This is a list of results from every edition of LPW Vertigo (formerly PWA Vertigo).

Cycle 1Edit

Vertigo 1.1Edit

# Results Stipulations
1 Mr. Nobody defeated The Duff Singles match
2 Mike "Brawler" Nunes defeated Tromboner Man Singles match
3 Trey Spruance defeated Robert Lillehammer Singles match
4 Pen defeated Bobino Singles match

Vertigo 1.2Edit

# Results Stipulations
1 Dalby Sound defeated Joe Brocolli Singles match
2 King NPD defeated Eddie Hooper Singles match
3 SSDD, Jules and Mike "Brawler" Nunes defeated N'itomniskittel, Paper Bag Man & Tromboner Man Six Man Tag match
4 The Rabbi defeated SoL Singles match

Vertigo 1.3Edit

# Results Stipulations
1 Eddie Hooper defeated Jeff Watson Singles match
2 The Sublime defeated Sockoman Singles match
3 Headbanger, Pen, and "Sick" Nick defeated Joe Brocolli, JT Ford, and R. Krippler Six-Man Tag Team match

Cycle 2Edit

Vertigo 2.1Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Mooroopna Mayamaya defeated Xiemlez and Aldous Gregory Triple Threat match Mayamaya pinned Xiemlez after hitting the Crowbar
2 The Mighty Dyno Might defeated Masked Wrestler Number One Singles match Dyno pinned MW1 after hitting the EXPLOSIVECIDE
3 Seth Omega defeated Bobino Scorpio Rules match Omega pinned Bobino after hitting the Heart Shaped Box twice[a]
  • a After the match, Insanity General Manager Eric Scorpio announced that the rules for the match was that the loser would be fired, resulting in the release of Bobino.

Vertigo 2.2Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Xiemlez and Aldous Gregory defeated Jesus Malkovich and Medos Tag Team match Xiemlez pinned Medos after Aldous hit the Poetry Slam
2 Cpt. Crooked defeated Trey Spruance Singles match Crooked pinned Spruance after hitting the Crooked Face
3 Magic defeated Syanide Singles match Magic pinned Syanide after hitting a reverse Shock Magic

Vertigo 2.3Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Ozzy Crerar and Cpt. Crooked defeated Andrew Gregory Leonidas and Anwyl Tag Team LPW Television Championship Contender's match [a] Crerar winned AGL after hitting the hitting a double cutter with Crooked
2 Jack "Pitbull" Daniels defeated Jesus Malkovich Singles match Daniels pinned Malkovich after hitting the Mauling
3 Australis (Kaptain Krossbones and Zenith) defeated The Prophecy of Violence (Daniel Pleasant and Matt Clark) Tag Team match Zenith pinned Pleasant after hitting the Limit Buster

Vertigo 2.4Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Mooroopna Mayamaya defeated Sheepster and Cripsy Triple Threat match Mayamaya pinned Sheepster after hitting the Kergunyah
2 Anwyl defeated Andrew Gregory Leonidas Singles match Anwyl forced AGL to submit to the Ice Break
3 Azreal defeated Ozzy Crerar and Cpt. Crooked LPW Television Championship Triple Threat match Azreal pinned Crerar after hitting the Force of Will

Vertigo: PPV EditionEdit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Cyborg Lincoln defeated Paul Brooks, Robbie English and Daientine Contract Battle Royal Lincoln tossed English for the win[a]
  • a After the match, Solomon Idol came out and tossed Lincoln over the top rope, proclaiming that he had won the battle royal. Insanity General Manager Eric Scorpio then came out and officially announced that Lincoln had one the match, but gave Solomon a contract to avoid legal turmoil.
Contract Battle Royal eliminations
# Wrestler Eliminated by Method of elimination
1 Paul Brooks Lincoln Lincoln tossed Brooks
2 Daientine English English tossed Daientine
3 Robbie English Lincoln Lincoln tossed English
Winner: Cyborg Lincoln

Cycle 3Edit

Vertigo 3.1Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Trey Spruance defeated Paul Brooks Singles match Spruance pinned Brooks after hitting a 420 splash
2 Chris Project vs. Blackwell ended in a no contest Singles match Neither men showed up to the ring, ending in a no contest
3 Cyborg Lincoln defeated Mr. Golden and Vincent Van Rose Triple Threat Redemption match Lincoln pinned Van Rose after Golden hit the Gold Rush
4 ColourBlind (DeSean J. Connery and Xander Kross) defeated Australis (Kaptain Krossbones and Zenith) Tag Team match DJC pinned Krossbones after hitting the Soap to Ya Dome, Bitch!

