PWA Schizophrenia
Season 1
eFederation Psychotic Wrestling Alliance
GM Villiano 187
Commentators Unknown
Start date Golden Age
End date Altered Reality I
Booker SoL
Season chronology
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Season 2

The first season of the Schizophrenia brand for Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA) (which currently is the Insanity brand of Lords of Pain Wrestling) commenced during the Golden Age and concluded at the first Altered Reality.


Although many results were wiped, championship results are known. The PWA World Heavyweight Championship first champion was crowned in season one, that man being Marty, who defeated Phantom Lord in a tournament final in a steel cage match. Snapple was crowned the second champion after he defeated Marty during an edition of Schizo LIVE. Then on June 17, 2003, Villiano 187 defeated Snapple in the unique Disco Ladder match at during an edition of Schizo LIVE.

The PWA Western States Heritage Championship originated on the Schizo brand during the first season. Lex Luthar defeated Villiano 187 to become the first champion, then the title was vactated. Then Jade defeated 2TX to win the title, before Jade was stripped of the title at Pyromania 2.2. From that time forward, the Western States Heritage Championship stayed with the Pyromania/Inferno brand until the 4th season of Insanity.

The PWA Television Championship was first introduced during the first season by Phantom Lord when he defeated Bestest for the PWA Hardcore Championship, another Schizo original, in an "Exploding Cage" Death Match. After the victory, Phantom Lord vacated the Hardcore title and declared himself as the first Television Champion. Despite Phantom Lord's dominance upon the title's inception, his title reign is not recognized in the LPW history books.

Also, the PWA United States Tag Team Championship, the main tag team title on the Schizo/Insanity brand until Altered Reality IV, was won by Blood & Fire, the team of Bloodrose and Firefly. The first team to elevate the titles was the tag team of The Rabbi and "Sick" Nick. The duo produced some of the most creative and original promos in the title's early history. Rabbi and "Sick" Nick would hold the titles on two separate occassions.

PWA World Heavyweight ChampionshipEdit

Main article: LPW World Heavyweight Championship
Wiki Schizo
Black StripLPW Wiki World
PWA World Heavyweight Champions (season 1)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Schizoworld Marty 2003 def. Phantom Lord in a Steel Cage tournament final match at Annihilation (2003) • Unknown
Snapple 2003 def. Marty at Schizo LIVE • Unknown
Villiano 187 Jun. 17, 2003 def. Snapple in a Disco Ladder match at Schizo LIVE • Unknown

PWA Western States Heritage ChampionshipEdit

Main article: LPW Western States Heritage Championship
Wiki Schizo
Black StripLPW Wiki WSH
PWA Western States Heritage Champions (season 1)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Wshc2 Lex Luthar 2004 def. Villiano 187 • Unknown
Jade 2004 def. 2TX • Unknown

PWA Hardcore ChampionshipEdit

Main article: LPW Hardcore Championship
Wiki Schizo
Black StripLPW Wiki Hardcore
PWA Hardcore Champions (season 1)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
Hardcore1 Bestest 2003 def. Independent Pest • Unknown
The title was declared vacant after Phantom Lord ran off with the Hardcore title to Schizo, claiming hardcore wrestling was dead. At Altered Reality I, cYnical and Bestest defeated Phantom and brought the title back to Pyromania.

PWA Women's ChampionshipEdit

Main article: PWA Women's Championship
Wiki Schizo
Black StripLPW Wiki Womens
PWA Women's Champions (season 1)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
PWAWomens Jade 2004 Unknown • Unknown
Shorty def. Jade
Sweet Pea def. Shorty
Satisfaction def. Sweet Pea
Jade Winter 2004 def. Satisfaction at Annihilation
Satisfaction (2) Winter 2004 def. Satisfaction at Annihilation
The title was retire without a formal announcement.

PWA United States Tag Team ChampionshipEdit

Main article: LPW United States Tag Team Championship
Wiki Schizo
Black StripLPW Wiki US Tag
PWA United States Tag Team Champions (season 1)
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
USTag Blood & Fire (Bloodrose and Firefly) 2003 First PWA United States Tag Team Champions • Unknown

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