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This is a list of results from every edition of LPW Pyromania (formerly LPW Inferno and PWA Pyromania).

Season 1Edit

Cycle 1Edit

Pyromania 1.1Edit

Pyromania 1.2Edit

Pyromania 1.3Edit

Altered RealityEdit

  • The first Altered Reality results were lost when the PWA/LPW Archives were wiped.

Season 2Edit

Cycle 2Edit

Pyromania 2.1Edit

Pyromania 2.2Edit

Pyromania 2.3Edit


Cycle 3Edit

Pyromania 3.1Edit

Pyromania 3.2Edit

Pyromania 3.3Edit

Pyromania LiveEdit


Cycle 4Edit

Pyromania 4.1Edit

Pyromania 4.2Edit

Pyromania 4.3Edit

Cold FrontEdit

Altered Reality IIEdit

See also: Altered Reality II

Season 3Edit

Cycle 5Edit

Pyromania 5.1Edit

Pyromania 5.2Edit

Pyromania 5.3Edit

Pyromania 5.4Edit

Rumble in the BronxEdit

Cycle 6Edit

Pyromania 6.1Edit

Pyromania 6.2Edit

Pyromania 6.3Edit

Honor RollEdit

Pyromania 6.4Edit


Cycle 7Edit

Pyromania 7.1Edit

Pyromania 7.2Edit

Pyromania 7.3Edit

Pyromania 7.4Edit

Capital PunishmentEdit

Cycle 8Edit

Pyromania 8.1Edit

Pyromania 8.2Edit

Pyromania 8.3Edit

One Way TicketEdit

See also: One Way Ticket

Altered Reality IIIEdit

See also: Altered Reality III

Season 4Edit

Cycle 9Edit


See also: PWA Homecoming (2006)

Pyromania 9.1Edit

Pyromania 9.2Edit

Pyromania 9.3Edit

Pyromania 9.4Edit

The RisingEdit

See also: The Rising

Cycle 10Edit

Inferno 10.1Edit

Inferno 10.2Edit

Inferno 10.3: Night of ChampionsEdit

See also: LPW Inferno 10.3: Night of Champions

Inferno 10.4Edit


See also LPW Sacrament (2007)

Cycle 11Edit

Inferno 11.1Edit

Inferno 11.2Edit

Inferno 11.3: Pick Your PoisonEdit

See also: LPW Inferno 11.3: Pick Your Poison

Inferno 11.4Edit

Dead ReckoningEdit

See also: LPW Dead Reckoning

Cycle 12Edit

Inferno 12.1Edit

Inferno 12.2Edit

Inferno 12.3Edit


See also: LPW Redemption (2008)

Altered Reality IVEdit

See also: Altered Reality IV

Season 5Edit

Cycle 13Edit


See also: LPW Homecoming (2008)

Inferno 13.1Edit

Inferno 13.2Edit

Honor RollEdit

See also: LPW Honor Roll (2009)

Inferno 13.4Edit

Take No PrisonersEdit

See also: LPW Take No Prisoners

Cycle 14Edit

Inferno 14.1Edit

Inferno 14.2Edit

Inferno 14.3Edit

Inferno 14.4Edit


See also: LPW Sacrament (2009)

Cycle 15Edit

Inferno 15.1Edit

Inferno 15.2Edit

Inferno 15.3: Night of ChampionsEdit

See also: LPW Inferno 15.3: Night of Champions

Inferno 15.4Edit


See also: LPW All-Stars

Capital PunishmentEdit

See also: LPW Capital Punishment (2010)

Cycle 16Edit

Inferno 16.1Edit

Inferno 16.2Edit

Inferno 16.3Edit


See also: LPW Redemption (2010)

Altered Reality VEdit

See also: Altered Reality V

Season 6Edit

Cycle 17Edit


See also: LPW Homecoming (2010)

Pyromania 17.1Edit

Honor RollEdit

See also: LPW Honor Roll (2011)

Pyromania 17.3: Pick Your PoisonEdit

Pyromania 17.4Edit

One Way TicketEdit

See also LPW One Way Ticket (2011)

Cycle 18Edit

Pyromania 18.1Edit

Pyromania 18.2Edit

Pyromania 18.3: ResurrectionEdit

Pyromania 18.4Edit

Sacrificial CreedEdit

See also LPW Sacrificial Creed

Cycle 19Edit

Pyromania 19.1Edit

Pyromania 19.2Edit

Pyromania 19.3: Night of the Number One ContenderEdit


See also LPW Redemption (2012)

Cycle 20Edit

Pyromania 20.1Edit

Pyromania 20.2Edit

Pyromania 20.3Edit

Blistering InfernoEdit

See also LPW Blistering Inferno

Altered Reality 6Edit

See also Altered Reality 6

Cycle 21Edit

Homecoming (2012)Edit

See also LPW Homecoming (2012)

Pyromania 21.1Edit

Pyromania 21.2Edit

See alsoEdit

External linksEdit

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