The LPW Promo Writer of the Year is an award, previously known as an achievement award, given annually by e-wrestling promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) which recognizes the best promo writer during the calendar year.


Lpwlogored Promo Writer of the Year Lpwlogored
Year Award Winner (and Runners-Up) Nominee Vote Finalist Vote
2008 Hrwriteryear3 Krimson Mask 83% 71%
Drew Michaels 70% 18%
Tromboner Man 39% 12%
White Falcon 35% 0%
2009 Hrwriteryear4 Jude Maxwell 50% 35%
Krimson Mask 50% 25%
Drew Michaels 46% 21%
Eddie B. 58% 10%
Tromboner Man 46% 8%
2010 Hrwriteryear4-1
Jude Maxwell 58% 36%
Justus 42% 28%
Eddie B. 54% 24%
X 42% 12%
2011 Hrwriteryear5
Tromboner Man 16 45%
Morpheus 17 27%
Justus 9 18%
Steve Storme 9 4%
Ken Ryans 16 4%

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