the first round, held at Insanity LIVE from Atlantic City, are as followed:


# Matches Stipulations Notes
1 Drew Michaels eliminated cYnical to win the match 16-Man Battle Royal; Round 2 of the Master of the Asylum SoL left his announcers desk towards the end of the match, and took out both Michaels and cYnical, before chucking both men out of the ring. The referee’s unanimous decision was that cYnical’s feet hit the ground first, giving the victory to Michaels.
2 Nigel Vanderbilt defeated Atlas Adams LPW Television Championship match Vanderbilt pinned Adams after hitting the Foreclosure
3 Big B. Brown defeated Xander Kross LPW Hardcore Championship match Brown pinned Kross after hitting the Brown Snap
4 The Rabbi defeated Seth Omega Singles match Rabbi pinned Omega after a hurricanrana
5 Mass Chaos defeated Ash Strife LPW United States Championship match Chaos forced Strife to pass out to the Chaos Lock
6 Morpheus defeated cYnical LPW World Heavyweight Championship match Morpheus pinned cYnical after hitting the Dream Vortex

Master of the Asylum Battle Royal entrances and eliminationsEdit

Red ██ and "Insanity" indicates an Insanity superstar, blue ██ and "Pyromania" indicates an Pyromania superstar, and white indicates a the men who qualified for the thrid round.

Draw Entrant Brand Order Eliminated by APS
1 cYnical Insanity 15 Michaels [a] 4.22
2 Jeff Whitt Insanity 1 cYnical 0.00
3 Styxx Pyromania 10 Strife [b] 3.71
4 Cripsy Pyromania 2 Azreal 3.12
5 Azreal Insanity 6 Styxx 3.60
6 Jeff Watson Pyromania 3 Azreal 3.80
7 Daniel Pleasant Pyromania 3 Azreal 3.30
8 Drew Michaels Pyromania - WINNER 4.16
9 Ozzy Crerar Insanity 4 Azreal 3.64
10 Dick Dynamo Pyromania 5 Azreal 3.66
11 Big B. Brown Insanity 8 Strife 3.95
12 Ash Strife Insanity 9 Styxx 4.06
13 Ultramarcus Pyromania 7 Styxx 3.74
14 Mass Chaos Insanity 12 Michaels 4.20
15 Steve Storme Insanity 11 Michaels and Chaos 3.96
16 Andy Savana Insanity 13 Michaels 3.86
  • a SoL left his announcers desk towards the end of the match, and took out both Michaels and cYnical, before chucking both me out of the ring. The referee’s unanimous decision was that cYnical’s feet hit the ground first, giving the victory to Michaels.

  • b Ash Strife was already eliminated, but pulled Styxx over the top-rope, illegally eliminating him.

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