Primetime Players
Billing information
Members Spectre
Joey Hollywood
Former members
Weight 441 lb.
Music "B.B.K." by Korn
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Match history
7 wins
3 losses
Trophy case

The Primetime Players were a professional e-wrestling tag team that consisted of Spectre and Joey Hollywood. Together, they competed in the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA) on its Schizophrenia brand, where they won the PWA United States Tag Team Championship on two separate occassions.

The team eventually disbanded after Spectre grew jealous of the singles' championship opportunities that PWA management gave Hollywood, whereas he didn't receive any.


The Prime Time Players are a story laced with double tangets and believed bias. The confidence that was had by Joey Hollywood and Spectre though was undeniable. These two men were here to make a huge name for themselves, and they went on to do exactly that.

Debuting against the tandem of Unleashed Anarchy. With the deep list of tag teams in the PWA at the time, it was feared that the pair might get lost among the mess. However, they continued to impress, with strong performances both in and out of the ring, so much so that they would be gifted with a Number One Contenders match to find out who would face the Tag Champs at the “At All Costs” PPV. While they lost the match up to La rEvolution, they would not be denied, as they started again to earn a title match.

They would receive another shot at the belts when Schizophrenia ventured to the University of Wisconsin, where they were involved in the Tag Team Turmoil match up. Unsurprisingly to some, the pair gave themselves a good chance, and made good on the opportunity, outlasting 5 other teams to capture the belt. Management were particularly impressed with the effort of Joey Hollywood, allowing him to compete in a United States Championship match at the Annihilation PPV.

This was not the first time management had given Hollywood a singles title opportunity while leaving Spectre out in the cold, having already won and been stripped of the TV Title before. While resent grew between the pair, the Illuminati swept in and took their US Tag Titles from their waist. While the Illuminati had issues of their own, fighting within themselves for the sole control of the titles with their valets, the Prime Time Players returned, seemingly on the same page, to win the titles back.

The Prime Time Players found themselves looking dead into the hungry eyes of the Witnesses, who proved to be an even match for the pair. The match up was so even, they gave us the only draw we have seen in LPW Tag Team wrestling. In the rematch however, demons between Hollywood and Spectre rose again, which cost the pair the match. Spectre, very bitter about the “favoritism” shown to his tag team partner by management, refused to team with Hollywood again, ending the tag team forever.

While they might never show us what they did again, they were instrumental in proving the longevity of Tag Teams in LPW.

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Match historyEdit

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes
zWin 4-1 Primetime Players (Joey Hollywood and Spectre) Mass Chaos Schizo LIVE from Portland Late 2005 2-on-1 Handicap match
zLoss 3-1 La rEvolution (Pen and Adeaton) Primetime Players (Joey Hollywood and Spectre) Schizo LIVE from Salt Lake City August, 2005 Tag Team match
zWin 3-0 Team Phantom (Phantom Lord, D. Hammond Samuels, Bloodrose, and Primetime Players) Hell on Wheels (Son of Repoman, Jaro, Stuart, Winter, and Dubzilla) Altered Reality II June, 2005 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination match. Samuels was the sole survivor
zWin 2-0 Primetime Players (Joey Hollywood and Spectre) La rEvolution, Wild Anarchy, and C.H.A.O.S. Schizos Wild (2005) June, 2005 Four-Way Tag Team match to qualify for Team Phantom
zWin 1-0 Primetime Players (Joey Hollywood and Spectre) Unleashed Anarchy (Norwegian Beast and Sick Fixx) Schizo LIVE from Phoenix May, 2005 Debut Tag Team match

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Primetime Players (Joey Hollywood and Spectre)
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PWA United States Tag Team Championship
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