The 8 Rules of Body Count was a rule guide designed by the Insanity brand for Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW). Borrowing its name from the movie Fight Club and its 8 Rules of Fight Club, The 8 Rules of Body Count were a stylized guide for Insanity participants into gaining one of five spots to fight in the DeathCube Match at Insanity's upcoming Body Count pay-per-view to challenge X for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship.

The five men who gained entry into the match were Hatchet Ryda (+20 points), Wevv Mang (+11), The Rabbi (+9), Villiano 187 (+9), and Eddie B (+8 plus tiebreaker).

The 8 Rules of Body CountEdit

  • 1 – The first rule of Body Count is you do not talk about Body Count.
  • 2 – You need to build your Body Count.
  • 3 – The more guys you put down in a match, the more Body Count points you’ll be rewarded with. For instance, if you put down three other guys in a Fatal Four-Way match, you receive a +3 to your Body Count. If you beat two other guys in a Tag Team match, you receive a +2, etc.
  • 4 – Issue challenges to claim your matches. The first round will consist of all Tag Team matches. After the first show, everyone will be able to view the card lineup which will consist of singles matches, Triple Threats, Fatal Four-Ways, etc. YOU will be allowed to issue open challenges and claim what match type you want to be in. The following two cards will be given with open matches, and it’s up to YOU to fill in your name as to what match you want to partake in. This will create a certain degree of strategy as to who you want to face, and how many Body Count points you think it’ll take to earn your spot.
  • 5 – Backstage Brawls will play as extra credit. You may partake in no more than two challenges (only singles matches), and may gain a maximum of an extra +1 Body Count. Backstage Brawl results will take place during backstage Insanity segments.
  • 6 – You can gamble Body Count points in a match against another. If you both have +3 Body Count and need more points, put it all on the line against someone else with a +3 Body Count. If you're a Transatlantic, Tag Team, or Hardcore Champion, feel free to gamble a title shot against an opponent for more Body Count points. No one is safe unless you keep winning, but a loss will not necessarily knock you out.
  • 7 – If this is your first night at Insanity, you have to fight.
  • 8 – The top five wrestlers with the highest Body Count will be rewarded with a LPW World Heavyweight Championship match inside the DeathCube.

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