The LPW United States Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship in the e-federation, Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW). It is the second-tier of the LPW Insanity brand, complementing the LPW Western States Heritage Championship of the LPW Pyromania brand.

The title was introduced in 2004 as the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA) United States Championship. After the PWA forked following a management disagreement, the promotion was renamed Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) to reflect the Lords of home that had hosted the e-federation, with the title also renamed to reflect the acronym.

The championship has had several name changes during different times in LPW history. When The Rik won the championship, he renamed it the LPW Transatlantic Championship. During Ash Strife's reign, he changed the name to the LPW Canadian Heavyweight Championship, and then the title was changed back to its original name, the LPW United States Championship.

The first champion was The D in 2004. Overall, there have been 12 different champions.


Season 2Edit

Wiki Schizo
Black StripLPW Wiki US
PWA United States Champions (season 2)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Schizous3 The D 2004 The D was the first PWA United States Champion • None
Positively Reaper 2004 def. The D in a Steel Cage match at Annihilation def. Pen at Schizo LIVE from College Park
Phantom Lord 2005 def. Positively Reaper in a Russian Chain match at Revelations def. Positively Reaper in a Thunderdome match at Schizo LIVE from San Antonio
def. Shane Douglas in an I Quit Six Sides of Steel match at PWA vs. TNA King of the Mountain
"Sick" Nick in a Death match at Schizos Wild

Season 3Edit

Wiki Schizo
Black StripLPW Wiki US
PWA United States Champions (season 3)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Schizous3 "Sick" Nick 2005 def. Phantom Lord in an "I Quit" Steel Cage match at Schizo LIVE from Portland def. The Rabbi at At All Costs
Joey Hollywood 2005 def. "Sick" Nick, Pen, and The Rabbi at Annihilation • None
The Rabbi 2005 def. Joey Hollywood at Schizo LIVE from Tampa def. Headbanger by disqualification at Schizos Wild

Season 4Edit

Wiki Inferno
Black StripLPW Wiki US
LPW United States/Transatlatic Champions (season 4)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
United States Champion Headbanger Drew "Headbanger" Michaels Nov. 29, 2006 def. The Rabbi in a No-DQ match at Homecoming
Earlier in the show, drafted to Pyromania, thus bringing title to brand.
def. Robert Lillehammer at Pyromania 9.1
def. Blackwell in a Carnival Brawl at The Rising
def. Latimer Morven at Pyromania 10.1
US Championship Damion Kross Jul. 21, 2007 def. Headbanger, Rogue, X, N'itomniskittel, The Sublime and Latimer Morven in an Unlucky Seven TLC match at Inferno 10.3: Night of Champions def. N'itomniskittel at Inferno 10.4
Uschampion Peter Saint Sep. 19, 2007 def. Damion Kross at Sacrament after Public Enemy No. 1 kicked Kross out of the group and announced Saint as its newest member def. The Sublime at Inferno 11.2
United States Champion The Rik The Rik Feb. 12, 2008 def. Peter Saint and RaTo in a Triple Threat match at Dead Reckoning
Renamed title to LPW Transatlantic Championship
def. Jaetyn Knightwash and Eddie B. at Inferno 12.3

Season 5Edit

Wiki Insanity
Black StripLPW Wiki Trans
LPW Transatlantic/Canadian Heavyweight Champions (season 5)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
The Rik was drafted to Insanity at Homecoming on October 15, 2008, thus making the title Insanity-exclusive. Three days later, Insanity GM Little Red stripped The Rik due to no-show, then announced The Exciting Adventures of the Transatlantic Championship to determine a new champion.
Transcards The Rabbi Jan. 18, 2009 def. Daniel Oakley in the finals of The Exciting Adventures of the Transatlantic Championship at Honor Roll (2009) def. Pen at Resurrection
def. Ash Strife at Insanity LIVE from the USS Bainbridge
Transcards2 Ash Strife Sep. 15, 2009 def. The Rabbi and Pope Fred in a Triple Threat match at Insanity LIVE from Woodstock
During the season 5 reign, Strife changed the name of title from the to the LPW Transatlantic Championship to the LPW Canadian Heavyweight Championship
def. Lou at Insanity LIVE from Atlantic City
def. Black Reaper at Insanity LIVE from San Juan
def. Son of Shockey at Insanity LIVE from Boise
def. Monroe at Insane Asylum

Season 6Edit

Wiki InsanityNEW
Grey Strip
LPW Canadian Heavyweight/United States Champions (season 6)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Ash Strife Sept. 15, 2009 def. The Rabbi and Pope Fred in a Triple Threat match at Insanity LIVE from Woodstock during its 5th season
During the season 6 reign, Strife changed the name of title from the LPW Canadian Heavyweight Championship to the LPW United States Heavyweight Championship
• Multiple defenses during 5th season
def. Jude Maxwell, Mass Chaos, Big B. Brown, and Phantom Lord in a Battle Royal at Homecoming (2010)
def. Jason Gravis at Honor Roll (2011)
def. Jason Gravis in a Last Man Standing match at At All Costs
Us3 Mass Chaos Jun. 16, 2011 def. Ash Strife at Insanity Gold def. Steve Storme at Insanity LIVE from Hartford
Us4 Andy Savana Oct. 15, 2011 def. Mass Chaos at Insanity LIVE from Miami def. Nigel Vanderbilt at Insanity LIVE from Cancun
Us5 Ultramarcus Jan. 13, 2012 def. Andy Savana at All=Stars def. Big B. Brown at Epic
def. Ozzy Crerar at Insanity: Gold II



Icon Indicator Graph Brand
Champion icon Current champion
PWA Schizo (Seasons 1-3)
+ As of October 1, 2012
LPW Inferno (Season 4)
¤ Exact length is uncertain
LPW Insanity (Season 5-)


Wiki LPW
Black StripLPW Left Wing
LPW United States Championship
Individual statistics
Champion 5 10 15 20 Shows Defs Days
Ash Strife
18 7 639
The Rabbi
15 3 ¤
Phantom Lord
9 3 ¤
Drew Michaels
8 3 234
7 2 262
The Rik
7 1 249
"Sick" Nick
6 1 ¤
Peter Saint
5 1 146
Positively Reaper
5 1 ¤
Mass Chaos
4 1 121
Joey Hollywood
4 0 ¤
Andy Savana
3 1 105
The D
0 ¤
Damion Kross
2 1 60
Champion icon Damien Blaze
1+ 0+ 0+
Note: Due to a wide range of missing dates, all reigns before Altered Reality II (June 2005) can not be reflected for analysis, and therefore not included.

External linksEdit

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