At All Costs 2007
Promotion Psychotic Wrestling Alliance
Starring Schizophrenia
Date April 7, 2007
Venue University of Phoenix Stadium
City Flag of the United States Glendale, Arizona
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At All Costs was a professional e-wrestling pay-per-view produced by the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA) under the Schizophrenia brand. The event took place on April 7, 2007 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The official theme song was "Broken Boy Soldier" by the Raconteurs.

This would be the final Schizophrenia show presented under the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance name before changing to Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) under the renamed Insanity brand.



The year for the PWA started with the Homecoming Draft, an event that saw every wrestler re-drafted by the promotion's two brands. With the first overall pick, Schizophrenia drafted the mega-popular Al, much to the delight of his "Al-Coholics". With the second overall pick, cYnical was thought to have been selected by Pyromania, the signature brand that cYnical helped ignite from its inaugural inception. But in a shocking move, cYnical was instead traded to Schizo, thus adding fuel to the fire for cYn's agenda against PWA management. For the next couple of weeks, cYnical began prophesying that the PWA would undergo an Uprising through the efforts of his secret faction. cYnical's first target would be Al, management's favorite son, in a match for cYn's symbolized Cleansed Championship.

In addition, after Pen retired following Altered Reality III, the PWA World Heavyweight Championship was declared vacant. Schizo's new general manager Stanman declared that a 12-man tournament would be held to crown the new champion. In the semi-finals of the tournament, Al would take on Bloodrose and Krimson Mask would face SoL at At All Costs to determine who would advance to the World Championship match.


The main event matched the top two draft picks from the Homecoming Draft as Al fought cYnical for the Cleansed Championship. After prophesizing for weeks that management was about to undergo an Uprising, cYnical’s words rang true when a masked man sneaked into the ring and assisted him with a spike piledriver on Al, using the Cleansed title as a cushion for Al's head. After the three count, cYnical had successfully defended his title. The big news, however, was what happened after the match. The masked man took of his disguise and revealed himself to be Stone, the newest Uprising member who was returning after a two-year hiatus.

Despite the main event loss, Al’s night was not a total disaster. In the pay-per-view's opening contest, Al defeated Bloodrose to advance to the final round of the PWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament. On the other side of the title bracket, Krimson Mask successfully pinned SoL, the former 2-time World Champion, to guarantee his shot at the vacant title. Al and Krimson Mask would face-off for the richest prize in the game at the next Insanity telecast from Los Angeles, California.

In the match of the night, The Witnesses (White Falcon and Steven Taylor) were predicted to lose the PWA United States Tag Team Championship to the the Lost Prophets (Retribution & Cyrus). In an outcome that could rival most miracles, White Falcon put forth a career effort to help the Witnesses defeat their stronger opponents and retain the titles. But the Lost Prophets got the last laugh when they ambushed the Witnesses after the match and announced that the long-anticipated third member of the group was Bloodrose.


# Results Stipulations Notes
1 Al defeated Bloodrose (with [[Scarlet) Semifinal match of the PWA World Championship Tournament Al pinned Bloodrose after the Crack, Snapple, Pop
2 Retribution (c) defeated Trey Spruance PWA Hardcore Championship match Retribution pinned Spruance after hitting him in the head with a 9 iron, then hitting an inverted atomic drop
3 Zuma defeated Bobino Singles match Zuma forced Bobino to submit to the Blunt Wrap
4 The Rabbi defeated Adeaton Singles match Rabbi pinned Adeaton after drilling The Blessing DDT when Adeaton was caught leaping from the top rope
5 X defeated Headbanger Hardcore match X pinned Headbanger after hitting him with a barbed wire baseball bat to the face
6 The Witnesses (White Falcon and Steven Taylor) (c) defeated the Lost Prophets (Retribution and Cyrus) PWA United States Tag Team Championship match Taylor pinned Cyrus with a jackknife hold after Cyrus mistakenly hit Retribution with a big boot[a]
7 Krimson Mask (with Little Red) defeated SoL (with Snookie) Semifinal match of the PWA World Championship Tournament Krimson Mask pinned SoL after a Bloodrush DDT
8 Hatchet Ryda defeated Magic Newbie Championship Finals Hatchet pinned Magic after a Hatchet Splash[b]
9 cYnical (c) defeated Al Cleansed Championship match cYnical pinned Al after a masked man and cYn double-teamed Al with a spike piledriver onto the title belt[a]

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