Ash Woodstock [QUOTE=Ash Strife;128639][B][CENTER][COLOR="Lime"]“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”

                                                           -Pablo Picasso
      • [/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]

[I][COLOR="Gray"]“This is it little brother, your final lesson from me.” Eric said starts to lead his little brother into a small shack hidden deep in the woods by their house.

“What are you teaching me this time?” young Ash asked?

“Simple brother, I’m going to teach you how to take a life and not feel regret for it later” Eric boldly said.

“But I took a wolf’s life with my own two hands, you were right there.” Ash said.

“No, I taught you how to concur you fears that lesson, then I thought you how to fight, and now I am going to teach you how to kill, to be a true Strife. Not the sorry excuse our parents are living.” Eric states to Ash.

“What do you mean?” asked Ash

“Our parents don’t carry the gene that makes us… more evolved.” Eric says before clearing is throat. “I took the liberty to research our family tree and we hail from a family of monsters Ash.

“Monsters?” Ash looked on at his brother confused.

“Yes Monsters!” Eric Laughed “When I am done with you little brother, you will feel nothing and be more evolved then the rest of the sheep in this planet… Are you ready my brother?”

The two brothers finally stand out side the shack and Ash looks a bit nerves as he has no idea what his brother has planed. “I think so” Ash says calmly before a smack from his older brother drives him to the ground.

“You think? You more then think, you need to know!” Eric yells down to his brother. “You are a Strife, there is no time or acceptance for weakness.”

‘I…I know I’m ready” Ash lets out.

‘Good.” Eric says as he helps his little brother up. ‘Close your eyes bro.”

Ash does as he is told as he hears the door open and Eric pushes Ash into the room. “Go ahead an open them.” Eric says to his little brother.

Ash opens his eyes to find him self in a room lined with small aquariums. Each aquarium has a small light giving a glow to the room Ash stares a little harder to find each aquarium has a scorpion in it. Ash spins around and gives his brother a confused look.

‘There’s no scorpions in the woods are there? Ash asked.

“No I used what money I had to buy the tanks and my pets, they are beautiful aren’t they Ash? Eric asked.

“But this is a lot! I know mom and dad don’t pay you this good…” Ash stated.

“Yeah about that, you need to pick and choose your targets carefully Ash, like there might be a surprise for you in that closet over there.” Eric points and Ash makes out a door.

Ash doesn’t go to the door just yet but looks around the room even more. There are dead scorpions nailed to the walls. As if Eric can read his brothers thought Eric speaks out. “Those that fate has decided are not worthy of living, they fought for their lives and failed.”

Ash just nodded his head as he walks towards the door and turns the handle. There sits a female body, half naked with a potato sack over her head, handcuffed to a chair. Ash quickly spins around in shock.

“Don’t be alarmed brother, she is quite alive, and I’m saving her for you.” Eric sneered “this is your ultimate gift. You see I am creating a Strife out of you.”

Ash looks around at the girl again. Thinking to him self, Eric has always been there for me. And he has taught me much. He has been more of a parent then out real parents. I’ll do my brother proud.

Ash then look to his left and pick sup a knife lying on an aquarium.

“This is for you brother.” Ash said as he goes into the room and closes the door behind him only for the sound of muffled screams to come through the doors.[/COLOR][/I]


[I]Ash Strife wakes up in a cold sweat, the first time in a long time since the head injury before the USS Bainbridge show.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Come on Ash be stronger then this. Don’t let your ghost from your past haunt you.

[I]Ash felt lost, alone in the world. Even though Eric may have corrupted Ash down a different path then what he was on as a child, Eric was always there for him but now he is gone, thanks to him self. He missed his brother. [/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Eric Brother, I’m sorry. If you are alive…

[I]Ash pauses as he thinks of the mind games that have been targeted at him the past few shows. The note, the box of dead scorpion, the black light, the music and being covered in scorpions….[/I]

[B]Strife: [/B]Eric please, if it is you behind these games make your self known… Yes we have both tried to kill each other and I might have succeeded but you are still my brother! We should have each others back and right now I need you more then ever.

[I]Ash stands up but instead of doing the regular prayer routine he normally does when he wakes up he just gets out of bed and walks to the rest room as always. Turning on the hot water he begins to wash his face when he stands up and stares in the mirror. He looks at the Saint Paul medal given to him by Drew Michaels a while back and it makes him think of the old church. Oh how he missed the old church he lived at, it was peaceful and quite but Not sure how, CAK found them this new place that has a lot more then what Ash ever needs.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Maybe I am a fool after all, if I would just embrace my darker half I wouldn’t be torn like this and maybe I really would have peace… no I can’t do that I am tired of the murders and the violence and being that person… I want to be my own person and make my own choices…

[I]Ash just stares at him self as he is rambling on to him self when he reaches up to his neck and rips the chain from off his neck and throws it medal and all out the room.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] That didn’t help one bit Drew…Grrr

[I]Ash lets out a growl and smashes his fist on the counter.[/I]


[I]As Ash is borderline going ape shit in the bath room he notices Eric walking past the door in the reflection of the mirror. Ash quickly spins around.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Brother!

[I]Ash darts out of the bathroom and towards the direction Eric went. He charges forward and opens the door to find it a closet and ducks as something fall towards his face… CAK’s helmet. He catches it and stares at the metallic skull face plate. He quickly gives it a double take and he sees Eric standing over him in his reflection. Ash spins around again… to see nothing once more.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Why do you haunt me brother? You once spoke to me but now your voice has run silent. You lead me to this but what does it mean?

[I]Ash’s eyes suddenly perk up.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] You used to tell me that body language speaks louder then words ever will. You wanted me to go to the helmet… but this is CAK’s, I hate the repulsive thing… unless you want me to be CAK in order to find out what you are trying to say to me…

[I]Ash stares down at the helmet more and then tosses it to the side.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] I’m losing my mind I really am.

[I]Ash starts to get off of the floor when he spots something about the helmet he didn’t notice before. He walks over to it and holds it upside down to state at a giant dead scorpion taped to the inside of the helmet. If Ash didn’t know any better he would have thought it was the same scorpion from Body Count. Ash grits his teeth and heads towards the bath room and stares right at the mirror.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] YOU!

[I]Ash watches as his reflection gets a grin on is face.[/I]

[I][COLOR="Red"][B]CAK:[/B] Me what?[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] I must find out who is behind Eric’s “ghost”.

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] Eric is dead… there is no way possible he would have come back from a beating like that and being buried alive… he would have suffocated a LONG time ago.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Even if what you are saying is true…Eric is more resourceful then that-

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] Well he is a Strife… something you would know nothing about.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] I am a Strife

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] Only you forgot what it took to be one… the monster is in your genes Ash. Eric knew this and he was showing you tough love to make you realize this.[/COLOR][/I]


[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] And you survived BECAUSE OF ME! I am more of a Strife then you ever will be… you show so much potential Ash… so much but you are letting it go to waste.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] …

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] Ash, I’ll hummer you. Let’s say Eric is alive. Do you miss him?[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Yes he is my best friend and my brother.

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] Eric is a Strife through and through and he respects power and those that are strong… If you unite with me then Eric will side with you once more, he will take you back under his wing and your Dark Brotherhood will rise to all new heights… but with out me that is just an illusion. For Eric is Dead and WE killed him.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] You killed him…

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] You could have stopped me at any moment if you really didn’t want to do that. You put up no struggle once so ever as you beat your brother into a coma… you let me bury him alive… every “horrible” thing I have done you let me do because efface it Ash you like it.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] I don’t…

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] But you do, you are addicted to power and Ash I make you feel powerful. Hiding behind me you feel like your invincible Ash. You are just a scared little boy Ash. But you don’t have to be afraid I’ll make everything better.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR="red"][B]Strife:[/B] Maybe you’re right… just maybe.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] of course I am right Ash, if you would have let me do everything WE would be International Heavyweight Champion right now… We would even hold the Transatlantic Title right now… both times we had the match won both time you choked and showed mercy but this time can be different. We get one more shot at the Jew and look at it this way Ash, he is all beat up from the Death Cube… He will be easy pickings… EASY![/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] But there is still Pope Fred, he is after all the hottest rising rookie right now.

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] Fred doesn’t scare us. The man is funny but he is no warrior. And I do wan tpay back for that embarrassment of a match we had last time… celebrities everywhere… this time the Pope gets his first good ass whooping. And if he is lucky I’ll own leave him in a pool of hi sown blood after all he is funny and I’d hate to take away amusement from my life.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Funny I never took you for one with a since of hummer.

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] You really need to learn when someone is using sarcasm. If Fred is as smart as he says he won’t show up, hell he can go to Inferno and kidnap the TV title and turn it pink or something. The Transatlantic title will be mine; he should know this and value his life before I end it. [/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] You talk too much of a game CAK… too much

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] And you need man the fuck up… be the monster your brother made you to be before you went soft… you remember the horrible things you used to do even while I was sleeping away in your head.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Stop.

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] You targeted Priest, nuns and school girls… to torture and maim… don’t forget the officer’s daughter that simply disappeared. You enjoyed what you did Ash. You enjoyed being allied with your brother and wrecking havoc in the ring and behind the scenes… and that would still be going on until you went soft. You let a bad dream scare you into wanting redemption for a life time of sin.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] I said stop.

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] You even turned to White Falcon… your one time biggest nemesis her, the one man that YOU HAVE NEVER beaten and never will… but me Ash I would rip that little birdies wings right off.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] STOP IT!

[I]Ash starts to breathe really hard as tears start to roll down the side of his face.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] I hate you but your right… about everything. I did enjoy causing pain and suffering to everyone that crossed my path, to leave a trail of destruction behind me along side my brother. I am addicted to the feeling of power you give me… I do need you

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] I knew it…[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] But I will not just back down from what I want to become.

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] And what is that?[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] A champion, not a failure but most importantly my own man… for far too long I have followed the directions of someone else as if I was some sort of demented puppet… Well I cut those strings now. Eric is gone, I won’t get my self involved in this war for the control of LPW for I don’t care-

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] But you should… for the one that has pulled your strings the most is against the people I power…One Drew Michaels. You should do something about that but not for this war do it for yoru self Ash, you owe Eric that much if you truly miss him.[/COLOR][/I]

[I]Ash can only look forward in shock as he can not believe he is listening to his inner voices for once.[/I]

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] I’m not saying to kill him Ash but I am saying this… do what feels right[/COLOR][/I]

[I]CAK lets out a sinker in the mirror as Ash begins to nod his head an dthe expression on his face starts to get heated.[/I]

[B]Strife: [/B]First I confront Michaels, and then I take care of The Rabbi and Pope Fred and win the Transatlantic title.

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] For Eric?[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] For my self!

[I][COLOR="red"][B]CAK:[/B] Good![/COLOR][/I]

[I]For the first time since Ash can remember he lets out a smile as CAK is smiling and he storms off. [/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Time to be my self for once.

