The Pandora's Box tournament was created by Full Metal Wrestling to determine a #1 Contender to TyranT's Full Metal Championship at Lethal Injection.

The ConceptEdit

At the 10.1 broadcasts of Ammunition, Corruption, and Distortion, each brand's respective title was defended in a one-on-one match. If the champion won, he would move on to the #1 Contender's Match at 10.2. However, if the challenger won, he would have one of two options. He could either move on to the #1 Contender's Match and forsake the championship, or take the championship but not move on to the #1 Contender's Match.


After Drew Michaels was proclaimed to be dead after a gruesome beatdown by HavOc (The Harlequin, O'Rion, Hannibal Frost, Jack Eastwood) and Jaro, he was forced to vacate the C-4 Division Champsionship. A tournament was then started at Ammunition 9.1 in order to crown a new champion, which was won by an old nemesis of Michaels, Eric Scorpio. After Michaels made a shocking return at Ammunition 9.3, he set his sights on the C-4 Championship, something he claimed he had never actually lost. At Ammunition 10.1, he defeated Scorpio and chose to take the belt, eliminating himself and Scorpio from the Pandora's Box tournament.


After having two close calls against The Celt, Jaro faced him one more time, this time in a Pandora's Box qualifier. However, the match ended in a no contest after both men were knocked out following Celt leaping off the MetalTron onto Jaro. Due to no one winning, Jaro retained his Ultraviolent Championship and both men were eliminated from Pandora's Box.


Lastly, on Distortion, Skyler Striker defended his Abandoned Championship against former Abandoned Champion Romeo in a First Blood Match. Romeo won, but knowing the results of the Pandora's Box matches on Ammunition and Corruption, chose to take the #1 Contendership opportunity, and Striker kept his belt. With no other challengers, Romeo was named the de facto #1 Contender and will face TyranT at Lethal Injection.

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