Sudden Death
Billing information
Members Son of Shockey
Black Ada
Andy Savana
Former members
Music "mObscene" by Marilyn Manson
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Finisher "ESPN2" (Spike Package Piledriver)
Match history
3 wins
4 losses
Trophy case

Sudden Death (also nicknamed SHOCKLATE!) was a professional e-wrestling tag team and stable consisting of Andy Savana, Black Ada, and Son of Shockey. They competed in Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) on the Insanity brand during its fifth season.



After the entire LPW roster was re-drafted during the LPW Homecoming Draft, new Insanity General Manager Little Hood announced The Exciting Adventures of the Transatlantic Championship, a unique tournament to decide a new LPW Transatlantic Champion. During Insanity's first show of the season, Son of Shockey was upset that he was not included in the title hunt, and would complain to anyone who would listen that he deserved to be in that hunt. He and his tag team partner that night, Black Ada, would complain to Little Red about being disrespected. After back and forth banter, Little Red decided to play a game of musical chairs to determine the number one contender, much to the chagrin of both men. The two would work together to eliminate Villiano 187 and Lou, but in the end, the two would be eliminated by the MWA, Tromboner Man and RaTo. Upset at their loss, SOS and Ada would take out their anger on their foes that night, Kafu and Super Houdini.

Ada and Shockey, impressed with the other's wrestling ability, decided to form a team. Originally going by the name the Alliance of Sin, the two would act as hotshots with a slighlty evil and sinister twist. The two wouldn't work at their best, however, when Shockey had a match against Ash Strife; the match saw Ada infuriate Strife and unleash his evil alter-ego, Crazy Ash Killa, on the two men. Strife would win the match.

Soon, the duo would change their tag-team name to Sudden Death.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • ESPN2 (Spike Package Piledriver)
    • Utter Sin (Shockey puts opponent on turnbuckle and tags in Ada. Ada pulls the head of opponent off the turnbuckle and rests the legs on SOS, Ada hits a Stunner)
    • Venom to Brain 2.0 (Gorilla Press by SOS, then Venom to Brain Knee Strike by Ada)
  • Favorite moves
    • Death Valley Driver (SOS) and DDT (Ada)
    • Standing Shrianui (Ada) and Chop Block (SOS)
    • Pendelum Backbreaker (SOS) and Standing/Running/Diving/Spingboard Leg Drop (Ada)
    • Russian Leg Sweep (Ada) and Running Big Boot (SOS)
    • Stalling Suplex (SOS) and Missle Dropkick (Ada)
  • Theme music
    • "mObscene" by Marilyn Manson

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Match historyEdit

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Ada Score SOS Score
zLoss 3-4 Watchmen (Black Reaper and Justus) Sudden Death (Black Ada and SOS) and Phantom Lord and Dr. Wagner Insanity LIVE from Baltimore 11 November, 2009 Triple Threat Tag Team match to determine Number One Contenders' to LPW Undisputed Tag Team Championship 3.29 3.79
zLoss 3-3 Madcore Misfits (Tromboner Man and Drew Michaels) Sudden Death (Black Ada and Andy Savana*) Inferno 14.4 28 July, 2009 Number One Contenders' match for the LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship 3.90 3.90*
zLoss 3-2 Franchise Players (Cash Flo and Big B. Brown) Sudden Death Insanity LIVE from Sydney 21 April, 2009 Winners receive +2 Body Count points 3.75 0.00
zLoss 3-1 MWA (c) Sudden Death Resurrection 23 March, 2009 LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship match 4.18 0.00
zWin 3-0 cYnical and Sudden Death Fun Police (RaTo, Daniel Oakley, and Killswitch) Insanity LIVE from Waikiki Beach 22 February, 2009 Six-Man Tag Team match 3.45 4.13
zWin 2-0 Sudden Death Eddie Green and Saint Steve Honor Roll 18 January, 2009 Tag Team match 3.82 4.00
zWin 1-0 Black Ada and Son of Shockey Kafu and Super Houdini Insanity LIVE from San Antonio 15 November, 2008 Tag Team match 3.65 3.88
Promo score is a rating which ranges from 0.0 to 5.0, the latter being the highest. Promos are judged to determine the better promo between e-wrestling competitors.

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