[B][CENTER][COLOR="Lime"]*** God Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I can not change The Courage to change the things I can and

The Wisdom to know the difference


      • [/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]

[I]The scene cuts to the locker room of brand new LPW tag team champion Drew Michaels. Michaels is walking back stage with determination in his eyes as he goes to his guest locker-room. He walks right up to to his locker and he spots his tag title hanging up and notices something else that he instantly picks out… the medal he gave to Ash. It is hanging on a new chain right next to his belt, as Drew reaches for it he he get s caught of guard by Ash’s presence in the room.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Hello Andrew…

[I]Michaels raises his fist to guard him self as he sees the anger on Ash’s face but when he looks closer he notices ash’s eyes… they are not showing the blood lust anger that CAK always shows. He quickly drops his guard.[/I]

[B]Michaels:[/B] ASH! Hey man-

[B]Strife:[/B] Quite Michaels I am not here to make small talk…

[B]Michaels:[/B] Samuels or Red put you up to this?

[B]Strife:[/B] No I am here for my own reason; I care less for the influence of either of them.

[B]Michaels:[/B] O…K….What’s up?

[I]Drew was making sure to choose his words wisely for he knows how unstable Ash’s mind really is and even though he wasn’t afraid of Ash at all he would rather not fight the big man here and now when he has other things on his plate.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Why did you really invite me to be in that match at Honor Roll?

[B]Michaels:[/B] I told you, after Eric did what he did I figured you deserved a shot at him then and now and beside s you came so close to winning the International Heavyweight Championsh-

[B]Strife:[/B] Quit the bull shit Drew. You feared my brother admit it!

[B]Michaels:[/B] I don’t fear anyone for the lord is with me.

[B]Strife:[/B] SHUT UP! You used me… you didn’t want to face both NPD and Eric alone so you brought me in as the wild card and we know what happened! I lost my brother that night!

[B]Michaels:[/B] No you lost your brother when you went bat shit crazy and buried him alive…

[I]Ash raises his fist as if to strike but then smile as he drops his fist.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] You know we are a lot alike Michaels… a lot

[B]Michaels:[/B] We share nothing in common… nothing.

[B]Strife:[/B] We share many things.

[B]Michaels:[/B] Like what?

[B]Strife:[/B] We both used a victory over the rabbi for the United States title to catapult our careers.

[B]Michaels:[/B] You haven’t beaten the rabbi and it is the Transatlantic title you are faced for.

[B]Strife:[/B] Look closer Drew, you didn’t win the title on your first shot either. Now while he got disqualified, and I got pinned; the next result will be the same, me standing tall with the title. Only I’ll have two broken bodies at my feet… but that is not all we share Drew.

[B]Michaels:[/B] I’m listening

[B]Strife:[/B] We are both monsters Drew, only what drives us is different. You are greedy, you want to be the best ever… that is what you strive for and you know it even if it comes at the expense of those close to you… you are no hero Michaels not one bit. You think you can save LPW… you couldn’t even save your unborn baby or your marriage.

[I]This time Drew Michaels is the one that raises his fist.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Does it sting Michaels? Well it is true, you abandoned your own family, much like you abandoned your brothers in arms the Misfits!

[B]Michaels:[/B] I have never turned my back on my brothers.

[B]Strife:[/B] Not yet but you would sell them out to get your self ahead in a heart beat or maybe you keep them around cause they make you look better Drew what is it?

[I]Michaels doesn’t hit Ash but he soon gets right in Ash’s face.[/I]

[B]Michaels:[/B] What is your problem man! Just spit it out.

[B]Strife:[/B] You used me to take out Eric. We can’t be friends Drew not now… not with Eric’s blood on your hands… not at least until you lost what I have lost… by the way how is Juliet doing?

[B]Michaels:[/B] You stay away from her you big son of a bitch.

[B]Strife:[/B] It is a shame for I once respected you so much until you revealed your self to be the puppeteer you are. Well you won’t pull my strings no more.

[I]Ash turns to walk away when he stops and turns around again.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] Next time we meet Drew it won’t be this civilized I can promise you that.

[I]Ash finally storms out of the room with a sense of purpose.[/I]

[B]Strife:[/B] So much for the chosen one… brother I’ll make them all pay for you.

[I]Ash walks right by as a Smiling Eric Scorpio is there before he fades out.[/I]

[B][CENTER][COLOR="lime"]*** You can destroy an army you can kill a man But you can't kill terror and terror is what I am

      • [/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]


The chance at redemption is here

Last night being the start of my climb back up the mountain

For you see Rabbi…

I hate you!

You cost me everything!

You stole would have been my moment of glory claiming my first single title

Not to mention being one step closer to entering the Death cube

But neither one of those things happened!

You Rabbi stole my moment in a split second

But I promise to you that you that lighting will not strike twice.

You reign ends tonight for there is no way you will ever pin me again

Your time is up old timer for the CAK you face now

Is no longer struggling an internal battle

Ash got some common since and woke to reality

The man is no more and the monster lives

Either way

You have a tough choice ahead of you champ

For facing Ash is bad

But facing me is worst.

Ash wants peace and I have shown him the way

By destroying all in front of him.

And you not only happen to be in his way

You have something he wants.

The Transatlantic title has long been calling his name.

It is time for you to stop being greedy

Time to release the Death grip you have on the title

It doesn’t want to be with you anymore

It is time to let it go Champ

And I suggest that you listen to your title Champ

Before I have to react with a death grip of my own!

Run while you still can you can

There is still a chance of a long career in front of you

As long as you do what is smart

Think about your well being Rabbi

I mean really

You went through one of the most brutal matches in LPW history

And the next night you find out you go round two with me.

Looks like life has dealt you a bad hand…

And I might even be generous

And allow you walk out of the ring on your own two feet.

But in the long run it matters not for you don’t face the hazed out drossy man

You were able to beat last time.

This time you face

An extremely focused weapon of destruction

So the choice is yours really…

Attempt to beat me end up in a hospital

Or show up and sacrifice Pope Fred to the wolves.

You see old timer I am giving you the chance of a life time here…

Don’t be stupid

Now allow me to get to you Fred




Well it looks like you got quite a unique nick name

So do I!




Don’t think I haven’t forgotten you Fred for on bit

I remember when we faced last and you brought your little celebrity carnival

What a disgrace!

You see I am glad you evolved since then

But that match has always been on the back of my mind

As the worst match in LPW history!

You try to say I won for one of your friends hit you with a chair…

I just wanted to get the stupid thing over with

But this time you have certainly evolved to one of the most popular rookie sensations

So let’s see if your witty hummer will cause you to survive

For you will not get the same offer as I gave the Rabbi

I will come at you fast and hard

And I will show you no mercy.

Your championship dreams will end tonight Fred

At least on Insanity

You’re out of your league here kid

And tonight I will show you

Why I am the REAL monster on Insanity

Fred you face ultimate destruction

You see I want the entire LPW to take notice

Tonight I rectify two huge blemishes on my record

I win the Transatlantic title

And I show Fred the true meaning of violence.

A new monster is loose on Insanity

Tonight a legend gets put down

Tonight a sperm whale bleeds


I CONQUER THE TRANSALANTIC![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B][/CENTER][/QUOTE] Justus AC [QUOTE=Justus;174985][CENTER][I]Justus couldn’t believe what he was seeing. In front of him loomed the imposing figure of a sort of twisted carnival. His vision was dominated with the series of dilapidated tents and tattered streamers that had long sense faded from their once cheerful colors. Above all of this he could make out the shadows of a Ferris Wheel that stood like a colossus against the night sky. As he stood there he could make out the faint sounds of carnival music drifting through the air. He took a deep breath and looked to the left then to the right. His eyes widened as he realized the road he was standing on lead to only one place, inside the carnival it’s self. He stood there trying his best to figure out what he should do when he caught a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head quickly to see what it was that was moving. To his surprise it was a person. He tensed up as he watched the person begin walking toward him. Their face was obscured by darkness but he could make out their figure clearly especially the large top hat that they wore. As they came closer Justus felt the desire to flee fill him. He stood there despite this, waiting for the figure to step in to the light. As Justus kept his gaze fixed on the figure he drew in a deep breath. Suddenly the figure stopped. Justus began to shake as he awaited the figure’s next move. However rather then move the figure spoke.[/I][/CENTER]

Figure: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Are you scared?[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]Justus jumped up out of his seat as he awoke from the nightmare. His eyes darted back and forth as he searched around him for the figure from his dream. It wasn’t there but McKenzie was.[/I][/CENTER]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]Nightmares again?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus sighed as he sat back down in his seat. He wasn’t at a carnival; he was on an airplane headed towards Atlantic City. He looked towards McKenzie and slowly nodded. McKenzie offered a warm smile and shook his head. Justus sighed and looked out of the window. He had been having the same nightmare since the night in Baltimore and he didn’t know why. He had discussed it with McKenzie but to no avail. All he knew was that the nightmare was trying to tell him something, that was why it kept returning. Justus reached in to his coat and pulled out his Bible and opened it. His fingers nimbly flipped through the pages as he searched the Scriptures for some sort of answers. Suddenly he stopped and began to scan the pages in front of him. It didn’t take long before his eyes settled on a verse.[/CENTER][/I]

[B][I][CENTER][COLOR="Red"]Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21[/COLOR][/CENTER][/I][/B]

[CENTER][I]He narrowed his eyes as he read the verse over again. They had overcome evil with good in Baltimore and in the process showed the world the strength that lies in unity. What he didn’t understand though was what the verse meant in context with his dream. Before he could get too deep in thought about it a voice broke the silence. [/I][/CENTER]

Voice Over Intercom: [COLOR="Yellow"]Ladies and gentlemen we are preparing to make our decent into Atlantic City, New Jersey. Please make sure your seat belts are fastened and your tray tables are in their full upright and locked position. Enjoy your stay in Atlantic City and thank you for flying United.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus frowned at the announcement. He closed his Bible and placed it back inside of his coat. As he fastened his seat belt he looked towards McKenzie and Black Reaper who were doing the same. He shook his head as he turned his eyes towards the front of the plane. They had business to attend to so answers would have to wait for now.[/CENTER][/I]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[CENTER][I]It didn’t take them long to retrieve their baggage and now they made their way through the airport. Justus frowned as his mind kept going back to the nightmare. [/I][/CENTER]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]You alright over there?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus looked towards McKenzie and offered him a fake smile. McKenzie returned the smile and went back to his conversation with Black Reaper. Justus shook his head as he tried to clear the memories of the dream from his mind. There was work to be done and some nightmare about a carnival couldn’t be allowed to get in their way. He turned his attention to McKenzie and Black Reaper. It didn’t take him long to figure out that they were discussing the book of Revelation. Before he could follow their words a sign caught his eye. He broke off from the other two and began walking towards the sign. As he got closer to it the writing on it became clearer.[/CENTER][/I]

[CENTER][COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Wanna Fight? Then come down to the Shark Tank. Boxing, MMA, Submission Wrestling, and all your other combat needs in one place. Owner and head trainer: Brian “Shark” Cyrus[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[I][CENTER]Justus scanned the address and smiled. He remembered Brian. He looked back up at the sign. As he began to read the address again the letters began to twist and contort until they spelled out a message.[/CENTER][/I]


