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This is a list of results from every edition of LPW Insanity LIVE (formerly PWA Schizophrenia).

Season 1Edit

  • The first season results were lost when the PWA/LPW Archives were wiped.

Season 2Edit

Cycle 2Edit

Schizophrenia LIVE from LondonEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from AmsterdamEdit


Main article: Annihilation (2004)

Cycle 3Edit

Schizophrenia LIVE from New YorkEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from PhiladelphiaEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from College ParkEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from MemphisEdit


Main article: PWA Revelations (2005)

Cycle 4Edit

Schizophrenia LIVE from AntonioEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from AlbuquerqueEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from PhoenixEdit

Schizos WildEdit

Altered Reality IIEdit

Main article: Altered Reality II

Season 3Edit

Cycle 5Edit

Schizophrenia LIVE from DenverEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from Salt Lake CityEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from San JoseEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from PortlandEdit

At All CostsEdit

Cycle 6Edit

Schizophrenia LIVE from University of MichiganEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from Ohio State UniversityEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from University of IllinoisEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from University of WisconsinEdit


Cycle 7Edit

Schizophrenia LIVE from BostonEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from East RutherfordEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from CharlotteEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from Tampa BayEdit


Cycle 8Edit

Schizophrenia LIVE from LouisvilleEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from NashvilleEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from Oklahoma CityEdit

Schizos WildEdit

See also: PWA Schizos Wild (2006)

Altered Reality IIIEdit

See also: Altered Reality III

Season 4Edit

Cycle 9Edit


See also: PWA Homecoming (2006)

Schizophrenia LIVE from ClevelandEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from DetroitEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from HoustonEdit

Schizophrenia LIVE from DenverEdit

At All CostsEdit

See also: At All Costs (2007)

Cycle 10Edit

Insanity LIVE from Los AngelesEdit

Insanity LIVE from EugeneEdit

Insanity LIVE from GainesvilleEdit

Insanity LIVE from ColumbiaEdit


See also: LPW Annihilation (2007)

Cycle 11Edit

Insanity LIVE from Green BayEdit

Insanity LIVE from Kansas CityEdit

Insanity LIVE: Revelations from DallasEdit

Insanity LIVE from Tampa BayEdit


See also: LPW EndGame

Cycle 12Edit

Insanity LIVE from Long IslandEdit

Insanity LIVE from from DetroitEdit

Insanity LIVE from from MinneapolisEdit

Dead Man's HandEdit

See also: LPW Dead Man's Hand

Altered Reality IVEdit

See also: Altered Reality IV

Season 5Edit

Cycle 13Edit

Homecoming 2008Edit

See also: LPW Homecoming (2008)

Insanity LIVE from San AntonioEdit

Insanity LIVE X-Mas SpecialEdit

See also: LPW Insanity LIVE X-Mas Special

Honor RollEdit

See also: LPW Honor Roll (2009)

Insanity LIVE from HonoluluEdit


See also: LPW Resurrection

Cycle 14Edit

Insanity LIVE from SydneyEdit

Insanity LIVE from AthensEdit

Insanity LIVE from USS BainbridgeEdit

Insanity LIVE from GlasgowEdit

Body CountEdit

See also: LPW Body Count

Cycle 15Edit

Insanity LIVE from WoodstockEdit

Insanity LIVE from ManhattanEdit

Insanity LIVE from BaltimoreEdit

Insanity LIVE from Atlantic CityEdit


See also: LPW All-Stars


See also: LPW Epic

Cycle 16Edit

Insanity LIVE from San JuanEdit

Insanity LIVE from New OrleansEdit

Insanity LIVE from BoiseEdit

Insane AsylumEdit

See also: LPW Insane Asylum

Altered Reality VEdit

See also: Altered Reality V

Season 6Edit

Cycle 17Edit


See also: LPW Homecoming (2010)

Insanity LIVE from the Norfolk ScopeEdit

Honor RollEdit

See also: LPW Honor Roll (2011)

Insanity LIVE from MemphisEdit

Insanity LIVE from SpringfieldEdit

At All CostsEdit

See also: LPW At All Costs (2011)

Cycle 18Edit

Insanity LIVE from Atlantic CityEdit

Insanity: GoldEdit

Insanity LIVE from HartfordEdit

Insanity LIVE from PortlandEdit

The MadnessEdit

See also: LPW The Madness

Cycle 19Edit

Insanity LIVE from MiamiEdit

Insanity LIVE from CancúnEdit

Insanity LIVE from TransylvaniaEdit


Main article: LPW Epic (2012)

