The LPW Tag Team Championship is a professional e-wrestling tag team championship in the e-federation, Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW). It is the only multi-brand championship in LPW, being defended on both Insanity and Pyromania brands.

The titles were introduced at Altered Reality IV on September 6, 2008, created as a result of championship unification between the LPW World Tag Team Championship and LPW United States Tag Team Championship.

The inaugural champions were the MWA's Tromboner Man and RaTo, who defeated the Dark Brotherhood in the unification match. Overall, there have been six different championship teams, with the Watchmen holding the most reigns at two. In addition, Tromboner Man, Drew Michaels and the Watchmen's Black Reaper and Justus are tied for the most reigns individually at two. The MWA hold the longest reign at seven shows (227 days). The Madcore Misfits hold the shortest reign at 110 days.


Season 5Edit

Wiki LPW
Black StripLPW Wiki Tag Team
LPW Tag Team Champions (season 5)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Tagteamchampionships MWA (Tromboner Man and RaTo) Sep. 6, 2008 def. the Dark Brotherhood (Ash Strife and Eric Scorpio) in a unification match at Altered Reality IV def. the Dark Brotherhood in a Escape From Hell match at Homecoming
def. Psych Ward (Andy Savana and Blackwell) at Honor Roll
def. Sudden Death (Black Ada and Son of Shockey) in an Iron Man tag team match at Resurrection
Tagteamchampionships2 D. Hammond Samuels and Krimson Mask Apr. 21, 2009 def. the MWA at Insanity LIVE from Sydney def. The Misfits (Sean Jensen and Trey Spruance) at Inferno 14.3
Tagteamchampionships3 Madcore Misfits (Tromboner Man and Drew Michaels) Aug. 24, 2009 def. D. Hammond Samuels and Krimson Mask at Sacrament def. Bobino and Jeff Watson at Inferno 15.3: Night of Champions
The Madcore Misfits were stripped of the titles when D. Hammond Samuels forced Tromboner Man to join the Australian Army.
Tagteamchampionships4 Watchmen (Black Reaper and Justus) Dec. 12, 2009 def. Hatchet Ryda and Andy Savana for the vacant titles at Insanity LIVE from Atlantic City • None
Tagteamchampionships5 The Misfits (Drew Michaels and Mass Chaos) May 15, 2010 def. the Watchmen at Inferno 16.2 • None
Tagteamchampionships4 Watchmen (Black Reaper and Justus) Oct. 22, 2010 def. The Misfits at Altered Reality V • None

Season 6Edit

Grey StripGrey Strip
LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Champions (season 6)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Tagteam2 Watchmen (Black Reaper and Justus) Oct. 22, 2010 def. The Misfits (Drew Michaels and Mass Chaos) at Altered Reality V def. The Prophecy of Violence (Daniel Pleasant and Michael Stone at Honor Roll
Tagteam3 The Wisemen
(X and Ash Strife / Sean Jensen)
April 10, 2011 def. Watchmen at One Way Ticket (2011)
During the reign, Strife was suspended. As a result, Strife gave fellow Apocalypse member Sean Jensen his part of the title on December 12, 2011.
def. The Prophecy of Violence (Matt Clark and Dick Dynamo) at The Madness
Tagteam4 The Awakened
(Azreal and Steve Storme)
February 28, 2012 def. The Wisemen and ColourBlind at Epic (2012) def. Black Bob (Bobino and Blackwell) at Insanity: Gold II



Wiki LPW
Black StripLPW Left Wing
LPW Tag Team Championship
Team statistics
Champions 5 10 15 20 Shows Defs Days
(Black Reaper and Justus)
10 1 324
The Wisemen
(X and Ash Strife / Sean Jensen)
10 1 324
The Awakened
(Azreal and Steve Storme / Morpheus)
9 1 359
(RaTo and Tromboner Man)
7 3 227
D. Hammond Samuels and Krimson Mask
4 1 125
Madcore Misfits
(Drew Michaels and Tromboner Man)
4 1 110
The Misfits
(Drew Michaels and Mass Chaos)
3 0 160
The Blondetourage
(Lacey Valentine and April Montenegro)
3 0 152
Icons of Evolution
(Nigel Vanderbilt and Bobino)
2 0 115
Sixx Karat Gold
(Mr. Golden and Sixx King)
2 0 98
Champion icon Death Sentence
(Krimson Mask and Ash Strife)
1 0 2


Wiki LPW
Black StripLPW Left Wing
LPW Tag Team Championship
Individual statistics
Champions 5 10 15 20 Shows Defs Days
Tromboner Man
11 4 337
Black Reaper
10 1 324
10 1 324
10 1 324
9 2 359
Champion icon Ash Strife
9 1 248
Drew Michaels
7 1 270
7 3 227
Steve Storme
6 1 190
Champion icon Krimson Mask
5 1 127
D. Hammond Samuels
4 1 125
Mass Chaos
3 0 160
2 1 94

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