[I][CENTER]Justus cocked his head to the side. Brian was nothing more than a two bit street hustler who made something of himself. He reached out and touched the words as they faded back to the address. He nodded as he ran his fingers over the sign. The words were always right. He looked back towards McKenzie and Black Reaper and smiled. It looked like they were going to be paying an old acquaintance of his a visit.[/CENTER][/I]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[I][CENTER]The taxi stopped outside the address from the poster. Justus opened the door and stepped out on to the sidewalk and looked at the building. It wasn’t anything terribly impressive, simply an expanse of concrete big enough to house what it did. Justus’s face twisted into a smirk as he began to walk towards the door. Once there he waited for a moment for McKenzie and Black Reaper to catch up. Once the three were assembled Justus threw open the door and stepped inside. The sounds of techno music greeted them immediately as the stepped in to the foyer of the gym. Justus’s eyes scanned his surroundings. There were several men lifting weights. There were four in the cage area, two outside and two in. The two inside the cage took turns throwing punches and kicks at one another as the two outside the cage shouted encouragements to their respective fighters. Justus smirked as he strode past them all towards the closed office door on the other side of the gym. The three stood there for a moment before Justus reached up and tapped slightly on the door. [/CENTER][/I]

Voice: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]Enter.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus smiled as he opened the door and stepped into the office. Brian sat there at the desk going over paperwork barely acknowledging their presence. [/CENTER][/I]

Brian: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]Take a seat and I’ll be with you and just a second.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]No Brian, I need to speak with you right now.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Brian dropped the papers in his hand on the desk and looked up at Justus. His eyes widened at the sight of the man in the clown makeup sitting in the chair in front of him. He stood up abruptly and began to take a step back.[/CENTER][/I]

Brian: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]What do you want? [/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus stood up as well and smiled.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]I want you Brian.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Brian backed up against the wall and grabbed for a lamp with his right hand as Justus began to walk towards him. Brian began to swing the lamp towards Justus but Black Reaper intercepted the blow with his baseball bat which caused the lamp to shatter and go flying across the office. [/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]Please. I thought we were past such things. I haven’t come here to hurt you, just to talk business. [/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Brian narrowed his eyes as he looked towards Justus.[/CENTER][/I]

Brian: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]What kind of business?[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Well the sign at the airport said this was the Shark Tank. A place that could take care of all my combat needs.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]At this point the ruckus from the office encounter had drawn the attention of the fighters in the gym who were now crowding the doorway. However Black Reaper stood there waiting for them waving his baseball bat as a warning against any attempt at intrusion.[/CENTER][/I]

Brian: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Yeah and, I’m the Shark. So what kind of needs do you have?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus smirked at the nervousness in Brian’s voice.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]I can fight just fine. What I need from you is to learn how to wrestle.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]A slight smirk came across Brian’s face.[/CENTER][/I]

Brian: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Yeah I saw your match against Joey Sosa. Basing off what I saw, you need all the help you can get.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus scowled at the mention of Joey Sosa. [/CENTER][/I]

Brian: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]Don’t sweat it though. One of my boys fought Sosa before he left boxing. Messed him up pretty bad to. Kind of like you messed me up….. Once. I tell you what though clown; I’m not that kid you beat up in an alleyway anymore. I’m a business man now. So how’s about we make a deal?[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]What exactly do you have in mind Brian?[/COLOR]

Brian: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]First off call me Shark. Secondly what I propose is this; I go out there and pick my best fighter. Then you step into the cage with him. If, and I repeat if, you mange to knock him out then we will talk more. So clown, what do you say?[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]Justus simply nodded. Shark began to walk towards the door nodding at McKenzie as he did. McKenzie returned the nod as he fell in beside Justus[/I][/CENTER]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]Are you sure this is such a good idea? [/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus laughed and continued to walk forward. Shark stopped at the door and tapped Black Reaper on the shoulder. Black Reaper turned around and looked down at Shark who raised up his hand and pointed his thumb back behind him. Black Reaper began to raise up his baseball bat when Justus lifted up his hand and waved off the attack. Black Reaper stepped out of Shark’s way. Shark strode out into the gym and looked at his fighters.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Well boys, it looks like some clown wants to fight. So who wants some?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The gym filled with the sounds of sadistic chuckling and knuckles cracking. Shark turned around and faced Justus with a wide grin on his face.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]If you want to back out now’s your last chance.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Not a chance.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark strode into the middle of the fighters who parted to allow him to get through. Each of the fighters glared at the three as they walked past. Suddenly Shark stopped and turned to face Justus once more. He pointed back behind him to a massive hulk of a man who stood behind him.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]This right here is Eric Kraus. Around here though we call him Biohazard cause he’s hazardous to your health, you understand? Right now he’s undefeated in the heavyweight division. Twelve fights, twelve knockouts. Pretty impressive huh?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus looked at the man who was cracking his knuckles. He narrowed his eyes as he stepped forward.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]And you clown, you’re going to be number thirteen.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]I don’t think so.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark began to laugh.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Are you kidding me? He’s going to knock you out of your face paint.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus looked back at McKenzie and Black Reaper. McKenzie looked nervous. Black Reaper though, looked like he would face the man himself if Justus didn’t.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Then let’s get to it shall we? [/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus began to walk towards the cage. He stood there for a moment taking in the arena before him. One of the fighters opened up the cage and Justus wasted no time in stepping inside. Once inside Justus looked around at the chain link surrounding him. He heard the door shut. He turned his head to see Shark and Biohazard in the cage with him. Biohazard went to one corner of the cage as Shark went to the center of the cage.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]Gentlemen, I am pleased to bring you this exhibition match up. In this corner weighting in at 257 pounds, and standing six foot and five inches tall, is the undefeated destroyer known to all of you as Eric “Biohazard” Kraus![/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The fighters in the gym began to cheer wildly as McKenzie and Black Reaper came up to the cage. McKenzie put his face right up to the mesh and began to mutter a prayer for Justus.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]And then we got this guy. A clown who would come into your stomping ground and try to act like he deserves some kind of respect. A man who has an amazing record against real fighters of no wins and one loss. He is Justus![/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The fighters began to boo as Justus scanned around the cage. McKenzie continued to pray as Black Reaper nodded towards him. Justus nodded back and stepped forward to the center of the cage. Biohazard followed suit and looked down at Justus. Shark stepped between the two and smirked.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]Good luck and I’ll see you at the funeral.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Funeral?[/COLOR]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Yeah, yours. Now let’s get this done. [/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark quickly stepped out of the way as Biohazard swung at Justus. Justus barely stepped out of the way of the punch and began to land a few punches to Biohazard’s midsection. Biohazard looked down at Justus and smiled before swinging at him again. Justus lowered his head and charged in at the bigger man. Biohazard caught his Justus’s head under his arm and locked in a Guillotine choke. [/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]Yeah, work that submission! Choke this clown out![/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus could feel his breaths growing shorter as darkness began to invade the corners of his vision. He struggled for a moment to try to get away but Biohazard sunk the choke in deeper. Justus reached in to his coat and felt around for a minute before finding what he was looking for. He swung the crowbar up and it connected solidly with Biohazard’s head. Biohazard released the hold and stumbled backwards a bit. Seeing his opening Justus charged forward and nailed Biohazard across the temple with the crowbar. Biohazard stood there for a moment as Justus prepared to swing again. Before he had the chance though Biohazard collapsed in a heap on the mat. The gym grew silent as Justus stood there, crowbar in hand trying to catch his breath.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]You son of a……[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus didn’t hear the end of the sentence as a right cross finished the job Biohazard had started and sent Justus falling into unconsciousness.[/CENTER][/I]

[I][CENTER]Justus couldn’t believe what he was seeing. In front of him loomed the imposing figure of a sort of twisted carnival. His vision was dominated with the series of dilapidated tents and tattered streamers that had long sense faded from their once cheerful colors. Above all of this he could make out the shadows of a Ferris Wheel that stood like a colossus against the night sky. As he stood there he could make out the faint sounds of carnival music drifting through the air. He took a deep breath and looked to the left then to the right. His eyes widened as he realized the road he was standing on lead to only one place, inside the carnival it’s self. He stood there trying his best to figure out what he should do when he caught a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head quickly to see what it was that was moving. To his surprise it was a person. He tensed up as he watched the person begin walking toward him. Their face was obscured by darkness but he could make out their figure clearly especially the large top hat that they wore. As they came closer Justus felt the desire to flee fill him. He stood there despite this, waiting for the figure to step in to the light. As Justus kept his gaze fixed on the figure he drew in a deep breath. Suddenly the figure stopped. Justus began to shake as he awaited the figure’s next move. However rather then move the figure spoke.[/CENTER][/I]

Figure: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Are you scared?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The sound of a phone ringing brought Justus out of the nightmare. He lifted up his head towards the source of the ringing, which turned out to be the phone sitting on Shark’s desk. [/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]So what’s the word?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus watched as a look of anger came across Shark’s face. He turned his head slowly and found McKenzie sitting next to him.[/CENTER][/I]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]Easy. Don’t over do it now.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark slammed the phone down and then pointed an accusatory finger towards Justus.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Listen clown, that little stunt of yours just cost me a lot of money. Biohazard was scheduled for a title fight in two days, but because of you and your little crowbar of doom that’s not going to happen. Not to mention the fact that I have to pay for all his medical bills. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t toss you back into that cage and let my boys stomp you into paste.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Black Reaper stood up from his chair on the other side of Justus.[/CENTER][/I]

Black Reaper: [COLOR="Gray"]Because they’ll have to come through me.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]McKenzie stood up as well as a smile crept across his face.[/CENTER][/I]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]Beside you said that if Justus could knock out your best fighter then you would talk business with him.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark leapt out of his chair and slammed his fist down into the desk.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]He used a crowbar![/COLOR]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]But he did knock him out.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark looked at McKenzie and shook his head.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]And what if I say no?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]This time Justus stood up. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his crowbar and pointed it at Shark.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Then you can pick another and we can do this again.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark shook his head and sighed.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]I’m listening.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus smirked as he slowly sat back down. He placed the crowbar across his lap and cleared his throat.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]First you can tell me how I got in here.[/COLOR]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]You have your big scary friend over there to thank for that. The boys wanted to tear you apart but he climbed the cage and stood over you and swung his bat at anyone who got to close to you. Once everyone backed off he demanded that we bring you in here.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus looked towards Black Reaper and smiled. He nodded towards Black Reaper.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Thank you brother.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Black Reaper nodded and allowed himself a small smirk.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]Now getting down to the matter at hand. I want you to come with us to LPW and be my personal trainer. All that will be required of you is that you help me enhance my wrestling skills.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark’s eyes went wide as he looked at Justus. He placed his head in his hand for a moment as he tried to process the request. He lifted his head up and looked at Justus.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Let me get this straight. You come into my gym, lay my fighter out with a crowbar, and then expect me to train you?[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]That’s right. I imagine it would be easier then having to pay some more of those medical bills.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]A smirk twisted across Justus’s face as a scowl came across Shark’s.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]You aren’t going to leave until I say yes are you?[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]No.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark sighed and leaned back in his chair and placed his palm to his forehead. [/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]It would be cheaper then medical bills…….[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Yes it would.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]McKenzie walked over to the desk and leaned in close to Shark.[/CENTER][/I]

McKenzie:[COLOR="Green"] And if you cooperate I could promise that they wouldn’t hurt you or any of your fighters.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark lifted his head. A smile was across his face now.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Listen up clown. If I’m going to agree to this lunacy then there are going to be some conditions. First, you pay for everything, transportation, hotel rooms, everything. Secondly, I have to be back here before my fighters’ bouts, they need their coach after all. Third, you bring that thing anywhere near me…..[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark pointed towards the crowbar across Justus’s lap.[/CENTER][/I]

Shark: [COLOR="mediumturquoise"]I’m out.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus smirked. This was easier then he had figured it would be.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Done.[/COLOR]

Shark stood up and extended his hand towards Justus. Justus grasped it and shook it firmly. Shark returned Justus’s smirk.