Cycle 20Edit

Insanity LIVE from DublinEdit

Insanity: Gold IIEdit

Insanity LIVE from BerlinEdit


See also LPW Ragnarök

Altered Reality 6Edit

See also Altered Reality 6

Season 7Edit

Cycle 21Edit

Homecoming (2012)Edit

See also LPW Homecoming (2012)

Insanity LIVE from St. Cloud, MinnesotaEdit

Insanity LIVE from Chicago, IllinoisEdit

  • (Vertigo) Hardcore Title #1 Contender’s Match - Bobino def. CraZe
  • (Vertigo) Tag Team Match - Unicorn Cowboys (Ozzy Crerar & Pope Fred) DRAW Dick Dynamo & The Mighty Dyno Might
  • Hardcore Championship Match - James McDaygo (c) def. Daientine
  • Singles Match - Paul Brooks def. Monroe
  • Singles Match - Krimson Mask def. Azreal
  • Tag Team Match - Damien Blaze & White Falcon def. Ultramarcus & Andy Savana
  • World Heavyweight Championship Lumberjack Match - Morpheus (c) def. Nigel Vanderbilt

Honor Roll (2013)Edit

See also LPW Honor Roll (2013)

Insanity LIVE from Indianapolis, IndianaEdit

  • (Vertigo) Beat The Clock Match - White Falcon def. Dick Dynamo
  • (Vertigo) Beat The Clock Match - Damien Blaze def. Daientine - Blaze wins BTC Challenge
  • Hardcore Championship Match - Bobino def. James McDaygo (c)
  • Intergender Match - April Montenegro def. Paul Brooks
  • Singles Match - Pope Fred def. The Mighty Dyno Might
  • Tag Team Match - Nigel Vanderbilt & Monroe def. Phantom Lord & Ozzy Crerar *Singles Match - Morpheus def. Krimson Mask


See also LPW Resurrection

Cycle 22Edit

Insanity: Tag Team TurmoilEdit

  • Tag Team Match - The Nightmare Creatures (Morpheus & Damien Blaze) def. Krimson Mask & White Falcon
  • Tornado Tag Team Match - CraZe & Tyler Stark def. Paul Brooks & Connor McLendon *Two Out of Three Falls Tag Team Match - Wevv Mang & Phantom Lord def. “The Thunder” Brandon Knight & The Brandamonium
  • Tag Team Tables Match - Nigel Vanderbilt & Zenith def. Andy Savana & Bobino
  • World Tag Team Championship Match - The Blondetourage (Lacey Valentine & April Montenegro) (c) def. Unicorn Cowboys (Pope Fred & Ozzy Crerar)

Insanity: Triple ThreatEdit

  • Triple Threat Match - “The Thunder” Brandon Knight def. The Brandamonium & Connor McLendon
  • Triple Threat Match - Ash Strife def. Lacey Valentine & Paul Brooks
  • Triple Threat Match - April Montenegro def. Puss & Andy Savana
  • Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match for the World Heavyweight Championship - Phantom Lord def. Pope Fred & Tyler Stark
  • World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match - Morpheus (c) def. David Maverick & Jeff Watson
  • Rich Pricks Triple Threat Match - Wevv Mang def. Ozzy Crerar & Nigel Vanderbilt *First Blood Triple Threat Match - White Falcon def. Krimson Mask & Damien Blaze *Hardcore Championship Triple Threat TLC Match - Zenith (c) def. CraZe & Bobino

Insanity: GOLD IIIEdit

  • Hardcore Championship Match - Wevv Mang def. Zenith (c)
  • 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match - CraZe, “The Thunder” Brandon Knight, David Maverick & Pope Fred def. Ozzy Crerar, Jeff Watson, Puss & Tyler Stark
  • World Tag Team Championship Match - Icons of Evolution (Nigel Vanderbilt & Bobino) def. The Blondetourage (Lacey Valentine & April Montenegro) (c)
  • Grudge Match - Krimson Mask def. Ash Strife
  • United States Championship Match - White Falcon def. Damien Blaze (c)
  • World Heavyweight Championship Match - Morpheus (c) def. Phantom Lord

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