Lpw unknown alumni roster
Billing information
Born Unknown
Height 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight Unknown
Billed From Flag of the United States Falls Church, Virginia
Music "Super Duper Man" by Toy Box
Affiliation Pope Fred
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Style Valet
Match history
1 wins
1 losses
Trophy case

Roseanne is an American valet to e-wrestler, Pope Fred. They used jokes, pranks and public embarrassment to get ahead.

Backstory Edit

Roseanne is a fag-hag version of Sunny, but prefers the terms "Pixie Dust" or "Fruit Fly" as she believes it is a more accurate depiction of her standing with her friend Pope Fred.Roseanne often wears beautifully ornate Japanese kimonos and words "Ms. Fruit Fly 2006" There are rumors that Roseanne is his natural sister (or brother), but few have been able to confirm her origins.Roseanne is from Falls Church, Va.


Roseanne's career is an exact mirror of that of her client and best friend Pope Fred.

The First Coming of the Pope Edit

Pope Fred signed with Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) in 2007. Despite the Pope's religious and sexual identity, he quickly rose to become a fan favorite in the LPW. Roseanne has been his valet since day one. In their first PPV appearance they successfully defeated Jeff Watson and his wife, Maria..

The Pope Returns for Zest Edit

In March of 2008, Pope Fred returned to the site of Insanity. It was unclear where he had been but an explaination soon followed. After six months of selling out his Broadway Show "Diving: The Musical". Pope Fred and Roseanne returned to their role as the Will and Grace of the LPW. They are on the hunt for Pope Fred's love Zest, because who wants to shower in the morning with out feeling Zestfully clean?

In wrestling Edit

  • Finishing moves
    • Virginian Leap (Flying Elbow from the top rope)
  • Favorite moves
    • European Upper-Cut
    • Schoolboy Roll-up
    • Lesbian Body Slam
  • Nickname
    • The Virginian
  • Theme music
    • "Take Your Mama" by Scissor Sisters
    • "You Don't Know Me " by Ben Folds
    • "Super Duper Man" by Toy Box

Championships and accomplishments Edit

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