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]This is going to be real interesting.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Indeed.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The door to the Watchmen’s dressing room flew open. In the doorway stood the clown makeup wearing warrior Justus. They had gone to check the match listing and no match for them had been posted. While they waited the Watchmen went and recorded the commercial that they intended to air. The taping had gone well and his opponent for the All Stars special was going to be very interested in what they had to say. Right now though McKenzie was taking Shark on a tour of the backstage area and Black Reaper had gone to make sure Shark didn’t try anything funny. That left Justus alone. He walked across the dressing room and sat down on the couch. They had accomplished so much recently, their formation, winning the number one contendership for the Tag Team Championship, buying commercial time to spread their message, and now the addition of Shark to their team. Justus put his hand up to his forehead and began to rub his temples. He sat there and ran everything that had occurred through his mind and as he did his eyelids began to get very, very heavy…….[/CENTER][/I]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[I][CENTER]Justus couldn’t believe what he was seeing. In front of him loomed the imposing figure of a sort of twisted carnival. His vision was dominated with the series of dilapidated tents and tattered streamers that had long sense faded from their once cheerful colors. Above all of this he could make out the shadows of a Ferris Wheel that stood like a colossus against the night sky. As he stood there he could make out the faint sounds of carnival music drifting through the air. He took a deep breath and looked to the left then to the right. His eyes widened as he realized the road he was standing on lead to only one place, inside the carnival it’s self. He stood there trying his best to figure out what he should do when he caught a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head quickly to see what it was that was moving. To his surprise it was a person. He tensed up as he watched the person begin walking toward him. Their face was obscured by darkness but he could make out their figure clearly especially the large top hat that they wore. As they came closer Justus felt the desire to flee fill him. He stood there despite this, waiting for the figure to step in to the light. As Justus kept his gaze fixed on the figure he drew in a deep breath. Suddenly the figure stopped. Justus began to shake as he awaited the figure’s next move. However rather then move the figure spoke.[/CENTER][/I]

Figure: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Are you scared?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus stood there for a moment taking in the figure’s words.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Who are you?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The figure stepped forward into the moonlight revealing himself in all his glory.[/CENTER][/I]

Figure: [COLOR="DarkRed"]I am the Ringmaster and I lead this show answering only to King of Fools himself. Now I ask again, are you scared?[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]Justus reached down towards his pockets. He felt the crowbar and his Bible underneath the cloth. He breathed a sigh of relief and a smile came across his face.[/I][/CENTER]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]No.[/COLOR]

Ringmaster: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Then enter the big top. Your destiny awaits you.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The Ringmaster began to laugh as Justus began to walk down the road into the heart of the carnival. As he walked a cold breeze picked up blowing empty cups and popcorn containers across his walkway and making the flags on the tents flap slightly. Justus pulled his coat up towards his face as he continued on. As he walked he caught sight of two men. As he came closer he could make out the details on their red and yellow outfits. They were juggling, and whatever they were juggling was on fire. He stepped towards them cautiously as he watched their daring act. As he drew ever closer one of the two men turned to face him, a flaming object narrowly missing his face as he caught it.[/CENTER][/I]

Juggler 1: [COLOR="Red"]We’ve been waiting for you.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus stopped and stared at the two men. They appeared to look exactly alike except for the fact that their color schemes were reversed. He took a step back as one hurled a flaming object towards his twin and the twin returned the favor.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]And who are you?[/COLOR]

Juggler 1: [COLOR="Red"]Serial slaughtering stranglers.[/COLOR]

Juggler 2: [COLOR="Yellow"]Jugular juggling jugglers.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The twins began to laugh as the continued their dangerous act. Justus narrowed his eyes and looked a little harder at the flaming objects they were passing back and forth between them. His eyes widened as he realized the flaming objects were human hearts.[/CENTER][/I]

Juggler 1 & 2: [COLOR="Yellow"]And we are the Amazing Jeckel Brothers![/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The twins began to laugh manically as their act picked up speed. Justus quickly ran past them further into the carnival as their laughter followed him into the night. Suddenly the road forked in front of him causing him to stop in his tracks. He stood there for a moment debating about which direction to take when a voice from the darkness offered advice.[/CENTER][/I]

Voice: [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Left.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Excuse me?[/COLOR]

Voice: [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Go left.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus nodded and began to run down the left path. What he didn’t see behind him though was Andy Savanna and Whore step out of the darkness, both wearing smiles. [/CENTER][/I]

Andy: [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]He’s falling right into our plans. [/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Whore looked towards him and smiled. Andy nodded and he and Whore stepped back into the darkness.

Justus continued down the left path until he spotted a large group of people directly ahead of him. He quickly ducked behind a tent and began to examine the group. His eyes widened in shock as he realized the group was assembled of every sinner he had ever punished. He took a deep breath as he tried to think of what to do. Once again a voice from the darkness spoke.[/CENTER][/I]

Andy: [COLOR="darkorchid"]You beat them once. You can do it again.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]I don’t know who you are, but you are right.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus stepped out from behind the tent and pulled the crowbar out of his coat. With his weapon now in hand he began to march towards the group.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]Sinners! Prepare yourself for the time of correction is at hand![/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]The group turned to face Justus as he ran towards him. He leapt into the air and dove into them swinging his crowbar wildly. Several fell before Justus’s mad attack but eventually the sheer numbers against him proved to be too much. As the crowd overcame him they took his crowbar from him and bound him with rope. He looked at them with anger in his eyes as they spoke amongst each other. Eventually though one voice rang out above the others.[/I][/CENTER]

Kevin Kingston: [COLOR="SandyBrown"]Take him to the King of Fools where he can face judgment![/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]The crowd roared in approval as they swept Justus up and began to carry him towards the center of the carnival. Justus twisted and squirmed trying to get free from his bonds as the crowd continued carrying him towards the King of Fools. Soon enough though the crowd stood outside the biggest tent in the carnival. Justus squirmed out of his ropes and dropped down into the middle of the crowd. Before he could attempt to attack again the crowd shoved him into the opening of the tent. The crowd filed in behind him forcing him towards the center of the tent. Justus looked around trying to take in every detail but what especially caught his eye was the large gold throne on a platform in the center of the tent. The crowd stopped their forward motion as the opening notes of Everybody Rize began to pulsate through the tent. [/I][/CENTER]

Crowd: [COLOR="DarkOrange"]King of Fools. King of Fools. King of Fools.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus tried his best to shut out the crowds chant as he kept his eyes on the throne. To his left the crowd parted to make way for someone. Justus watched as the crowd continued chant. Suddenly the King of Fools emerged before the crowd. Much to Justus’s surprise the King of Fools was none other than Hatchet Ryda. Hatchet stood there for a moment, the light from inside the tent reflecting off his World Championship belt as well as the gold crown on top of his head, as he soaked up the chant from the crowd. He slowly climbed the steps of the platform and stood in front of his throne for a moment before turning to face the crowd. He raised his hand to silence them before addressing the masses.[/CENTER][/I]

Hatchet: [COLOR="Red"]To all my ninjas and jugalos in the crowd, how many of ya’ll are down with the clown?[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]The crowd roared in response as Justus rolled his eyes. Hatchet smiled and took his seat. [/I][/CENTER]

Hatchet: [COLOR="red"]So my dark carnival what is it you wish of your king?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The crowd shoved Justus before the platform.[/CENTER][/I]

Crowd: [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Judge him. Judge him. Judge him.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Hatchet raised his hand to silence the crowd once more. Slowly he descended the stairs of the platform and stood in front of Justus.[/CENTER][/I]

Hatchet: [COLOR="Red"]You stand before me a mockery of the dark carnival. A trespass not taken lightly here. Are you prepared to hear the rest of the charges?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus smirked.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Not particularly.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Hatchet smirked as he walked closer to Justus. He reached out and placed his hand on Justus’s shoulder. Justus turned and looked at the hand awaiting Hatchet’s next words.[/CENTER][/I]

Hatchet: [COLOR="Red"]You stand accused of being a mockery of the dark carnival…[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]You said that already.[/COLOR]

Hatchet: [COLOR="Red"]Because you dare to don the face of a clown and claim to be on some sort of crusade that involves the destruction of the dark carnival. In short you are a mockery because you are a petty, jealous, cheap imitation of me.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus turned back to face Hatchet who had already removed his hand and was heading back up the platform steps.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Excuse me?[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Hatchet sat down in his throne and looked down at Justus.[/CENTER][/I]

Hatchet: [COLOR="Red"]Yes try as you might to deny it you are only a pale shadow of what I am. You see I am the darker part of yourself that you try to deny exists. I am what you could become if you would only give in. I am successful, I am somebody, I am everything you could never be because you hold onto your “pure” ideals. To put it bluntly, I am better then you.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]LIAR!![/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus began to lunge towards Hatchet but the crowd grabbed him and held him back.[/CENTER][/I]

Hatchet: [COLOR="Red"]Look around you Justus. Can you guess what this place is? Your future. Make it a reality. All you have to do is follow me.[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]Justus ripped away from the crowd and ran up the platform stairs. Hatchet met him with a smile. Justus leapt on Hatchet taking him to the ground and punching him in the face repeatedly. In between blows though, Hatchet had a message for Justus.[/I][/CENTER]

Hatchet: [COLOR="red"]Yes that’s it. Give in.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The crowd began to move towards the platform and grabbed at Justus. Justus stood up over the fallen King of Fools and looked down at the crowd who had now become a full scale mob. He closed his eyes. If it were to all end now at least he died fighting the good fight. Suddenly Justus felt a pair of hands on him and his feet lift off the ground. He opened his eyes and was met with the face of Gabriel. Gabriel offered a smile as the rose into the sky. As they flew Justus took a moment to admire the full grace of Gabriel with his wings outstretched in flight before looking down at the mob who was now attending to their king. [/CENTER][/I]

Gabriel: [COLOR="White"]Justus.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus looked back up at Gabriel. Gabriel was still smiling but his eyes had a very serious glint in them.[/CENTER][/I]

Gabriel: [COLOR="white"]Do you see them? They have already lost. They want to take you with them. You must never give in Justus, never. Remember; do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. [/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus cocked his head to the side as he attempted to digest what Gabriel was telling him.[/CENTER][/I]

