Redemption (2012)
Promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling
Starring Pyromania
Date February 15, 2012
Venue O2 Arena
City Flag of England London, England
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Redemption (2012) was an e-wrestling pay-per-view produced by Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) under the Pyromania brand. The event is took place on February 15, 2012 in London, England, concluding the 19th cycle. It was the third biennial Redemption event.

Three matches took place at the event; the Redemption Rumble, with the winner earning a shot at the LPW International Heavyweight Championship at Blistering Inferno, Tromboner Man defending his LPW International Heavyweight Championship against Justus, and Seth Omega fighting for a Pyromania contract against Seth Omega.


Redemption will feature professional e-wrestling matches that involve different e-wrestlers from various ongoing feuds that will be played out on Lords of Pain Wrestling's (LPW) Pyromania programs durings its 19th cycle. E-wrestlers will portray heroes and villians as they follow a series of event that build tension, culminatinig into an e-wrestling match.

The event and location was annouced on November 20, 2010 when the Pyromania calendar of events for its sixth season was first revealed. It is the third time Redemption has been featured as an LPW Pyromania PPV, making it the most frequently used brand exclusive PPV in Pyromania history.

At Sacrificial Creed, Damion Kross announced the stipulations of the Redemption matches that were to be held at the event. The winners of the match would be able to choose their entrance number in the Redemption Rumble, which will include all Pyromania members, with exception to the International Heavyweight Champion and his challenger for the evening, with the winner earning a shot at the LPW International Heavyweight Championship at Blistering Inferno. Later in the night, Jeff Watson and DeSean J. Connery won their matches.At Vertigo 3.1 Xander Kross qualified by defeating Australis members Zenith and Kaptain Krossbones while teaming with ColourBlind teammate DeSean J. Connery, while at Pyromania 19.1, Aldous Gregory qualified by defeating The Peep's Champ.

The following Pyromania, Ken Ryans defeated Seth Omega to qualify, Xander Kross pinned Kaiser Teiwaz in Kaiser's qualifying match, and Team Insanity, composed of cYnical, Ultramarcus and Big B. Brown, were held off from competing the the Redemption Rumble after being defeated by Team Pyromania's The Mighty Dyno Might, Cyborg Lincoln, and Daniel Pleasant. At Pyromania 19.3, Justus, Azreal and Andy Savana defeated Australis' Styxx, Zenith and Cripsy, while Mr. Golden pinned The Peep's Champ. The final Redemption match was held at All-Stars' Vertigo by Damion Kross, who let any unqualified superstars to compete. Morpheus, Ozzy Crerar, Ultramarcus, Dick Dynamo, Paul Brooks,. Damien Blaze, Kaiser Teiwaz and Sean Jensen all competed in the match, with Kross announcing reigning LPW World Heavyweight Champion Morpheus as the winner.

The wrestlers that have qualified for the match and will choose their entrance number before the event are listed below:

# Wrestler Defeated Event Date
1 Jeff Watson Kaiser Kidd, Sim Lee Amazing, Xiemlez and Jack "The Pitbull" Daniels Sacrificial Creed Sept. 4, 2011
2 DJC Ultramarcus, Xander Kross, Ken Ryans, Ryan James and Styxx Sacrificial Creed Sept. 4, 2011
4 Xander Kross Kaiser Teiwaz Pyromania 19.2 Nov. 13, 2011
5 Aldous Gregory The Peep's Champ Pyromania 19.1 Oct. 11, 2011
6 Ken Ryans Seth Omega Pyromania 19.2 Nov. 13, 2011
7 Mighty Dyno Might Team Insanity (cYnical, Ultramarcus and Big B. Brown) Pyromania 19.2 Nov. 13, 2011
8 Cyborg Lincoln
9 Daniel Pleasant
10 Justus Team Pyromania / Australis (Styxx, Zenith and Cripsy) Pyromania 19.3 Dec. 6, 2011
11 Azreal
12 Andy Savana
13 Mr. Golden The Peep's Champ Pyromania 19.3 Dec. 6, 2011
14 Morpheus Ozzy Crerar, Ultramarcus, Dick Dynamo, Paul Brooks,. Damien Blaze, Kaiser Teiwaz and Sean Jensen All-Stars Jan 13. 2012


# Matches Stipulations Matches
1 Ken Ryans defeated Seth Omega by disqualified Last Chance Contract match Omega was disqualified after Storme entered the ring and hit Ryans with a steel chair
2 Tromboner Man defeated Justus LPW International Heavyweight Championship match TBM pinned Justus after hitting the Spitvalve
3 cYnical won the Redemption Rumble match by last eliminating Steve Storme[a] 31-Man Redemption Rumble cYnical tossed Storme after hitting the Negative Outlook onto the top-rope

Redemption Rumble entrances and eliminationsEdit

Blue ██ and "Pyromania" indicates an Pyromania superstar, red ██ and "Insanity" indicates an Insanity superstar, and white indicates a special guest entrant.

Draw Entrant Brand Order Eliminated by APS
1 Ken Ryans Pyromania 19 Omega 4.42
2 DeSean J. Connery Pyromania 22 cYnical 4.45
3 Azreal Insanity 23 Styxx 4.44
4 Mr. Golden Pyromania 11 Dynamo 3.88
5 The Mighty Dyno Might Pyromania 3 Azreal 3.78
6 Dazz Andrews Pyromania 1 Ryans 3.30
7 Kaiser Teiwaz Pyromania 2 Dyno Might 4.00
8 Zenith Pyromania 7 Omega 3.90
9 Steve Storme Insanity 30 cYnical 4.40
10 Seth Omega 24 Storme 4.30
11 Ryan James 14 Savana 3.82
12 Andy Savana Insanity 17 Disqualified 3.84
13 Kyle Deathlocke Insanity 4 Zenith 0.00
14 Big B. Brown Insanity 10 James 3.90
15 Mooroopna Mayamaya Pyromania 5 Azreal 0.00
16 Cripsy Pyromania 6 Ryans 0.00
17 Vincent Van Rose Pyromania 8 Brown 0.00
18 Dick Dynamo Pyromania 15 Parkes 3.82
19 Sean Jensen Pyromania 9 Golden 0.00
20 Ultramarcus Insanity 29 cYnical 3.34
21 The Peep's Champ Pyromania 12 Savana 0.00
22 Styxx Pyromania 28 Ultramarcus 4.16
23 Cal Banks Pyromania 13 James 0.00
24 Christian Parkes Pyromania 16 Dynamo[c] 3.70
25 cYnical Pyromania WINNER 4.52
26 Morpheus Pyromania 18 Disqualified[a] N/A[b]
27 Xander Kross Insanity 21 Azreal and Storme 0.00
28 Aldous Gregory Pyromania 20 Did not compete 0.00
29 Daniel Purser Pyromania 27 cYnical 3.98
30 Cyborg Lincoln Insanity 26 Purser 4.04
31 Jeff Watson Pyromania 25 Lincoln 3.88

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