[i]The graphic disappears and the screen flickers, then goes to black and white. The video is grainy, like an old educational video from the 50’s. The shot flickers, then comes into focus. A man, wearing a suit, stands in front of a chalk board in a school classroom, holding a stick of chalk. He looks at the camera and begins to speak.[/i]

[color=gray][size=3][b]Gil:[/b] Hello kids, my name is Gil McGilligan. I am here to talk to you about douchebaggery and its effects on popular culture and the popularity of certain aspects of society.[/color][/size]

[i]Gil walks to the front row of desks, and puts his right foot up on one of the desks. Gil leans on his right knee and looks back to the camera.[/i]

[color=gray][size=3][b]Gil:[/b] Douchebaggery in the modern day is pretty easy to point out, thanks to the innovation known as Tapout clothing. Like a lighthouse is a beacon to a ship at sea, a Tapout T-shirt and a sideways hat screams douchebaggery, so we know to avoid said specimen at all costs like the ship avoids the shore.[/color][/size]

[i]Gil takes his foot off of the desk, and walks back to the chalkboard. Gil starts drawing a graph on the chalkboard, then turns back to the camera.[/i]

[color=gray][size=3][b]Gil:[/b] Take a look at this graph.


[b]Gil:[/b] As this graph illustrates, when the amount of douchebaggery goes up in LPW, the coolness of LPW goes down. As you can see, in the beginning of PWA/LPW, there was almost zero douchebaggery at all. As the years pass and the fed and egos grow, the level of douchebaggery increases, thus making the coolness level go down, as is shown on my graph.[/color][/size]

[i]Gil turns to show off his graph again, then turns back to the camera.[/i]

[color=gray][size=3][b]Gil:[/b] That is why you should support [b]Villiano 187[/b]! He’s been anti-douchebaggery since 2001! Uh….What???? Keep the fuck away from me!!![/color][/size]

[i]The camera falls over and the only shot you can see is of the ground at a sideways angle. Gil McGilligan screams and begs for his life as a large shadow encompasses the floor. Gil McGilligan drops to his knees, begging for mercy, but is pulled up to a standing position. Gil’s legs leave the frame, but his head quickly re-enters it, slamming off of the concrete floor. Gil McGilligan starts to bleed out of his nose and mouth as a familiar voice booms in the background…..[/i]

[color=red][size=3][b]CAK:[/b] That guy was a douchebag![/color][/size]

[i]The sounds of footsteps echo along the microphone, surveying the area of the shoot. The footsteps stop as we here another familiar voice…[/i]

[color=lime][size=3][b]187:[/b] Fuck it! Let’s go bowling![/color][/size]

[i]The sound of multiple sets of footsteps echo through the area, then a smashing sound as the camera is crushed and the shot ends.[/i][/center]

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