Gabriel: [COLOR="white"]Remember this. Now wake up.[/COLOR]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]Wake up.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus sat up at once and looked around him. When he saw McKenzie’s face he smiled. McKenzie thrust a piece of paper towards Justus. Justus took it. As he read it he realized that it was the updated match list with the addition of a new main event. A main event that would pit the Watchmen against Hatchet Ryda and Andy Savanna. Justus smiled as he remembered his dream.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Go get Reaper and Shark and meet me at the Church.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]McKenzie nodded and quickly hurried out of the room. Justus looked down at the match list again and smiled. [/CENTER][/I]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[CENTER][I]It didn’t take long to gather everyone in the portable structure that served as a Church for the Watchmen. Black Reaper and McKenzie took their seats as Shark stood in the aisle looking at the stained glass around him.[/I][/CENTER]

Shark: [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]This is amazing. A little freaky, but amazing.[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]Show some respect boy. Take a seat.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Shark walked to a seat in the front and sprawled out on the bench, resting his arms on his lap as he waited for what was to come next. Justus walked towards the podium and looked at the crucifix before turning to face the assembled crowd.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]Brothers, we are gathered here today with the newest member of our family. Today I would like to share a message with all of you. I have been witness to a revelation. A revelation of why we must never give into the ways that evil uses. For if we use evil to fight evil then before long we will find that we have become the very thing we fight against. You see the path of salvation is a straight one but one that evil will attempt to drag you away from. If we take their path then we are condemning ourselves to their fate. We must not allow this. We must stand strong. As the scriptures say:[/COLOR]

[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

[COLOR="Purple"]Tonight we will go into battle with a dark reflection of myself as well as a monster. I take this to be a good thing. For you see in order to become more pleasing in the sight of the Lord you must first overcome the evil in yourself through his mighty hand. Tonight we will end my dark reflections influences over us. We will correct him and show him the way. However I can not do this alone. It can only be accomplished through the grace of the Almighty and through the strength of our unity in him. I have no doubt that we shall emerge triumphant whether we win the match or not. For even facing the darkness with in us is a victory. Now let us bow our heads.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Everyone in the room bowed their heads, even Shark.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]Heavenly Father strengthen us as we go into battle against the dark forces. Guide us so that as we face not only the darkness of the world but the darkness that lies with in us that we may not stumble into evil. Cleanse us of our inadequacies so that we may be more pleasing in your sight. Father give us the ability to overcome this darkness and the wisdom to know how. For only through you is their absolute victory. Praise to you eternally. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.[/COLOR]

McKenzie, Black Reaper, & Shark: [COLOR="Green"]Amen.[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus stepped down away from the podium and took one last look back at the crucifix. He turned back towards his friends and smiled. His nightmare was over, but Hatchet Ryda and Andy Savanna’s nightmare was just beginning.[/CENTER][/I][/QUOTE] Justus Promo 5 (Baltimore) [QUOTE=Justus;158999][I][CENTER]Night had fallen in the inner city. It was only when night had fallen that the city revealed it’s true ugliness. Somewhere amidst all the people and cars, somewhere past all the buildings and blacktops, somewhere in the jumble of colliding sounds, that was where you could find the real face of the city. Tonight was a night just like any other, people out heading from place to place, out in the street striking deals, some even trying to simply avoid any kind of trouble. Everything seemed to be going just the same as it always did. Then the sound of shattering glass filled the night.

Kevin Kingston was seventeen years old. He was a liar, an alcoholic, and a drug dealer amongst other things. He had seen the true face of the city and become consumed by the evils it spoke to him. He had seen his monetary status rise remarkably since he had given in to the seduction of the darkness. He had even seen his influence grow, a growth marked by a nickname, Big King. He had seen quite a bit in his time on these streets. What he hadn’t seen though was the clown rushing towards him while he was making a drug deal, at least not until it was too late. The shoulder of the clown hit Kevin squarely in the ribs sending him flying back into the plate glass window of the store he was standing in front of. The glass shattered on impact.

Justus looked down at the young man who was lying face down in a puddle of blood that sparkled from the shards of glass that has been mixed into it. A smirk crossed his face as he looked back towards the person who was attempting to buy what the downed man was selling. The buyer’s eyes were wide as he stood there for a second staring at Justus. Justus smiled at the buyer. Then he quickly threw his hands up in front of him and spoke a single word.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Boo!”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]The buyer dropped his wad of money on the ground and ran off into the night. Justus turned back to the dealer who was lying with his face down in the blood and glass that was spread all over the concrete in front of him. Justus began to run towards the dealer and leapt into the air once he was close. As he came down he put his legs together, making himself into a sort of missile. He landed with both his feet slamming down into the dealer’s head. The young man’s face collided with the concrete making a sickening smacking, cracking noise. Justus stepped back and looked down at the young man who was now reaching out towards the space in front of him in an attempt to crawl away from the man attacking him. Justus smiled as he crouched down and grabbed a handful of the young man’s hair. He pulled up on his hair forcing the young man to face him. As Justus looked at the young man he could see the blood and glass that covered his mangled face, but through all of that he could see something that was unmistakable, fear. [/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]“Listen to me and listen closely. Do you realize just what it is you do? Are you aware what the poison you are peddling is doing to people? Can you see what kind of monster you really are? That’s why we are here right now. Someone had to show you the repercussions of your sins. Now you know the results of your evil. You can either continue to deal your death in the streets or you can repent and be delivered from evil. For your sake I hope you chose wisely. Now child, go in peace.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus stood up and looked down at the young man once more.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]“And don’t worry I’ll call an ambulance.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus looked around to see if there were any other people there who needed their sins brought to their attention when he saw the security camera that was just on the other side of the broken window. He smiled as he looked directly at it. Apparently what he had just done was going to be broadcast to others. This would save him quite a bit of trouble. With this in mind he lifted up his hand and waved to the camera.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]“God bless you.”[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]With that Justus turned and began to walk into the night. He took a deep breath and smiled. What he did was messy but it was for the good of those he corrected. No matter how violent things became he was fighting the good fight. A fight the good guys always won in the end. What he had just done back there was certain to change that young man’s life and that was what really mattered. The young man had been armed with the knowledge to change his life for the better, but it was going to be up to him to make that change. Now all that Justus could do for him was to find a phone.[/I][/CENTER]


[I][CENTER]Justus sat on the bed in his hotel room watching the video of his and Black Reaper’s match against Phantom Lord and Dr. Wagner. McKenzie and Black Reaper had gone out to gather a few things they would need for their match in Baltimore and that left him alone, alone with the video of the Watchmen’s defeat. His bloodshot eyes were glued to the screen as he tried his hardest to find any mistakes that he and Black Reaper could have made to cost them the match. He frowned as he saw Dr. Wagner hit the Providence on Black Reaper. He watched as he tried to jump back into the fray in an attempt to save the match for himself and Black Reaper. His eyes narrowed as he watched what happened next. Phantom Lord shoulder blocked him back down to the floor. Phantom Lord was an enemy unlike any other and he had made the first blow against the Watchmen. He watched as the referee slapped the mat three times. He stopped the video; he didn’t need to see the rest. It made him furious each time he saw the spectacle Phantom Lord had made of himself after winning. He had even gone so far as to celebrate his victory by high fiving SoL at the announce table. Justus scowled as he thought about the events after the match. SoL was nothing to him really, simply a talking head whose sole purpose was to put over the sinful acts of the real monster, Phantom Lord. He hit the back button on the remote control and prepared to watch the match once more. A knock on the door pulled him out of his focus. He rose up from the bed and walked across the room. He took the knob in his hand and sighed, whoever was on the other side of the door had better have a good reason for distracting him. He opened the door and the person on the other side was female. He cocked his head to the side as he looked at the 5 foot 8 Latina woman that stood outside his door. She stood there her black hair tied back into a ponytail; her green eyes sparkled defiantly as she looked at him. He looked down at the rest of her for a second. Her tight black t-shirt, jeans and running shoes told him that this woman was not a member of the LPW staff. He looked her straight in the eyes, he figured he knew why she was there, now he had to inform her just how mistaken she was.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“You’re in the wrong place miss. I am not that kind of person. In fact you shouldn’t be either. Let me tell you about the adulteress……”[/COLOR]

Woman: [COLOR="Cyan"]“That’s not why I’m here.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]He narrowed his eyes a bit as he tried to read her expression. She was clearly annoyed at his assumption.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Then what is it you’re looking for?”[/COLOR]

Woman: [COLOR="Cyan"]“The truth.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]He smirked, leaned out of the door, and pointed down the hall.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus:[COLOR="Purple"] “Room 403, just down the hall. I’m afraid he doesn’t take very kindly to visitors though, so I wish you the best of luck.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]He went to shut the door when she placed her foot in the doorway.[/CENTER][/I]

Woman: [COLOR="Cyan"]“Not X. The truth about an incident that occurred a few months ago.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]He opened the door once more and stared at her. [/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Just who are you?’[/COLOR]

Woman: [COLOR="Cyan"]“Special Agent Caroline Ferris.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus narrowed his eyes as she produced her badge. He scanned it over for a second before stepping back into the room.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Then by all means Agent Ferris, please come in.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]She strode into the room with a confidence that suited her position well. He shut the door and locked it. He turned and saw that she had already taken a seat in one of the room’s chairs. She watched him as he went and took a seat on the bed. [/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]“Now what can I help you with Agent Ferris?”[/COLOR]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“What can you tell me about Kevin Kingston?”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus closed his eyes as he ran the name through his mind. He had brought the high price of sin to so many people’s attention that he had long ago lost track of the names. He opened his eyes and smiled.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Honestly I’m not sure who you’re talking about.”[/COLOR]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“About six months ago you put him through a plate glass window and left him in a pool of his own blood.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“And what makes you so sure about this?”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]She leaned forward in her chair and glared at him.[/CENTER][/I]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“Because you waved at the camera.”[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]Justus smirked. He remembered now. The drug dealer. He had called an ambulance for him. Hopefully he was a better person now.[/I][/CENTER]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Let me ask you a question Agent Ferris. There are kidnappers, drug addicts, and murderers on our roster, so why is it that you are so worried about me?”[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]She narrowed her eyes as she leaned in so she was face to face with him.[/I][/CENTER]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“Don’t worry about them. Worry about you.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Now don’t sit there and attempt to tell me that you don’t want to stop them more then you do me. Speaking of which what exactly lead you here in the first place?”[/COLOR]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“I was flipping through the channels a few weeks ago and saw you in the ring with some other painted up idiot fighting some guy in a mask and a guy who looked like that guy from Titanic.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus frowned. This was going to be interesting indeed.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“That painted up idiot is not only my partner but my friend. His name is Black Reaper. I’d advise you to call him that.”[/COLOR]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“Or what? You’ll throw me through a plate glass window to?”[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]Justus stood up and Agent Ferris followed suit. The two stood there for a moment waiting for the other to make a move.[/I][/CENTER]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“You can’t tell me that I wasn’t doing you a favor. All I was doing was punishing bad people. You do the same thing don’t you?”[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]She reached into her pocket and pulled out her badge once more. She lifted it up so that he could see it clearly.[/I][/CENTER]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“You see this? This says I have the right to do that. Do you have one of these? I don’t think so. As far as I am concerned you’re just some whack job vigilante who has to be brought down.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus scowled at her. He stepped forward and got right in her face. [/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Then do it.”[/COLOR]

