The LPW Moment of the Year is an award, previously known as an achievement award, given annually by e-wrestling promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW). This award goes out to that one singular moment where a crowd marks out. Also may include a crowning achievement that was a long time coming.


Lpwlogored Moment of the Year Lpwlogored
Year Award Winners (and Runners-Up) Nominee Vote Finalists Vote
2008 08hrmomentyear cYnical defeats Krimson Mask in a Japanese Death match to win the LPW World Heavyweight Championship 91% 35%
Krimson Mask wins first-ever DeathCube Match 57% 29%
Drew Michaels defeats D. Hammond Samuels in a Tijuana Cage match to win LPW International Heavyweight Championship 57% 18%
MWA defeats the Dark Brotherhood to unify LPW's Tag Team Championships 52% 18%
2009 Hrmomentyear3 Hatchet Ryda wins the DeathCube Match to win the LPW World Heavyweight Championship 65% 50%
D. Hammond Samuels reveals himself as The Boss 74% 29%
D. Hammond Samuels and Krimson Mask end the MWA's 22-month reign as LPW Tag Team Champions 43% 15%
White Falcon wins the LPW International Heavyweight Championship to become first Grand Slam Champion and Triple Crown Champion 48% 6%
2010 Hrmomentyear4
Haemoglobin reveals himself as Tromboner Man with a bang 96% 74%
Morpheus returns to LPW, standing side by side with Styxx to dismantle Sheepster and cYnical 71% 17%
Drew Michaels dousing Inferno, and re-raising Pyromania 79% 9%
Ken Ryans signing X's name on his contract with his blood 66% 0%
2011 Hrmomentyear5
Drew Michaels reveals he is the mastermind behind Tromboner Man's exile 17 36%
Mass Chaos wins the United States title from Ash Strife thus ending his 600+ reign of dominance and becoming the second man to become an LPW Grand Slam Champion 21 N/A
DJC wins the Phoenix Cup, and hands it over to Eddie B. 11 14%
Morpheus returns to LPW to assist Styxx in taking out Sheepster and cYnical after Sheepster wins the World Heavyweight Championship 13 14%
Mass Chaos defeats Drew Michaels to become the Master of the Asylum 11 5%

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