Mooroopna Mayamaya
Lpw unknown roster
Billing information
Height 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight 270 lb.
Billed From Flag of Australia Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia
Music "Duck Down" by The Roots
Affiliation Australis
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Style Power/Brawler
Match history
0 wins
0 losses
Trophy case
Currently none

Mooroopna Mayamaya is a former Australian professional wrestler, who competed for Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) performing on its Pyromania brand. He was best known for his time with the Australis.


Not much is known of Mooroopna Mayamaya in the modern world before June18th of 2009. That is the day he walked out of the barren wasteland into the town of Tennant Creek with his adopted Aboriginal family. The story told to the townspeople of his origins was that of mythic proportions. During a vicious thunderstorm on an evening about 18 years before this day, dingos could be heard rampaging through the village. A baby’s cry filled the night, and the villagers came to see what was by the fire. No evidence of dingos was seen, but an infant was found by the village leader’s wife near the fire. The family took the little boy in and raised him as their own in the wild of the Northern Territory. Due to the circumstances on which he joined the village, the boy was named Mooroopna Mayamaya. Bringing Mooroopna to modern society was a hindrance to the villagers, as he was the best hunter and fighter of the people, but they all knew he was bound for greater things for his people.

Mooroopna Mayamaya left Tennant Creek for the first time in the middle of May 2010, when a traveling circus came to town. The ringmaster had never seen such a physical specimen as Mooroopna, and wanted to hire him to be the World’s Toughest Man. He traveled with the circus for many months, where a wrestling promoter saw him do his show near Townsville, Queensland in January of 2011.

Mooroopna Mayamaya’s first match as a professional wrestler was as an entrant into a battle royal at a show outside Melbourne, Australia in early March of 2011. Mooroopna’s domination of the other nineteen men in that battle royal and subsequent victory impressed a VIP in attendance, getting him his LPW contract.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The Kergunyah (Rear Naked Choke)
    • The Cobar (Reverse Cradle Piledriver)
  • Favorite moves
    • Body slam
    • Clothesline
    • Shoulder block
    • Big boot
    • Lou Thez Press
    • Punching
    • Kicking
    • Biting
    • Choking
    • Big elbow to the head/shoulder
    • Double axe handle
    • Elbow drop
    • Leg drop
    • Big splash
    • High knee
    • Knee drop
    • Bear hug
    • Powerslam
    • Thata Wirruna (The Pounce)
  • Theme Music
    • "Duck Down" by The Roots

Championships and accomplishments

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