[CENTER][I]She stepped back and lowered her head. She stood there for a moment before looking back up at him.[/I][/CENTER]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“I….. I can’t. Not yet.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“And why not?”[/COLOR]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="Cyan"]“Because in the event you are some complete nut job then you could walk on a technicality. At worst you would get a few months in the loony bin. Then you’d be back out on the streets to do it again. That’s not a risk I’m willing to take.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus smirked. She looked at him and put her hands down at her sides as they balled up into fists.[/CENTER][/I]

Agent Ferris: [COLOR="cyan"]“I will bring you down.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“I wish you the best of luck.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]She stepped past him and went towards the door. When she reached it she unlocked it and opened the door. She cast one last glance back at him. He could see the anger in her eyes.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="purple"]“God bless you.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]She walked out and slammed the door behind her. He sighed as he listened to her footsteps head towards the elevator. He went to sit back down when the door to the room opened once more. He looked up and saw Black Reaper and McKenzie entering the hotel room. McKenzie had two large white plastic bags in his hand as he closed the door behind them. Justus got up and walked over to McKenzie and took the bags from him. He opened one up and looked down into it. He looked back up at McKenzie and Black Reaper and smiled. Insanity was going to be quite productive after all.[/CENTER][/I]


[I][CENTER]Justus sat in the locker room with Black Reaper. They had arrived at the arena a few hours earlier. When they went to check the match line up for the evening they were shocked to find that no matches had been posted. They questioned a few stage hands about the situation and found out that no one had seen Little Red since the last show. So they did the only thing they could do, they went to their locker room and waited. Justus sat in a chair reading his Bible as Black Reaper paced back and forth spinning his bat. McKenzie had gone out to sight see and pick up a few souvenirs and was set to return at any given moment. Justus turned the page in his Bible as he looked up at Black Reaper. Black Reaper spun his bat again as he sighed. Justus shook his head. They were both restless and were eager to get to their work. Justus looked back down at the open page in his Bible and the verse that greeted him made him stop for a moment.[/CENTER][/I]

[B][COLOR="Red"][I][CENTER]Proverbs 23:32 At the last it bites like a serpent, And stings like a viper.[/CENTER][/I][/COLOR][/B]

[I][CENTER]Justus cocked his head to the side. The verse was trying to tell him something. There was only one viper in LPW and that was Black Ada. Justus smirked. [/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Reaper. I think I know who we are facing tonight.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Black Reaper stopped and looked at Justus. He walked across the locker room and looked down at the verse Justus was pointing at.[/CENTER][/I]

Black Reaper: [COLOR="DimGray"]“Sudden Death.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Indeed, the follower of the beast and his deluded little minion. Black Ada thinks that manipulating weak minded, desperate individuals makes him powerful. People just like Shockey and Andy Savanna. Black Ada has twisted poor Shockey around so far that Shockey thinks he is able to cleanse LPW of it’s infirmaries. Tonight we will have the chance to show these two misguided souls that the only way to true power and cleansing is not through mortal means but rather through repentance and the Lord God Almighty.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]No sooner had Justus finished his sentence then the image of Roseanne on the Insanity stage came onto their locker room monitor. The two watched as she announced that there would be a match between Sudden Death and the Watchmen to determine the number one contender to the Tag Team championship. Justus looked at Black Reaper and the two exchanged a smirk. Then they heard the sound of Black Magic by Slayer fill the arena. Justus glared at the monitor as Phantom Lord stepped out onto the Insanity stage. The words he spoke filled Justus with fury. Then Black Reaper spoke.[/CENTER][/I]

Black Reaper: [COLOR="DimGray"]“So now we have the chance to punish even more sinners.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus smiled. Black Reaper was right. They now had the chance to not only show Sudden Death the price of their choices but they would also get the shot to destroy Phantom Lord once more. The only wild card in the entire scenario would be Dr. Wagner. Justus shook his head. Dr. Wagner had regained his faith and that assured Justus that he would make the right choice. Just then McKenzie returned. He stood in the doorway of the locker room wearing his usual priestly vestments and a Baltimore Blast hat. Justus looked at McKenzie and began to laugh. A few moments later McKenzie began to laugh as well. Justus shook his head and McKenzie reached up and took off the hat and tossed it onto a nearby table. He went to one of the chairs in the locker room and sat down. Justus turned back to his Bible once more. He flipped through the pages as Black Reaper informed McKenzie of the situation surrounding their match. Suddenly Justus stopped. He scanned down the page until a verse made it’s self apparent to him.[/CENTER][/I]

[B][I][CENTER][COLOR="Red"]2 Peter 2:12 But these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, speak evil of the things they do not understand, and will utterly perish in their own corruption[/COLOR][/CENTER][/I][/B]

[I][CENTER]Justus stood up and read the verse to the other two. Black Reaper smiled and McKenzie nodded. [/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“It appears that Sudden Death and Phantom Lord are nothing more then ignorant monsters who are unaware of their own corruption and must be destroyed.”[/COLOR]

Black Reaper: [COLOR="DimGray"]“Then that is exactly what we will do.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“However we if they wish to repent we must give them that chance. And if they don’t see fit to remove the evil from themselves….. Well then I will pry it out of them if need be.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus reached down into the white plastic bag and pulled a crowbar out of it. He examined it and smiled.[/CENTER][/I]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]“Well boys, it seems as though a golden opportunity has been set in front of you. Now all you have to do is make the most of it.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Justus glanced over at McKenzie’s Baltimore Blast hat. The words on it began to twist and contort right before his very eyes. It wasn’t very long before they spelled him out a very clear message:[/CENTER][/I]


[I][CENTER]Justus nodded. This would indeed be a war. A war of righteousness against the darkness, and in the end the light would reign supreme over the darkness. Justus closed his Bible and looked at the crowbar then to McKenzie and Black Reaper.[/CENTER][/I]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“There is indeed strength in unity. Come gentlemen, there is correction to be done, and we don’t want to keep them waiting.”[/COLOR]

[I][CENTER]Black Reaper and McKenzie nodded then turned towards the door. Justus followed them as they exited the locker room. He was certain that Dr. Wagner would make the right choice. As for Sudden Death and Phantom Lord, their fates had already been sealed. Now all that remained was delivering it to them. [/CENTER][/I][/QUOTE] Justus Promo 4 [QUOTE=Justus;143026][CENTER][B][I][COLOR="Green"][SIZE="4"]In brightest day, in blackest night[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/B][/CENTER]

[B][CENTER][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]One Month And Three Weeks Ago[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER][/B]

Justus sat in the locker room alone with his thoughts. In mere moments Insanity would go on the air live from Sydney, Australia. In mere moments the holy war would begin in LPW. He and Genocide had been chosen to team at random against Joey Sosa and Shock in the first round of the Body Count competition. The competition meant nothing to him really, simply a means to an end. What did matter though was he had been united with a servant of the Lord to go into battle with. They would be accompanied by Dr. Wagner as they went into battle. Dr. Wagner was a faithful man, not quite the holy warrior his mentor was, but faithful none the less. He smirked a bit as he thought about how things had unfolded. He had expected to come into LPW and wage this war by himself. However it seemed that fate had other plans. Management had decided it would be a good idea to pair him with allies of a similar mindset in his first match. He giggled a bit as he thought of the impact they could make as well as what they could do in the future. Oh things were great indeed. He closed his eyes as he slowly stood. Images of he and Genocide standing victorious over the fallen bodies of Joey Sosa and Shock danced across his mind. He began to hum This Little Light Of Mine as he began to sway. His eyes snapped open and focused on a poster of X with the World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder standing above the Insanity logo. The words on the poster began to twist and blur before his wide, bloodshot eyes. The letters crawled over one another rearranging into a message of a different sort. Finally the letters settled and their message stood boldly declared:


Justus stood there for a moment trying to take in the message in front of him. He knew that X was a liar despite his claims to the contrary. What he didn’t understand was why he was being shown this now. He was just starting off in LPW and X was the World Champion so he couldn’t face him, at least not yet. Justus closed his eyes and let the word, and what it could mean, swirl around in his mind. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at the poster once more. The letters had returned to normal. He ran his gloved hand back through his hair as he sighed. He wished he understood what the message was trying to tell him. That was the nature of messages though, always enigmatic. He walked over to the poster and placed his fingers on the logo.

[CENTER]Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Liar.”[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

His lips twisted into a frown as he said the word out loud. If only he could figure out what it meant then he could do something about it.

[CENTER]Justus: [COLOR="purple"]“Liar.” [/COLOR][/CENTER]

Just then the door to the locker room opened. Justus turned his head to see who had come to join him. Genocide and Dr. Wagner stood in the door way. [CENTER] Justus: [COLOR="purple"]"Is it time?” [/COLOR][/CENTER]

Genocide simply nodded. Justus smiled as he took his fingers off the poster. He would figure out what the message meant later. Right at the moment he had punishing to get to.

[B][CENTER][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"]One Month And A Week Ago[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]

Justus stood on a street corner adjusting his coat to shield him from the rain that was falling. He had spent several hours walking since the day he had received the message on the poster. The moment had haunted him since that night. He couldn’t figure out what the message had meant, and since then the messages had stopped coming. He didn’t know what bothered him worse, the fact that he couldn’t figure out the meaning or the fact that the messages had stopped coming all together. So he did the only thing he could think of, he started walking. As he walked he repeated the message in his mind over and over again, trying desperately to figure out what it meant. If he could do that then maybe the messages would return. Once he had finished adjusting his coat he began walking once more.

[CENTER]Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Liar” [/COLOR][/CENTER]

He spoke the word once more to no one in particular. He had to figure out what he was being told. He looked forward and saw a lighted sign at the end of the street:

[CENTER][B][COLOR="Blue"]Crossing Jordan Christian Books And Gifts[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

He smiled slightly. Perhaps he would find something there to help answer his question. After all several books had been written on interpreting visions and messages from the Christian perspective, perhaps he could find one that could give him the answers he needed. If nothing else he could find something to aid him in his other mission, exorcism. He walked up to door and grabbed the handle. He opened the door causing an electronic chime to toll. He stepped inside out of the rain and into the store to continue his search for answers.

[B][I][CENTER][COLOR="Green"][SIZE="4"]No evil shall escape my sight[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/I][/B]

[B][CENTER][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"]Two Weeks Ago[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]

Justus sat in the locker room with Black Reaper. Both of them had refused medical attention after the beating they had received from CAK. They had been so concerned with their shortcoming that the pain they were in seemed irrelevant at the moment. While both men were silent the sounds of a small television set airing a live feed of the Body Count pay per view filled the air. Black Reaper sat in the corner looking down at his baseball bat while Justus sat there searching his Bible for answers as to what they had possibly done wrong. His eyes took in every word as his mind processed them. He had to find something. Suddenly he stopped at a verse:

[CENTER][B][COLOR="red"]Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. [/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

He reread the words of Christ himself twice more as he tried to take in what was being said. Suddenly the voice of Blazing Phoenix informed viewers that Genocide had made his way down to the Death Cube. Both men’s eyes turned towards the screen as Genocide made his way in to the cage. Genocide moved quickly and laid out Villiano with a drilling hammer. Villiano slumped down to the mat out cold as Genocide reached for his mask. The announcers wondered whose face may be revealed once the mask was removed. Then the man behind the mask stood exposed before the whole world as the villainous Phantom Lord. Justus sat there shocked. That was what the message had meant. X wasn’t the liar it had been warning him about, Genocide was. The messages had stopped coming because he didn’t listen. Now he knew though. Now he could fix things. He looked towards Black Reaper. They exchanged a knowing glance. They had been deceived, and now a man that had once stood claiming to be a holy warrior showed his true colors. Without saying a word both of them knew that, one way or the other, Phantom Lord had to pay.