Vertigo 3.2Edit

# Results Stipulations
1 Ultramarcus and Morpheus defeated Chris Project and Magic Tag team match
2 Bobino defeated Blackwell Singles match
3 Tromboner Man defeated Aldous Gregory, Mooroopna Mayamaya, Chris Owens, Jack "The Pitbull" Daniels, Cripsy, Christian Parkes and Mr. Golden LPW International Heavyweight Championship Chase
LPW International Heavyweight Championship Chase eliminations
# Wrestler Eliminated by Method of elimination
1 Jack "Pitbull" Daniels Unknown Pinned after being beat down by 6 other opponents
2 Chris Owens Unknown Pinned after being beat down by 6 other opponents
3 Mooroopna Mayamaya Unknown Pinned after being hit with the finishers of the 5 other opponents
4 Aldous Gregory Mr. Golden Pinned after TBM hit the Spitvalve and Golden hit his own finisher
5 Mr. Golden TBM Pinned after Parkes and Cripsy hit a Total Elimination-like move
6 Christian Parkes TBM Pinned simultaneously after Cripsy hit Parkes with the Cabin Pressure, before TBM hit the Intonation Buster on Cripsy, landing on top of both men
7 Cripsy
Winner: Tromboner Man

Vertigo 3.3Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Cal Banks defeated Dazz Andrews Singles match Banks pinned Andrews with a roll-up
2 Logan Carter defeated Thaila Morgan Singles match Carter pinned Morgan after hitting an uppercut to the jaw
3 Christian Parkes defeated Kaiser Teiwaz Singles match Parkes pinne Teiwaz after hitting The Messenger
4 Daniel Pleasant fought Cyborg Lincoln to a double countout LPW Pure Wrestling Championship Contenders match Both men were counted out after Pleasant hit Lincoln with a jumping crossbody,over the top rope onto the ring steps
Daniel Pleasant fought Cyborg Lincoln to a no-contest Both men could no longer continue after Lincoln hit the Emancipation at the same time Pleasant hit the Face of Evil

Vertigo: All-StarsEdit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Morpheus defeated Ozzy Crerar, Ultramarcus, Dick Dynamo, Paul Brooks,. Damien Blaze, Kaiser Teiwaz and Sean Jensen Damion Kross’ Redemption Match[a] Damion Kross announced Morpheus as the winner of the match at All-Stars
  • a The match was decided upon by promo scores only. It was open to any member of the Pyromania roster who haven’t won a Redemption match, and any member of the Insanity roster who hasn’t qualified for the Redemption match.

Vertigo: EpicEdit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Cyborg Lincoln defeated Damien Blaze, Howard Thurston, Jake Lyndon, Kyle Deathlocke, Thaila Morgan, Cal Banks, Dazz Andrews, Mooroopna Mayamaya and Mr. Golden 15 Minute Massacre LPW Hardcore Championship Contender's match Lincoln pinned Golden after Clud knocked Golden down with a chair

Cycle 4Edit

Vertigo 4.1Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Under Ground Kings (Hustle, K.T. Johnson and T.O.S.) defeated CraZe, Glacier and Sixx King Elimination 6-Man Tag match
  • CraZe pinned T.O.S after hitting the Loco Launch
  • Johnson pinned Glacier after hitting the 9's and AK's
  • Hustle pinned King after hitting a stiff knee
  • Hustle pinned CraZe after hitting A Nightmare On Elm Street
2 Black Bob (Bobino and Blackwell) defeated Altered State (Paul Brooks and Trey Spruance) Tag Team match[a] Bobino pinned Spruance after Blackwell hit the Childhood's End followed by Bobino hitting the Darwinism
3 Morpheus defeated Phantom Lord LPW World Heavyweight Championship match Morpheus pinned Phantom with a roll-up pin

Vertigo 4.2Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Sixx King defeated Mr. Macho, Cal Banks and Mooroopna Mayamaya Fatal Four Way Match King pinned Banks after hitting a superkick
2 Dazz Andrews defeated Cripsy Singles match Andrews pinned Cripsy after hitting a low blow
3 Trey Spruance defated Mike the Yank Singles match Spruance pinned Yank after hittting a 450 splash, landing knees first
4 Phantom Lord defeated Paul Brooks LPW Television Championship Contender’s match Phantom forced Brooks to passout to a triangle choke

Vertigo 4.3Edit

# Results Stipulations

1 Ultramarcus eliminated Azreal to win the match Brand Pride match
2 Lacey Valentine defeated Bunny Singles match
3 Cyborg Lincoln defeated Pope Fred LPW Hardcore Championship match

Vertigo (Blistering Inferno and Ragnarök)Edit

# Results Stipulations Notes
1 CraZe defeated Zenith Singles match CraZe pinned Zenith after hitting a Tombstone Piledriver
2 Lacey Valentine defeated The Mighty Dyno Might Singles match Lacey pinned Dyno Might with a roll-up pin
3 Bobino defeated Blackwell Revitalization Singles match Bobino forced Blackwell to submit to the Forced Progression
4 Mr. Golden and Sixx King defeated Altered State (Paul Brooks and Trey Spruance) Tag Team match Golden forced Spruance to tap to the Gold Cross

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