[B][I][CENTER][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"]So let all who worship evil’s might beware my power……. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER][/I][/B]


Justus, Father McKenzie, and Black Reaper stood in the sanctuary of the abandon church that stood next to Black Reaper’s hideout. Justus looked around at the stained glass as he began to walk towards the altar.

[CENTER]Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“The Lord is good to us gentlemen. We were victorious before against Villiano and Killswitch but an even sweeter opportunity has been set before us.”[/COLOR]

Black Reaper: [COLOR="DimGray"]“Indeed. I would have figured that after what I did to Dr. Wagner he would have learned his lesson. However it appears he is a glutton for punishment.” [/COLOR]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]“Honestly I am surprised that Wagner came back at all. A fall from that height would have crippled anyone else.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“But this is the nature of evil. It is written[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

[B][CENTER][COLOR="Red"]Revelation 13:3 I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast.[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]

Black Reaper stopped dead in his tracks as the realization of what Justus was getting at occurred to him.

[CENTER]Black Reaper: [COLOR="DimGray"]“The world will marvel at the fact that Wagner returned after a career ending injury. They will be so impressed that they won’t even notice the evil he has fallen into.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Exactly. One of the first things that Wagner made clear upon his return was that he had abandoned his faith in favor of vengeance. Wagner was once strong in his faith but then something changed. That something was his mentor. Wagner learned a great many things from Phantom Lord while he wore the mask of Genocide. One of which was how to be consumed so completely with hate that he lost sight of everything else.”[/COLOR]

Black Reaper: [COLOR="DimGray"]“And because of their relationship Wagner could be seen as one of the heads because he has become a minion of Phantom Lord whether he admits it or not.”[/COLOR]

McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]“So Wagner went from serving the true Lord to following a false one.”[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

Justus now stood behind the altar taking in the breath taking vision that is the crucifix. He turned towards the altar and pulled out his Bible. He quickly sat it down in front of him, opened it, and began flipping through the pages. Things had become so clear to him lately. So many of his questions had been answered. Now it was time to share the knowledge he had gained with the others.

[CENTER]Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Brothers I stand before you now shielded by the wholeness of the armor of the Lord and armed with sword that is his holy word. I stand before you truthfully unafraid. I stand before you, my fellow holy warriors, prepared to march into battle against one of the darkest foes we may ever face. I am proud to be united with the two of you in the face of this adversity. However do not forget that our enemy shares a form of unity as well. They have united to attempt to stop us. This is simply unacceptable. We must show them the error of their ways so that they can know the wrongs they are committing. Dr. Wagner threw his faith away to pursue vengeance and glory little knowing the destruction these things would lead him to. It is written [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"][B]Luke 9:26 For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, of him the Son of Man will be ashamed when He comes in His own glory, and in His Father's, and of the holy angels.[/B] [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Purple"]While wayward Wagner is not beyond hope. We must show him that without God he is nothing but an empty shell. We must show him that only through God will he receive the glory that he so desperately seeks. If we can show him that he must turn back to the Lord to save himself from destruction then perhaps he can still be redeemed. In fact if he can be shown how much he truly needs the Lord then perhaps he may even join us the next time we gather in this place. Phantom Lord however is a different story. Now while I am not saying that this man can not be saved I am saying that his list of sins is extensive and grievous. He is widely considered by many in LPW to be the single most evil man to ever grace a ring. He is considered to be heinous, vile, cunning, and wicked beyond all others. However, no matter how evil he may be he can not stand before warriors of holiness. When he donned the mask and became Genocide and posed as one who stood for the Lord he became a liar of the highest accord. He deceived a great many, myself included, into thinking he was a righteous man. However we all know where liars go.” [/COLOR][/CENTER]

As Justus paused for a moment Black Reaper began to chuckle as McKenzie nodded in agreement. Justus smirked before continuing.

[CENTER]Justus: [COLOR="purple"]“We will stand against them though as warriors who follow the way, the truth, and the life. We will stand as warriors of holiness armed with the light. A light that shall eclipse the darkness of people such as Phantom Lord. Our mission is clear. We must try to save Wagner, but we must also destroy Phantom Lord. While this will be difficult do not forget that we are guided by the most holy of motivations, the desire to tell others of their sins so that they may repent. So as I said we stand united in the face of darkness and there is strength in unity. In our unity we must never forget what is written[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"][B]Psalms 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.[/B] [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Purple"]Now let us pray.”[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

All three men bowed their heads. Silence hung in the air for a moment before Justus began to speak once more.

[CENTER]Justus:[COLOR="purple"] “Heavenly Father, we come before you united in your holiness. As we go to Manhattan strengthen us as we deliver the message of repentance and salvation to an unbelieving world. Let us carry your light into a dark world without fear or shame. Strengthen us as we go into battle against the forces of darkness so that we may bring glory to your holy name Lord. For it is by your will alone we seek to live and not the will of the world. All of this we pray in the name of Jesus Christ our precious savior, Amen.” [/COLOR]

Black Reaper and McKenzie: [COLOR="Green"]“Amen.”[/COLOR]

Justus: [COLOR="Purple"]“Now let’s go. There are still preparations to be made before we leave for Manhattan.” [/COLOR][/CENTER]

The three men quickly gathered up their things and left the sanctuary. As they crossed back into Black Reaper’s hideout Justus walked slowly behind the other two. As he did he looked over to the row of monitors in Black Reaper’s main chamber. He stood there for a moment looking over them. Then suddenly, without warning, the words written on them began to shift and warp into something else. Justus couldn’t help but smile.

[CENTER][B][I][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"]The Holy Light[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B][/CENTER][/QUOTE] Savana (Manhattan)

[QUOTE=Andy_Savana;145088][B][SIZE="3"]Immediately Following His Match in Woodstock [/SIZE][/B] [B] Savana can be seen being dragged along the ground by Hynous and Whore. Whore is still wearing the fake wedding dress but is tearing pieces of it off as they get closer to a group of trees. Savana pukes to his left, which disgusts Hynous, and also getting puke on his left arm. Hynous moves his face from Savana’s arm while they lift him over a log to reveal a giant open area where a car waits. They drag him and lean him on the trunk. Hynous opens up the back door while Whore puts Savana’s arm over her shoulder and carries him to lay him in the back. Hynous gets in the drivers seat while Whore gets in the back seat with Savana. Hynous speeds out of the enclosed area and keeps shifting to look at Savana. [/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Check his pulse! [/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: He defeated Hatchet! He’s going to get a title shot for fuckin’ sure or else that Little Red bitch got something coming her-[/COLOR] [COLOR="Wheat"] Hynous: If you don’t check his fucking pulse you’ll be planning a funeral instead of a match! [/COLOR]

[B]Whore puts her hand on Savana’s wrist to feel for a pulse. She waits a couple of seconds and starts to nod. [/B]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: He has a pulse! It’s moving way too fucking fast! You give him tweak!? [/COLOR]

[B]Hynous stares toward the dark road as Whore glares at him. He looks into the rearview window and their eyes meet. He immediately puts his eyes back on the road. Savana leans forward and pukes again. Well he is actually dry heaving and only a little bit of spit comes out.[/B] [COLOR="LemonChiffon"] Whore: You gave him tweak! You fucking crazy! [/COLOR] [COLOR="Wheat"] Hynous: I had too! He can't fuckin’ stand on his own without one of us to stand beside him and you want him to go into a match with Hatchet Ryda like that? You know he has to do it again when he takes on Kafu…[/COLOR] [COLOR="LemonChiffon"] Whore: His pulse is going down! [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: He overdosed! Shit…[/COLOR]

[B]Hynous pulls over the car to the side of the road and pops the trunk. Whore tries to give Savana CPR in the position he is in while Hynous runs to the trunk and pulls out a bag. [/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Find a vein! [/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: What are you about to do!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: He overdosed so his heart stopped. It needs a jumpstart. He can breath if we get the heart! [/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: Savana, baby, I need you to talk to me. Say something to me…hello…HELLO! [/COLOR]

[B]Savana lies still as Whore starts to beat on his arm to get a vein to pop out. Hynous loads up a syringe and taps on it to get the air out of it. He leans over and looks at Savana’s arm to inject him. [/B]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: You don’t need to sterilize it!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Shut up! [/COLOR]

[B]Hynous pushes Whore back and jabs the needle into Savana’s arm. He tosses the needle onto the road and starts to slap Savana in the face. Whore leans forward and grabs his wrist. [/B]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: His pulse is coming back…[/COLOR]

[B]Hynous lets out a sigh and walks to get back in the driver seat while Whore glares at him once again. Hynous looks in the rearview and shakes his head slowly. [/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: It’s apart of being around Savana…you make sacrifices…sometimes at the expense of Savana himself…but who expects him to live long anyway?[/COLOR]

[B]You can immediately tell the anger that Whore feels by her face but Savana starts to jerk. She grabs his head as he opens his eyes and looks around the car. His left hand runs over her face as he breathes heavily. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Savana: Not again…[/COLOR] [B]

                                                                                          • [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Not again…

Not one more time…


[B]We suddenly see Savana dodging a clothesline by Kafu and returning with a flying forearm to his head. In the background there is an audience but the only figures we can see are Gorilla and the Ringmaster. Savana stumbles to his feet and looks over to them for inspiration but they are not there. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I already faced Kafu before…

I lost to him before…[/COLOR]

[B]Savana swings at Kafu and connects with a knee to the stomach and follows up with a swinging neckbreaker. Savana gets up to go to his corner, for the Hardcore Championship, but it is missing.[/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Where is my title? [/COLOR] [B] Savana looks over to see the Gorilla holding the Hardcore Championship over his shoulder. He has a giant grin on his face as the Hardcore Championship glares in his face, causing him to turn into an F5 from Kafu. [/B]


I can’t let this happen again…

I won’t let him beat me again…[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Orange"]Referee: 3! This is over! [/COLOR]

[B]Kafu jumps up to throw his arms in celebration but he fades to dust as Savana rushes to his feet. He is no longer surrounded by a crowd, near Kafu, and even the referee is gone. He is in the ring still and the only two things he sees are Gorilla and Ringmaster standing at the very end of the ramp. Gorilla’s Hardcore Championship Belt still shining. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]That’s my title belt…

I won that from you…[/COLOR]

[B]From behind him appears Kafu with the Hardcore Championship around his waist. He is smiling as Savana lunges at him but he turns to dust before contact is made. Savana is startled and turns to see that he is now in the middle of nowhere. Not the middle of nowhere but nowhere in actuality. All darkness, lightness, and general feeling has left. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I beat him for that title…but he has the title around his shoulder…Kafu beat me before but I still lost to him…I didn’t learn how to beat him? I lost again…

No…not again[/COLOR]

[B]**************************************************[/B] [B] Savana jumps up from his slumber and starts an attempt to escape the car, while it’s moving, but Whore grabs his waist and holds him back. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Savana: Let me go! I got to go! They’re mocking me! THEY ARE MOCKING ME! NOT AGAIN! [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: He’s sketching…rub his head…[/COLOR]

[B]Whore starts to rub Savana’s head to calm him down but his eyes keep twitching. His left hand keeps clinching to the rhythm of his breathing. He slowly settles down and starts to breath slowly. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Savana: I’m not losing again…I’m getting my title back…I'm getting it back and I’m keeping it because I don’t want Kafu or Hatchet to hold it. It’s my title…I want it back…[/COLOR]

[B]Whore looks to Hynous who looks back with a confused look. Savana stares blankly out of the window for a second and starts looking around the car. [/B] [COLOR="DarkOrchid"] Savana: Where we going?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Your next match, Savana. In Manhattan. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Savana: No…I mean where are we actually going? The three of us? Where is this road taking us? I get to keep winning matches to keep my title and we all wreak the benefits, right. We can't do that forever. Well at least I don’t think I can do that forever. If I got to do it forever then why do I need the two of you? Why don’t I do it by myself? I did it just fine by myself? I lost to Kafu when I had a group of people helping me so what makes you two different? [/COLOR]

[B]Hynous looks in the rearview to meet eyes with Whore. He raises his eye brow and lowers his pupil to the lower left corner of his eye to signal. Whore looks down and sees a sticker. She looks confused.[/B] [COLOR="Wheat"] Hynous: You see, Savana, you got to stick to things. Just stick it to them…[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Savana: I guess that-[/COLOR]

[B]Whore slaps the sticker on his neck and it immediately dissolves into his skin. He looks confused for a second and then his pupils dilate to pure black and he passes out. [/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Blotter paper with a type of chloroform. We got to stop at the hospital for me to fill up his prescription. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: Which one…?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: St. Nick’s General Hospital…you familiar with it? [/COLOR]

[B]Hynous smirks as they pull up to the hospital. Behind the car we can see “St. Nick’s General Hospital”. Whore looks up to the second floor with wide eyes as Hynous exits and starts to walk to inside. He stops and turns to look at Whore.[/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: I know you want to come inside…[/COLOR]

[B]He turns without saying another word and walks inside. [/B] [B]

                                                                                                  • [/B]

[B]Whore enters a room with bandaged man. His face, arms, and legs totally bandaged up as she sits down on a chair beside him. She smiles and pulls out a cigarette to light. She swallows a lump in her throat. [/B]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: I got myself a job…real nice gig. Traveling all over the country. Figured I’d stop by since we were in Manhattan and what not…they don’t really know if you’re getting better or any of that jazz. [/COLOR]

[B]A nurse walks in and sees the cigarette in Whore’s mouth.[/B]

[COLOR="Orange"]Nurse: You can’t have that in here, ma’am.[/COLOR]

[B]Whore unzips her jacket and stands up to show that she is wearing the Hardcore Championship around her waist. The nurse inhales as she is about to say something but is cut off by a voice.[/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Under the current laws that are placed upon this country by our leaders; you get to say okay and walk away. [/COLOR]

[B]The nurse obliges and exits the room without even exhaling her breath. Whore still has an unentertained look on her face as Hynous looks at the nurse’s ass while she leaves. Hynous returns his stare to Whore and smiles at her. [/B]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: I’m pretty sure she already knew she couldn’t say anything. Why the hell you here at this room? [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: The beauty that is Andy Savana really does require a lot more than I have to offer. Sadly, he requires some of what you have to offer. Not only that…but he needs something that the Hardcore Championship has to offer. So the three of us are just one big triangle that ensures the continuing existence that is Andy Savana. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: What was there before me, Hynous? You getting all jealous that I now hold some value in Savana’s life? I barely get what the point of you being here is. If the story of Savana’s betrayal of Hatchet was not a wrestling storyline, and draw, then you would have no real reason here…because you wouldn’t legally be useful.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Don’t get your little ego going…Whore, it is? I was here before you were here and I know things about Savana that no one could comprehend. Sure they may be aware of the events but why they are…well that’s all a matter of what I feel like telling you. [/COLOR]

[B]Hynous walks over to the window on the other side of the room, passing up Whore, and opens the blinds. Whore has finished with her cigarette by now and puts it out on the bottom of her sandals. She turns, with the title still around her waist, and crosses her arms as Hynous continues to stare out of the window. Hynous sees her reflection in the window and turns to offer a fake smile to her.[/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: All of that is unimportant because we cannot fight the fact that we are all apart of helping Savana keep on doing what it is he can do like no other. Despite his outward appearance of not being too aware of what is going on in the world, he can go out and handle business. He does this because you, as of the show tonight, will be there to help him accomplish his goals. I am of value to him because I make sure to understand just what it is that causes Savana to function. Without someone, on the outside of his mind, to help maneuver the world then he will probably be an organ donor in a week. Doesn’t matter if it was me, Hatchet, or whoever holds the little paper that says he is legally ours. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: What the fuck is your-[/COLOR]

[B]Hynous motions for her to stop talking. He then pulls out a cigarette of his own and lights it up. A nurse opens the door causing Whore to turn to face her. The shine of the light off of the Hardcore Championship immediately signals that the nurse should leave. The nurse gladly obliges.[/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: So we all know our value of just why we are apart of Savana’s life. I am here to make sure the right kind of events keep on happening and you are kind of an invisible inspiration to him. In his mind there is an invisible urge to win. There is a problem with that though. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: Yeah, you trying to start shit I can tell. Don’t think I’m going to let not-[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Please stop interrupting. Anyway so I and you hold our spots in why he succeeds, when he does succeed. Hatchet couldn’t figure this out and I gladly took advantage. Never too hard to convince someone in a rough spot to take advantage so Savana was quite easy to influence. One part of that triangle is left out though…[/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: The title…[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Yes, and we cannot let that be. He could care less if he holds the title or loses it to that jackass at the next show. He could be stripped of it and all he needs to know is your still there to influence his desire to win and I’m around to influence the outside world. So…[/COLOR] [COLOR="LemonChiffon"] Whore: No. Not no but fuck no. [/COLOR] [B] Whore is angry and turns to leave the room when Hynous runs to the front of the room and stands in front of the door. [/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: It isn’t bad if you’re doing it for his greater good. It isn’t bad if you’re doing it to ensure that all of what Savana does is kept legal. The title gives him the license to ignore laws. Without he would have been in jail by now and we all know that without it he will continue to do what he does. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: You’re not telling me everything…[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: I don’t need to tell you why you need Savana to hold the title do I? You, as his manager, get all the same pleasures that he does. You get to break laws, ignore authority, oh and the one that might strike home…free health care. [/COLOR] [B] Hynous and Whore both look over to the person in the bed. He is still knocked out and Whore’s eyes water up as Hynous’s face brightens up. Whore bites her bottom lip and Hynous moves to the side to open up the door for her to exit. Whore shakes her head and exits the room as Hynous follows. Whore exits the nearest fire escape while Hynous smirks to himself.[/B]


[B]Inside the car, Savana still sleeping starts to shake slowly. He takes a deep breath and the world fades back to the ring he was once at. Same set up as before but now the Hardcore Championship is in his corner along with a beautifully shaped woman, whose face is covered, but barely the rest of her body. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]You’re here to help me…[/COLOR]

[B]She turns to look at him but one side of her face is a teal while the other is a dark blue. One eye red and the other green. She smiles and points behind Savana who turns just in time to see Kafu charging him. Savana dodges and runs to the other side of the ring. He looks up in the rafters and sees The Weasel toying with a dangling coffin. It says Collateral on it as The Weasel nipples on the rope. The Gorilla is on the opposite side of the building and he roars in anger. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]She’s still mine, Gorilla. I still got your banana…and I still got your dignity…right there in my corner. [/COLOR]

[B]Savana turns to point to the corner but now, along with the title and the female, there is a man in a black overcoat. His face only a shadow but his eyes and mouth. Savana raises his eye brows but is interrupted by Kafu who tries to hit him with a briefcase. Savana dodges and backs up to his corner. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I lost to him before…but I wasn’t champion when I lost to him…I lost to him before but I was nothing but trash when I lost to him…I had no friends, or support, back then and now I have it in my corner. What does he have? He has a single victory over me when it meant nothing to defeat me. I have defeated the World Champion of Insanity and he has defeated a person in a slump…I’ve defeated the World Champion of Insanity…and he has defeated someone in a slump. [/COLOR] [B]

                                                                                            • [/B]

[B]Savana suddenly is awoken while sitting on a couch. Beside him is Whore and Hynous is in the kitchen pouring a drink. The Hardcore Championship is resting on Savana’s lap while Whore stares at him. [/B]

[COLOR="LemonChiffon"]Whore: What does the title mean to you? [/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkOrchid"] Savana: It means that Hatchet has fallen to me…it means that Kafu will fall to me when his half assed attempt to take this title to me falls though. It means that people will come and go…but they will all fall to me. They won't fall because I am any better a wrestler…but because I am smarter. It means that you have a reason to make sure I win…because it means I am the best. I’ve defeated the World Champion because you made sure I was the best. [/COLOR]

[B]Whore smiles as she stares down at the title. Hynous smirks as he downs a drink. [/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: The LPW shows do end when the night is over, Savana. Think long term for a second. I am well aware that you struggle to remember what happened for the past day, month, or year…but try your best to remember this. That title, in your lap, means a lot more than a history of who has, and will, fall to you. It means that when someone does fall to you, and many will, that you get to make sure they will never forget. Just like you didn’t let Hatchet forget…[/COLOR]

[B]Hynous walks over to a closet and opens it to reveal Jessica bound and gagged. She is exhausted, pale, and looks near death. Hynous finishes off a different cup and walks up to Savana kneel down in front of him.[/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Do you know why people will remember you? They will remember you for stopping cold the momentum of someone who won the World Title after losing another title the same night. He lost the title to you so that means you are responsible for stopping him from historic fame because you did something better. You’re going to do something greater than simply lose a title to win another. You are going to win a title to win another title. Of course, in order to win two titles at once you have to keep the first title you have. So defeat by Kafu is not an option. Defeat is not an option at all. [/COLOR]

[B]Hynous pulls something out of his pocket, cocaine, and pours the whole bag on top of the Hardcore Championship.[/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: As long as you get to keep winning…you get to do whatever you want. Not only with the title, like I said, but with everything, anything, and everyone. So celebrate continued success because there will be a lot of it in the future. Wouldn’t want you to fall behind.[/COLOR]

[B]Savana starts to snort the cocaine while Whore looks on in disgust. Hynous gives her a look that means she should snort the cocaine. [/B]

[COLOR="Wheat"]Hynous: Stress without meaningful reason is never okay. You don’t have a match right now so enjoy…just the same as you don’t have to worry about things that are already taken care of…[/COLOR] [B] Whore slowly leans over to snort the cocaine as Hynous walks back in the kitchen to make another drink. Whore snorts a line and leans her head back to take it all in. Savana, however, is blocking his nose with his finger. He peaks his head up to look at the back of Hynous. [/B]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Not again….[/COLOR]

[B]End Scene![/B][/QUOTE]

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